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Being a woman leader is a herculean endeavor in today’s competitive marketplace. Alongside traditional leadership qualities like relationship management, financial planning, sales and marketing, etc., women leaders must possess several additional skills to be successful. Expressing her views on the ideal qualities of a women leader today, Madeleine Zook (Founder of FRANCAREERS) says,

Women in leadership positions must embody an unwavering spirit, unyielding determination, unbreakable patience, boundless compassion, and the instinct to know when to assert themselves or strategically step aside.”

Madeleine is a marketing and branding professional who works with franchise businesses to build their brand, increase awareness, drive sales, and expand across the globe. Madeleine has landed coverage in print, digital, and broadcast outlets including Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Fortune. Presently, as the Founder of FRANCAREERS, Madeleine has been focused on streamlining the franchise recruiting sector by developing a technology platform that connects the right executives with the right opportunities, at the right times and all confidentially.

Advancing the Cornerstone of Franchising

FRANCAREERS is the first and only franchise talent platform that enables franchise executives and brands to confidentially connect with new career opportunities. It is committed to advancing the cornerstone of franchising by facilitating the initial connections between franchisors and their home office team members. The company envisions becoming the number one partner for corporate office recruitment in the franchise industry.  

Bouquet of Services and Solutions

FRANCAREERS provides franchise companies access to exceptional candidates with genuine franchising expertise and industry connections. For franchise employees, it opens doors to the possibility of direct introductions to franchisors without the hassle and uncertainty that comes with the standard application process. 

Both franchise brands and candidates enjoy a level of discretion, ensuring that their identities remain confidential. “This discreet approach creates a beneficial environment for individuals and brands engaged in subtle recruitment or job-seeking endeavors, allowing them to promote themselves with peace of mind and without unnecessary risk,” adds Madeleine.  

Initial Challenges

Like many successful business leaders, Madeleine Zook also faced a fair share of challenges. When FRANCAREERS was founded, Madeleine’s aim was to take the time-consuming aspect of networking off her plate. She envisioned a no-cost job posting platform, with the aim of streamlining the introduction process and reducing her involvement. However, upon interacting with various brands, she found that the fundamental need was not just to amplify job opportunities, but rather to capture the attention of the most suitable individuals. 

The concept of reclaiming some of Madeleine’s time eventually evolved into a venture that demanded a comprehensive foundation. Post this, the setbacks she faced were quite typical which included defining the core mission of FRANCAREERS, assembling initial team members, and acquainting the industry with the company’s identity and purpose. 

Devoted to Growth

At the helm of FRANCAREERS, Madeleine’s responsibility goes beyond the company’s growth; it is tied to the triumph of every candidate placed within the brand. The influence of the candidates resonates across franchisees and their respective communities globally. She truly believes that by upholding the company’s mission and cultivating genuine connections, the network of responsibilities will not only seamlessly align but also mutually reinforce one another. 

Madeleine says, “I am a franchisee of multiple franchise brands”. Before starting FRANCAREERS, she spent almost a decade on the franchisor side helping grow multiple international brands, and now on the franchisee and supplier side. “I understand the importance of a franchise home office team you can trust.”

A Well-established Model

Two important factors are instrumental in driving FRANCAREER’s success. First, the recruiting industry boasts a well-established model that offers multiple verticals for recurring revenue. Second, the concept behind FRANCAREERS came out of having experienced the same pain points as its clients. This made it easier to build solutions that would fit the client’s needs. “It’s more intuitive to construct a company rooted in shared industry truths and first-hand experiences,” adds Madeleine.

Robust Team Culture

Madeleine believes that to construct a successful company lies in the meticulous selection of the right individuals. Beyond that, establishing a culture steeped in transparency, communication, and trust is important for the company’s ultimate prosperity. The distinguishing factor about the FRANCAREERS team is the shared passion for the franchise industry and the dedication to propelling each other towards success. 

Implementing Tech to Expand

Technology is the powerhouse behind FRANCAREERS’ rapid scalability. Madeleine has implemented a sophisticated CRM system that efficiently matches top candidates with each job role. Within the CRM, FRANCAREERS has embedded the capability to execute digital marketing campaigns, ensuring a constant flow of new candidates to maintain a strong pipeline to fill open positions. 

The primary goal of FRANCAREERS is to continuously enhance the value it offers to both brands and candidates. For brands, it aims to reduce the challenges associated with the interview and hiring process. As the company expands its operations, it will refine the vetting procedures and automate much of the communication, simplifying the overall experience. On the candidate front, FRANCAREERS is diligently committed to equipping them with a comprehensive suite of resources for their job search, including but not limited to skill development, résumé refinement, professional coaching, and more. 

Watching the Shifts

Madeleine established FRANCAREERS to empower franchise brands to find the best people to help franchisees navigate the evolving landscape of consumerism. She obliges to the fact that although her team may not encounter these changes daily, it remains keenly aware of the dynamic shifts in consumer trends. 

Advice to Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs

Madeleine says, “Start by taking the first step. Successful entrepreneurs don’t have all the answers. Research what you will need to start and then go on from there. Remember to seek help from experienced individuals who have been in your shoes. Many are always happy to mentor other like-minded professionals.” 

Women’s Corner:

As a woman leader, what has been the biggest challenge in your career? Have you ever confronted any gender-related barriers? 

My most significant challenge revolved around having ambitious ideas at a young age as a female executive. On several occasions, I found it necessary to remind others that ideas and success are not bound by age or gender even if that meant standing at a conference table to say so.

How do you ensure women’s inclusion and empowerment in your organization?

We ensure a permanent seat at the table for them, one that doesn’t require earning or adding; it’s perpetually available for the right individual.

What is your definition of feminism?

My vision of feminism envisions a world where gender remains unmentioned and irrelevant in discussions concerning business, hiring, leadership, and similar domains.

Whom do you look up to as a source of inspiration and why? (You can name any woman leader who inspired you)

Always my mother, she taught me the virtues of patience, kindness, and inner resilience. Following that, the female leaders who preceded me have laid the foundation for future generations to realize their aspirations.

How do you ensure a perfect work-life balance?

There is no such thing as work-life balance, let alone perfect work-life balance. Mary Thompson, COO of Neighborly, once told me it’s not about balance but about harmony. I strive for a beautiful harmony every day.



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