Amazon Web Services to Invest $7.8 Billion in Ohio, Expanding Data Center Operations and Creating Jobs

Amazon Web Services to Invest $7.8 Billion in Ohio, Expanding Data Center Operations and Creating Jobs | CIO Women Magazine

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is set to make a significant investment in expanding its data center operations in Central Ohio, according to an announcement made by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and Lt. Governor Jon Husted. The estimated investment of $7.8 billion by the end of 2029 will create hundreds of new jobs in the region.

Second Biggest Private Sector Investment

This expansion project by Amazon Web Services represents the second-largest single private-sector investment in Ohio’s history. The new data centers will house essential technology infrastructure such as computer servers, data storage drives, and networking equipment to support cloud computing.

The exact locations for the data center campuses are yet to be finalized, as several localities in central Ohio are under consideration. Governor DeWine highlighted the significance of Amazon’s continued growth in the state, stating that it solidifies Ohio’s position as a hub for technology and innovation. Lt. Governor Husted emphasized the importance of this investment in positioning Ohio as a critical location for artificial intelligence, a technology that has garnered significant attention worldwide.

Amazon’s Contributions to Ohio

Amazon Web Services initially launched data centers in the Midwest back in 2016 and currently operates data center campuses in Franklin and Licking counties. The company’s previous investments and operations have already contributed over $2 billion in economic benefits to Ohio and have supported thousands of local secondary jobs annually.

Amazon Web Services to invest $7.8 billion in central Ohio data center expansion

Roger Wehner, the Director of Economic Development at Amazon Web Services, expressed the company’s commitment to Ohio and its plans to invest an estimated $7.8 billion by 2030. Wehner stated that this investment will result in new well-paying jobs and contribute to the state’s Gross Domestic Product. The partnership with Ohio will also focus on developing workforce training and educational programs to nurture the next generation of talent.

Potential Beneficiaries of the Project

The expansion project is expected to benefit various stakeholders, including job seekers in the technology sector, the construction industry, businesses in need of robust computing infrastructure, and consumers relying on the Internet for their daily activities.

To facilitate this expansion, AWS is collaborating with organizations such as JobsOhio, One Columbus, and multiple county and local economic development teams. The President and CEO of JobsOhio, JP Nauseef, highlighted AWS’s pivotal role in Ohio’s tech sector and expressed excitement about the investment, which is expected to create 230 direct new jobs and around 1,000 support jobs.

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