Sherine Duncan: Pioneering Excellence in Real Estate Leadership

The Most Influential Women Leaders in Real Estate

The current real estate scene is marked by a whirlwind of changes and challenges, influenced by global economic shifts and evolving consumer preferences. In this landscape, adaptability and innovation are key players, transforming how transactions occur, and communities are developed. As the market navigates these intricacies, a spotlight shines on leaders shaping its trajectory.

Among these leaders, Sherine Duncan, the Owner of Hawaii LUX Homes, stands out as one of the most influential women in real estate. With a career spanning decades, Sherine has not only weathered market changes but has become a trailblazer, setting new standards for excellence. Her strategic thinking, commitment, and innovative approaches have propelled her to extraordinary heights, making her an icon in the real estate landscape. Beyond business, Sherine’s impact reaches into mentorship and community building, making her an inspiring figure in the dynamic world of real estate.

Real Estate Journey

Sherine’s family has always been deeply involved in the real estate industry. Hailing from a lineage of real estate agents, she spent her formative years in the industry. Starting her career in high school, Sherine worked for an appraiser before venturing into entrepreneurship in her early twenties. She established her own mortgage company in San Luis Obispo, CA and was involved in that company for 15 years.Lake Tahoe with Fidelity, she was recruited to become the state manager in Hawaii, a role she held for 2.5 years.

In 2006, luckily  exiting the mortgage industry, Sherine transitioned into title and escrow in Lake Tahoe, California, eventually becoming the Sales Manager of Fidelity National Title in Hawaii. In 2014, she took a pivotal turn, obtaining her Hawaii real estate license and delving into home sales. Unfazed by the challenge of starting anew without an existing clientele, Sherine’s tireless efforts catapulted her into the top 100 Realtors in Hawaii her second year in the business..

Recognizing the demand for her expertise, Sherine founded Hawaii Lux Homes in 2017, inspired by a colleague from her days in Lake Tahoe. The team flourished, strategically prompting Sherine to move from Keller Williams to Exp Realty late in 2017. Leveraging her success, she excelled in home sales. She established a thriving revenue share by sponsoring agents into Exp Realty across the nation consolidating her position as a respected figure in Hawaii’s real estate landscape. 

Timely Departure 

As she reflects, Sherine’s departure from her mortgage company in January 2006 was an unwittingly timely move. Unaware of the impending 2009 recession, she made this decision at the peak of the market’s prosperity. Blissfully immersed in the financial success of the moment, Sherine’s choice to leave coincided with a challenging personal chapter—a difficult divorce prompting her to bid farewell not only to her mortgage company but also to San Luis Obispo. In hindsight, she acknowledges the fortuitous alignment of events. Despite being oblivious to the economic downturn on the horizon, her exit at that juncture proved to be a providential decision. 

Real Estate Visionary in South Africa

In her annual travels to South Africa every March, Sherine is on a mission – to cultivate and expand Exp Realty in the region. However, her endeavors with Hawaii Lux Homes genuinely defines her reputation. Renowned for her unique approach, Sherine and her daughter Leanna spearhead real estate deals and bring a distinctive touch to the process. Adept at staging, remodeling, and design, they go beyond the conventional, often undertaking pre-market or post-purchase renovations for clients. This comprehensive approach, incredibly impactful in the luxury market, ensures top-dollar sales and swift transactions, setting Hawaii Lux Homes apart in the competitive real estate landscape.

Strategic Genesis 

Sherine’s entrepreneurial spirit is deeply rooted in her family’s self-employment legacy. Her affinity for autonomy, inspired by her parents self-employed ventures and experience owning a mortgage company, led her to venture into real estate under a distinctive banner. The catalyst for the brand’s name, Hawaii Lux Homes, traces back to the influence of Michael Oliver, a figure in Lake Tahoe with a company named Oliver Lux. Captivated by the simplicity of Oliver Lux’s branding, Sherine sought and received permission to draw inspiration for her venture in Hawaii.

Opting for a brand that transcended personal nomenclature, Sherine strategically chose Hawaii Lux Homes. This decision stemmed from her desire to attract leaders rather than followers. Averse to having a team bearing her name, she envisioned Hawaii Lux Homes as a platform to expand across all islands and as a magnet for leaders seeking a team identity beyond an individual’s persona. This way, Hawaii Lux Homes became a unique expression of Sherine’s foresight in fostering a team culture that transcends personal branding, emphasizing leadership and collective success.

Organic Team Formation

Sherine’s team-building philosophy revolves around a natural, organic evolution. Steering clear of traditional recruitment, she has attracted team members primarily through individuals seeking her mentorship, initially drawing in young women connected through her daughter or mutual friends. Over time, this dynamic has broadened, incorporating a growing number of young men joining her rankSherine’s team exemplifies a unique approach where members approach her for mentorship, fostering a collaborative culture that stands apart from conventional recruitment strategies.

Evolution of a Luxurious Mission

Sherine’s initial mission for Hawaii Lux Homes was clear: mentoring and training young agents to excel in real estate. However, this mission evolved into something more expansive. Today, Hawaii Lux Homes secures homes and transforms them into luxury havens, offering refurbishing services to clients seeking luxury in their living spaces. 

Sherine’s commitment to her clients centers on crafting each home into a sumptuous masterpiece for sale. Her love for listings, whether a modest condo or a multimillion-dollar estate, is underscored by her passion for bringing out the best in each property. With an emphasis on exceptional photography, staging, and meticulous preparation, Sherine invests significantly in her listings, a distinctive approach in an industry where such commitment often stands out. This commitment, evident in her substantial investment, sets Hawaii Lux Homes apart, showcasing Sherine’s dedication to excellence in the real estate realm.

