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Over the years, women have proven themselves to be adept financial managers, challenging the traditional male-dominated financial industry. Despite historical barriers and gender biases, women have emerged as successful financial managers in various sectors of the industry, from personal finance to corporate banking.

Today, women are leading the way in financial management, with many occupying high-level positions in banks, investment firms, and other financial organizations. Their achievements have not only shattered the glass ceiling but also opened the doors for future generations of women to pursue careers in finance.

Featuring for CIO Women Magazine’s special issue of The Most Inspiring Women Leaders To Watch In 2023 is the story of Elisabeth Dawson

Leading the Way

As a successful financial advisor in a male-dominated industry, Elisabeth has had the privilege of working with many male mentors throughout her career. Although there are few women in the league, Elisabeth is proud to be in the top one to two percent of financial advisors in the country and to have been awarded as the Top Female Financial Advisor for two consecutive years. 

“However, I understand that this honor comes with a great responsibility to my clients and to the financial industry as a whole.”

For Elisabeth, integrity, humility, and a commitment to truth-based planning are essential to success. With her meticulous work ethic, she ensures that her clients receive the best possible guidance. She always looks forward, and approaches every conversation about money with respect and sensitivity. 

“Money is a complex and often taboo subject, and my job is to help my clients feel confident and empowered in their financial decisions.”

Throughout her career, Elisabeth has learned valuable lessons from both male and female mentors, including one female advisor who continues to be a major player in the industry. Elisabeth believes that respect for the profession, her colleagues, and clients is essential to success in the financial management space. 

“As a female financial advisor, I am committed to leading by example and breaking down barriers for future generations of women in this industry.”

Financially Speaking…

Elisabeth stands apart from other advisors with a more detailed and comprehensive approach to financial planning, taking into account every aspect of a person’s financial situation. For example, she often works closely with attorneys, CPAs, and estate planning professionals to maximize tax benefits and ensure that a person’s assets will be distributed according to their wishes and not stuck in probate.

It is important to understand that financial planning is not just for wealthy individuals. Everyone can benefit from talking to a financial advisor, regardless of their income level. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of this and may feel intimidated or embarrassed to seek help. Elisabeth works to break down these barriers and help people improve their relationship with money so that they feel comfortable asking for advice when they need it.

It is a common misconception that financial advisors or planners are just stockbrokers. However, the truth is that financial planning encompasses a wide range of areas, including investment management, retirement planning, estate planning, tax planning, and insurance planning. Your success depends upon working with a qualified and experienced professional who cares about your unique situation and can help you achieve your personal financial goals.

It’s also common to feel overwhelmed by the complexity of financial planning, especially when it comes to investing in the stock market. Most people may not fully understand the risks and potential downsides of investing in stocks, such as the lack of guarantees for income and the potential for market volatility.

As an experienced fiduciary, Elisabeth educates her clients on the various tools and strategies available to help them achieve their financial goals. She communicates clearly and transparently with clients, so that they can make informed decisions about their financial future. This includes exploring different investment options, such as annuities, bonds, and real estate, as well as life insurance and long-term care insurance. 

Each plan Elisabeth and her team designs is tailored specifically to a client’s clearly defined “wish list.” By taking a comprehensive approach to financial planning, Elisabeth helps clients protect their assets, plan for retirement, and ensure financial security for themselves and their families. 

Copia Wealth Management- Helping People Succeed

As comprehensive financial planners, Copia’s approach goes beyond simply investing in the stock market. The team’s focus is not on creating a lavish lifestyle, but on finding ways to increase the clients’ financial resources and investing in assets that will compound over time.

“We take the time to understand our clients’ money habits and cash flow, helping them structure their finances to create long-term wealth.”

Recently, Elisabeth Dawson’s in-depth analysis successfully helped a client to recover and repurpose 22% of their cash flow, redirecting it into wealth-creation strategies, without any risk exposure in the stock market. Considering the volatility of the market, this is a tremendous achievement in creating financial security for a person’s future retirement. 

“Our goal is to help clients think differently and approach financial planning in a comprehensive way, rather than solely relying on stockbrokers, money managers, or bankers who have a narrow focus,” explains Elisabeth. 

The talent of a financial planner lies in their ability to analyze all possible avenues to protect and mitigate risks against potential threats. For the Copia team, this involves careful consideration of strategies to protect against potential damages, mitigate taxes, and secure long-term financial stability for their clients.

In regard to retirement planning, the team believes in starting as early as possible to design a retirement that meets the clients’ needs and expectations. Their thorough approach involves looking at all potential factors that could affect a person’s retirement, including longevity, health events, and income protection. By taking these factors into account and designing a retirement plan early on, they help clients to achieve financial stability and peace of mind in their golden years.

Copia’s Strong Team

Elisabeth has 24 years of experience in the financial services industry, holding the positions of CEO and President at Copia Wealth Management and Insurance Services, as well as Copia Wealth Management Advisors, Inc. She provides guidance to families, couples, individuals, and business owners across various demographics.

