Google News to get two new Widgets

Google News to get two new Widgets | CIO Women Magazine

Google makes a lot of effort to update its collection of apps to follow the ever changing Material You design guidelines. We may state that the Google News app is one of the apps that only seldom receives updates due to the vast volume of apps available. The app’s single widget has been replaced with two new ones in the most recent version, though.

Continuous Updates

The most recent June Android feature drop, which should not be confused with the Pixel-only Pixel Feature Drop, was just revealed by Google. Three new Google applications widgets are part of the former. The Google TV app is adding a new widget to make it simple to find recommended shows, joining the one that already exists in the Google main app to track market prices. The third is this most recent Google News app update.

About the New Widgets

According to Nail Sadykov of the Google News Telegram channel, two new widgets with a Material You style have been added to the Google News app in version 5.82. One news headline is displayed at a time on the first widget, known as a Quick View widget, which occupies a 2×2 space on the home screen. If the headline piques your attention, the widget also offers a Full Coverage button that will access the complete news story.

The second Source Your Google News widget occupies a larger 4×3 area and can spread out more on your home screen. In keeping with its name, List View, it displays two headlines at once, one on each card. To read any news, simply tap it. You can also scroll down the widget to view different headlines. There is a ‘more news for you’ option at the end of the list, and it loads a limited amount of headlines at once. The Google News app will open in the ‘for you’ tab when the button is tapped.

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