Top 15 Healthcare Cybersecurity Companies

Top 15 Best Healthcare Cybersecurity Companies | CIO Women Magazine

The development of digital Healthcare Cybersecurity Companies and the COVID-19 pandemic have exposed healthcare organizations to an unprecedented number of cyber risks. We identify the top ten organizations striving for their security.

Here are the Top 15 Healthcare Cybersecurity Companies;

1. Symantec Enterprise-Grade Cyber Security (Mountain View, CA)

Symantec Corporation is a cybersecurity business that safeguards the data of corporations, governments, and people regardless of their location. It offers security against the sophisticated endpoint, cloud, and infrastructure-based assaults.

2. Vipre (Los Angeles, California)

Vipre is a supplier of internet security solutions for both commercial and residential usage. It has almost two decades of industry experience. It offers unparalleled security against the vast majority of today’s hostile internet attacks. It may give free help from the United States. In addition to providing cybersecurity solutions, it offers security awareness training.

3. StrongDM

StrongDM, founded in 2015, is a People-First Access platform that provides technical personnel with direct access to the vital infrastructure they need to be most productive.

End users have quick, easy, and auditable access to the necessary resources. Administrators get exact controls, eliminating unlawful and excessive access authorizations. With complete audit logs, IT, Security, DevOps, and Compliance teams can readily determine who did what, where, and when Healthcare Cybersecurity Companies work.

Top 15 Best Healthcare Cybersecurity Companies | CIO Women Magazine

StrongDM reinvents privileged access management to improve security and compliance postures while making it exceedingly simple to build and use.

4. Cipher CIS (Miami, USA)

Cipher is a cybersecurity firm that offers comprehensive, white-glove services to defend businesses against attacks. As part of Prosegur’s cybersecurity business, Cipher combines extensive cyber experience with knowledge of physical and IoT security.

Core Cyber Security Services Consist of Managed Security Services, Managed Detection and Response, Red Team Services, Cyber Intelligence Services, Cyber Technology Integration, Governance Risk and Compliance, and Cyber Intelligence Services in Healthcare Cybersecurity Companies.

5. Security HQ

Managed Network Detection & Response, Managed Azure Sentinel Detection & Response, VAPT, Vulnerability Management Service, Penetration Testing, Web Application Security Testing, Managed IBM Guardium, UBA, Network Flow Analytics, Managed Microsoft Defender ATP, SIEM as a Service, Managed SOC.

SecurityHQ is a Global Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) with 6 Security Operation Centres (SOCs) located globally and 260+ analysts available 24/7 who detect, monitor, and respond to cyber threats around the clock to ensure complete visibility and protection powered by real-time log analytics, with security orchestration, automation, and response tools for investigation, threat hunting, and response in Healthcare Cybersecurity Companies.

6. Bitglass

Bitglass has been listed in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud Access Security Brokers for three consecutive years. To protect every interaction, its Total Cloud Security Platform includes a Gartner-MQ-Leading cloud access security broker, the world’s first on-device secure web gateway, and zero trust network access. Bitglass solutions are frequently used in Healthcare Cybersecurity Companies and financial industries.

7. CyberMDX

CyberMDX is an IoT security company committed to securing medical devices and their connections, in addition to offering compliance and governance services. Recently, the firm joined the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association, an ecosystem of cybersecurity-focused independent software providers.

8. CybelAngel

CybelAngel is a digital risk prevention technology that can identify and eliminate dangers before they cause problems. CybelAngel monitors databases and devices to protect the security of assets in a range of businesses, including pharmaceutical and Healthcare Cybersecurity Companies.

9. Virta Labs

Dr. Kevin Fu, generally acknowledged as the founder of medical device security co-founded Virta Labs in 2014. The firm has created a variety of solutions, including Pulse, a threat feed that automates threat analysis, and a freemium approach that allows Healthcare Cybersecurity Companies to utilize its software for free.

10. Protenus

Top 15 Best Healthcare Cybersecurity Companies | CIO Women Magazine

Each year, analytics experts Protenus publish the Breach Barometer, a detailed analysis of health data breaches that happened over the preceding 12 months. Their products include Patient Privacy Monitoring, which identifies and mitigates privacy breaches.

11. Cynerio

Cynerio is a prominent supplier of IoT cybersecurity and asset management solutions for Healthcare Cybersecurity Companies. The company’s primary objective is to enable healthcare practitioners to be proactive by providing automated risk reduction and attack prevention solutions. The startup just announced that it has received $30 million to safeguard mission-critical medical and Internet of Things (IoT) equipment.

12. Medigate

In a recent KLAS study on vendor reaction to the COVID-19 problem, Medigate was one of the top-performing suppliers. It was also voted Best in the KLAS 2021 Healthcare IoT Security Awards. Since its inception in 2017, the firm has gradually grown by assisting Healthcare Cybersecurity Companies to extend outside the hospital’s boundaries.

13. Irdeto

Irdeto safeguards systems and applications for IoT and linked health networks. The firm has existed since 1969 and has its headquarters in the Netherlands. Over the years, they have developed a specialty in assisting startups with the development of their cybersecurity systems.

14. Imprivata

Imprivata, a healthcare IT security business, was created in 2002 by two Polaroid employees who had developed identity management technology. It offers secure authentication management solutions to Healthcare Cybersecurity Companies, notably the National Health Service in the United Kingdom (NHS).

Top 15 Best Healthcare Cybersecurity Companies | CIO Women Magazine

Imprivata is presently the largest provider of login solutions to the British healthcare system, with 70% of NHS trusts using its services.

15. Imperva

The Californian company Imperva safeguards business data and application software. The organization has extensive experience protecting sensitive data such as Healthcare Cybersecurity Companies’ information. Through Imperva Research Labs, they investigate possible cyber risks and security flaws to prevent assaults.



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