Facebook Messenger app for Apple Watch is going away after May 31st

Facebook Messenger app for Apple Watch is going away after May 31st | CIO Women Magazine

Bid farewell to yet another well-known Apple Watch app. Meta is informing Facebook Messenger users that the Apple Watch version won’t be available after May 31st, as noted by MacRumors. Beyond that, you’ll continue to receive message notifications, but you won’t have the opportunity to reply. When asked to explain, Meta declined to do so in a statement to Engadget. Users were instead directed to Facebook Messenger through “iPhone, desktop, and the web.”

Limited Engagement detracted from its attraction

2015 saw the launch of Messenger for the Apple Watch by Meta (formerly Facebook). Although the program couldn’t provide text responses, you could send audio files, stickers, and other responses that are compatible with smartwatches from your wrist. Thus, it was useful for swiftly responding to a message without grabbing your iPhone.

Several variables could come into play. The app’s limited engagement initially detracted from its attraction. That might have impacted the audience it might reach. In an effort to save costs, Meta is also narrowing its operations and letting go of about 10,000 staff. This requires eliminating less crucial initiatives, and it is safe to assume that Facebook Messenger for Apple Watch wasn’t one of them.

Meta Discontinued Wrist-Worn Instagram App

Over the years, a lot of well-known firms have discontinued their Apple Watch apps. In 2018, Meta discontinued their wrist-worn Instagram app. Others have given up on their wearable clients, including Slack, Twitter, Uber, and others. Many times, developers quit because there wasn’t enough of a need for their products or because there wasn’t enough demand for them.

Apple may be aware of this. Rumors suggest watchOS 10 may be redesigned around widgets. Apps might stick around, but the emphasis could be on quick-glance information rather than navigating apps on a tiny screen. Even if you use Facebook Messenger for Apple Watch now, there might not be as much incentive to use it going forward.



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