Samsung Galaxy Users Encounter Major Glitch with Messages App

Users Encounter Major Glitch with Samsung Messages App | CIO Women Magazine

Source – Business Insider

Samsung, renowned for its position as a leading brand in the smartphone industry, has millions of loyal users worldwide who appreciate the suite of pre-installed apps on their devices. Among these is the Samsung Messages app, a popular tool for sending SMS, MMS, and RCS messages. Despite the presence of Google Messages on many Galaxy devices, longtime Samsung users typically favor the proprietary app due to its seamless integration and user-friendly features. However, a recent bug has caused significant disruptions, prompting users to reconsider their app preferences.

Less than 24 hours ago, Samsung Galaxy users began reporting a critical issue with the Samsung Messages app. As described by Android Authority and various user reports on Reddit and Samsung’s official channels, the app started crashing abruptly, preventing users from initiating new conversations. Although the list of conversations remained visible, any attempt to start a new chat resulted in the app forcefully shutting down. Basic troubleshooting steps such as clearing the cache and restarting the phone proved ineffective, leaving users frustrated and concerned about losing access to their important messages and memories.

Temporary Solution Involves Disabling Google Meet

Amidst the growing complaints, Samsung acknowledged the issue and offered a temporary workaround. A Samsung moderator on the company’s support platform suggested that users force stop Google Meet and either disable or uninstall updates for the app. The recommended steps are straightforward: navigate to Settings → Apps → Google Meet, then select Force stop. Subsequently, users should tap the menu button (⋮) and choose Uninstall updates. Alternatively, users can disable Google Meet entirely using the corresponding button on the same screen.

This workaround has proven effective for many, as several users on Reddit confirmed that uninstalling updates or disabling Google Meet resolved the crashing issue with the Samsung Messages app. This solution has provided temporary relief, allowing users to regain access to their messaging functionality while Samsung works on a more permanent fix.

Switching to Google Messages as an Alternative

In addition to the temporary fix, the Samsung moderator suggested that users consider switching to Google Messages for their texting needs. Google Messages, which is pre-installed on many Samsung devices and set as the default messaging app on some, offers similar features, including support for RCS chats. Despite its functionality, many users prefer the Samsung Messages app due to its familiarity and ease of use.

Given the unexpected nature of the glitch, some users may have inadvertently deleted messages while attempting to troubleshoot the problem. For those affected, Samsung provides a guide on retrieving deleted texts, ensuring that users can recover any lost conversations. This guidance is particularly helpful for those who might have lost important information amidst the confusion caused by the app’s malfunction.

As Samsung works towards resolving this issue, users are encouraged to follow the provided solutions to restore their messaging capabilities. While the bug has caused significant inconvenience, the swift response and temporary fixes offer a measure of reassurance to Samsung’s dedicated user base.

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