Eastern Canada: Ice Storm Likely to Cut Power to More than 1 Million

Eastern Canada: Ice Storm Likely to Cut Power to More than 1 Million | CIO Women Magazine

An ice storm that swept through Eastern Canada has caused widespread power outages, leaving more than one million people without electricity. The storm, which hit the region on Wednesday, brought heavy ice accumulation and strong winds that downed power lines and trees, making travel hazardous and forcing many businesses and schools to close.

According to reports, the storm affected several provinces, including Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick, and emergency crews are working around the clock to restore power to affected areas. However, officials warn that it could take several days for some areas to have their power restored.

What are the statistics?

In Quebec, more than 350,000 homes and businesses are without electricity, with the most significant outages reported in the Eastern Canada Townships region. The province has declared a state of emergency, and the Canadian Armed Forces have been deployed to assist with the restoration efforts. Quebec Premier François Legault has urged residents to stay indoors and to check on their neighbors, especially the elderly and those with medical conditions.

In Ontario, the storm left more than 250,000 customers without power, mainly in the central and eastern parts of the province. The Toronto Hydro utility company reported that it was dealing with over 150 outages, affecting more than 55,000 customers. The province has also activated its emergency response plan and is working with local utilities to restore power as quickly as possible.

In New Brunswick, over 80,000 customers are without electricity, with the Fredericton area being hit the hardest. The province’s emergency management organization is working with the local utilities to coordinate the response and restore power to affected areas.

The ice storm has also disrupted transportation in the Eastern Canada region, with many flights and train services being canceled or delayed. The storm has made roads and sidewalks slippery, causing accidents and injuries, and officials are urging people to stay off the roads unless it is absolutely necessary.

The power outages have also raised concerns about the impact on vulnerable populations, such as those who rely on electricity for medical equipment or heating. The Red Cross has set up warming centers in several locations, and local authorities are working to ensure that those in need are taken care of.

Ice storm cuts power to more than 1 million in Eastern Canada

What is causing the ice storm?

The ice storm is the latest in a series of extreme weather events that have hit Eastern Canada in recent years, including wildfires, floods, and heat waves. Experts say that climate change is making such events more frequent and severe and that governments need to take urgent action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for the impacts of climate change.

In the meantime, officials are urging residents to stay safe and to follow any instructions from emergency services. They advise people to stay indoors if possible, to avoid any downed power lines or trees, and to keep warm by wearing layers of clothing and using blankets or sleeping bags if necessary.



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