A Meteoric Rise

Hawaii Lux Homes has witnessed a meteoric ascent, swiftly soaring from inception to remarkable milestones. With an impressive sales record that has surpassed the $65,000,000 mark in 2024, Sherine’s approach to growth has been both strategic and dynamic. Surpassing her previous record of $60 million in 2021, this achievement solidifies Sherine’s standing as a leading force in the industry. Her consistent growth and strategic approach have elevated her to new heights, setting the stage for continued success in her illustrious real estate career.

Her success story traces back to 2014 when Facebook’s prominence offered a unique avenue for advertising. Capitalizing on the increasing property values, Sherine strategically ran ads asking, “What’s my home worth?” This initiative and personalized CMAs delivered in person proved instrumental in acquiring numerous listings. The success of this approach not only highlights Sherine’s adaptability but underscores her innate ability to leverage market trends for Hawaii Lux Homes’s exponential growth.

Infusing Passion across the Team

In ensuring her passion resonates throughout the team, Sherine takes a hands-on approach to convey her vision. Demonstrating her commitment to excellence, she collaborates closely with each team member when they secure a listing. Employing the Hawaii Lux Homes branding consistently, Sherine and her daughter bring their design expertise to the table, transforming every listing into a showcase of luxury.

This approach, benefiting all team members, instills a sense of pride and confidence, as they know each listing will receive top-notch treatment. Sherine’s commitment to infusing her passion into the team elevates the quality of their collective work and fosters a shared dedication to creating exceptional experiences for clients.

Nurturing Leadership 

Sherine acknowledges the support she receives from her husband, who, though only recently joined her in Hawaii in 2019 had his own brokerage firm in Lake Tahoe for over 30 years, has become a trusted confidant. Her brother, also a broker, provides additional insights, creating a network of trusted advisors. Reflecting on influential women mentors, Sherine highlights Trinky Watson, a revered Lake Tahoe real estate figure.

Trinky’s graceful approach and widespread respect from peers left a lasting impact on Sherine. Striving to emulate that same respect and integrity, Sherine underscores the importance of positive relationships with fellow agents and brokers in her remarkable journey, recognizing these connections as integral to her success in real estate. Respecting fellow agents and treating them with kindness is one of her highest priorities.

Pinnacle Achievements 

Reflecting on her expansive journey, Sherine identifies building the Exp business as a crowning achievement. The substantial success of her Exp business stands out as a source of immense pride and gratitude. Beyond this, she highlights establishing her brand and the pivotal role of relationships with top real estate agents in solidifying her position in the industry. For Sherine, the multifaceted success derived from these achievements forms the cornerstone of her impressive career, marking her presence among the top echelons of real estate professionals.

Client Acclaim 

Heaping praises on Sherine and Hawaii LUX Homes,Paul and Sandy Beelmann say, “ If you are looking for the best realtors you can work with, look no further. Sherine and Leanna truly want to make their clients thrilled (not just happy, but thrilled) with their purchase or sale, and they work incredibly hard to make that happen. We’ve worked with Sherine and Leanna on a pair of transactions. They didn’t just exceed expectations—they provided truly exceptional service, guidance and management in areas that we’d never imagine our realtors would be involved in. First, they are terrific realtors. Experienced, professional, knowledgeable and smart. But they also provided guidance on our re-model, including making the perfect design decisions and recommendations to make our home look incredible. They really helped to manage the remodel process for us, always looking for the best deals to save us money. And when it came time to list, they staged the property beautifully, resulting in a quick and very successful sale. Perhaps the biggest compliment I can give is that they handled our transactions as if they owned the property themselves!

Striving for Balance 

Sherine acknowledges that finding a balance between her professional and personal life remains an ongoing quest, but she finds a semblance of equilibrium. Sherine enjoys a rich personal life with a supportive husband, a picturesque home in Kailua, and a close-knit family, including grandchildren living just a short distance away. Despite the tragic loss of her son earlier in the year, she draws strength from her daughters and the proximity of her parents, who spend their winters in Hawaii.

Blessed with an understanding family immersed in the real estate industry, Sherine’s commitment to her career is met with grace and comprehension. Surrounded by loved ones who comprehend the demands of the real estate business, she navigates the delicate balance between personal and professional commitments with resilience and gratitude.

Legacy & Longevity 

Sherine envisions a future for Hawaii Lux Homes marked by continuity and a seamless transition. Expressing a desire to see the business thrive indefinitely, she contemplates passing the reins to her daughter, currently 39 years old, when the time is right. With a thoughtful plan to maintain involvement, Sherine envisions a managerial role for the team to ensure its continued success. Even as she acknowledges the possibility of stepping back gradually, she remains dedicated to preserving a personal connection with Hawaii Lux Homes, emphasizing her enduring commitment to its growth and prosperity.

Unconventional Advice 

Sherine offers unconventional advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly women entering the industry. She emphasizes a no-nonsense approach. Unlike the common rhetoric of self-love and kindness, Sherine advocates for a more rigorous self-accountability. Her advice centers on pushing oneself, setting concrete goals, and meticulously planning the steps to achieve them. Sherine encourages entrepreneurs to persevere through setbacks, repeatedly getting up when faced with stumbling blocks. 

Rejecting excuses and emphasizing personal responsibility, she stresses the importance of taking charge of one’s actions and success. Sherine’s passionate stance against complacency underscores the need to be tough on oneself, work diligently, and avoid blaming external factors. Her pragmatic advice resonates with the belief that true success comes from relentless determination and a steadfast commitment to personal growth. 

“Sherine’s love for listings, whether a modest condo or a multimillion-dollar estate, is underscored by her passion for bringing out the best in each property.” 



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