“Overall, my approach is that of an educator, empowering my clients with the tools and knowledge they need to make informed financial decisions. As the author of two books, including Wealth by Design and Retirement by Design, I strive to promote financial literacy and provide actionable advice to individuals seeking to secure their financial futures,” says Elisabeth. 

Elisabeth Dawson sets herself apart as a financial advisor through her focus on education and advocacy, empowering individuals to take control of their financial future. She is passionate about promoting financial literacy and providing the guidance and tools necessary to help individuals make better financial decisions.

“By taking an educational approach, I seek to ensure that my clients have a thorough understanding of financial principles and strategies. This enables them to make informed decisions that align with their goals and values, and helps to mitigate potential financial risks.

Ultimately, my mission is to help my clients achieve financial security and peace of mind, through personalized guidance and tailored solutions that align with their unique needs and circumstances.”

When Should People Start Preparing for Retirement?

Regardless of their age, anyone who is earning money, should start saving for retirement. It is important to cultivate good financial habits early on, in order to promote success in the long-term.

Many people believe that retirement is so far in the future that they have plenty of time to plan and don’t need to think about it today. For others, the stress and anxiety of their finances causes them to procrastinate. However, avoiding the topic often makes the situation worse. That’s why it is important to take meaningful steps toward improving your finances, even if it feels outside of your comfort zone. Saving, investing, and creating a plan for the future are crucial components of establishing a strong financial foundation. This process should begin as early as possible, even in childhood, with the establishment of a savings account and consistent contributions.

The power of compounding interest can accelerate the potential growth of investments over time. While consistency and discipline are essential to achieving long-term financial goals, it’s also necessary to consider financial protections such as life insurance and disability insurance to mitigate potential risks.

Elisabeth Dawson encourages people to think about retirement, not as some milestone far off in the future, but rather as a series of thoughtful, disciplined decisions made all along the way. This, she says, is the key to creating an abundant financial future and being able to live the retirement you’ve always wanted.

Overall, it is crucial to approach financial planning with a clear and rational mindset, seeking out the advice of professionals when necessary. Taking proactive steps towards financial stability can ultimately lead to greater peace of mind and the ability to weather any unforeseen events.

How Can People Live Their Best Retirement? 

A successful, financially secure retirement doesn’t happen by accident. Elisabeth Dawson explains that the difference between the retirement you want and the retirement you live, is found in your income. 

“You may think, ‘Oh, I have $1 million saved in my 401(k),’ and that’s great, but how long is it actually going to last you? Most people simply don’t know. Taxes, rising inflation, and healthcare expenses as we age – these all eat into your retirement savings. The truth is, the majority of people only have enough saved to last them about 7 or 8 years in retirement, depending on market fluctuations.”

It is critical to accurately calculate retirement income needs to ensure an individual’s financial stability throughout their life. This requires accounting for inflation and projecting the individual’s lifestyle costs over the course of their retirement. For individuals who wish to retire sooner, it is often necessary to increase the amount of assets and the use of income creation strategies. 

It is important to note that retirement age has been increasing over time, with “full” Social Security currently starting at a retirement age of 67. Increasing longevity and rising inflation only further the importance of having a clear understanding of future income needs in retirement.

One unique and valuable tool Elisabeth Dawson provides is called an Retirement Income for Life Blueprint. It effectively maps out an individual’s income for the rest of their lives, helping to identify potential areas of concern. This insightful analysis can help to bring important planning decisions to the forefront in advance, while there is still time to take action. The blueprint also acts as a visual model, emphasizing how today’s financial investments and decisions will impact financial security years into the future.

Comprehensive financial planning is key to achieving financial stability in retirement. Taking a proactive approach ensures greater control over the timing and financial stability of retirement. By adopting a forward-thinking mindset and setting clear retirement goals, individuals can work towards achieving their desired retirement date and lifestyle.

To accomplish this, focus on making conscious and informed financial decisions that contribute towards long-term financial stability. This may include prioritizing investments and savings strategies that align with retirement goals and taking calculated risks to achieve optimal returns. By remaining mindful of prioirites and continuously evaluating and adjusting investment strategies, individuals can better position themselves for a comfortable and enjoyable retirement lifestyle.

Elisabeth Dawson’s Message: Take Control of Your Finances

“Taking control of your financial future requires action, and it’s essential to begin as soon as possible. Starting a financial plan can have a profound impact on your life, regardless of your age, so I strongly advise everyone to start taking steps towards securing their financial future. You are capable of improving your relationship with money and time is of the essence, so the earlier you start, the better your future can be.

Even if you have put it off in the past, it’s never too late to start planning. I have worked with clients who were considered “late stage retirement planners” and had nothing prepared for their future. Even with limited time, by setting up a plan they were able to alleviate the stress and anxiety of not knowing if they could ever retire. 

Regardless of your age or circumstances, it’s never too late to begin the process. Taking control of your finances today will have a positive impact on your future, and it’s never too early or too late to start planning.”

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