Top 18 CRM for Startups (2023)

Best Top 18 CRM for Startups (2023) | CIO Women Magazine

Here are the top 18 CRM for startups;

1. Zoho Desk 

Zoho Desk is part of the larger Zoho SaaS suite. 1st CRM for Startups It is a comprehensive multi-channel help desk as a support solution. It is compatible with email, live chat, social media, and phone calls. You may use it to build a branded customer self-service site. Zia is an AI product from Zoho Desk.

It does sentiment analysis and provides solution ideas to agents. A ticket organizer and shared CRM data are among the collaborative capabilities. You may even define the roles and hierarchies for your team. There are several automated procedures, such as those for ticket routing and SLAs.

2. HappyFox

HappyFox is a comprehensive customer service platform. 2nd CRM for Startups , It features an advanced ticketing system. The HappyFox bundle is broken into tool suites. These are the support desk, live chatting, and chatbot suites. It also provides workflow automation and business intelligence functions (BI). The help desk streamlines ticketing and knowledge bases for self-service.

Live chat makes real-time help quick and simple. AI is used to power the chatbot. Workflows may be integrated with other applications like as Salesforce, Zendesk, Jira, and Shopify. Finally, Happy fox provides comprehensive support analytics and reporting.

3. HubSpot

HubSpot pioneered inbound marketing and now provides solutions for a wide range of company requirements. 3rd CRM for Startups This comprises Service Hub, which contains the fundamental CRM functionalities. You receive useful service desk tools such as live chat and Facebook Messenger.

There is help desk automation to handle the routine duties. Support managers may assign assignments and keep track of their staff. There’s also a tool for making personalized assistance films that can be attached to tickets and emails. These may also be used in a knowledge base or as FAQs.

4. Team Support 

Team Support is a high-quality support desk application. It collects and analyzes contact information and interactions. Tickets also include vital information and links to other tickets of a similar kind. 4th CRM for Startups There are methods available to assess client happiness. It might also notify you of client dissatisfaction.

Team Support automatically searches the web for information about your connections and updates their profiles in real time. It monitors SLA data and ranks your agents. There are several useful help desk metrics for reporting. You also receive rules-based ticket procedures that are simple to configure. Finally, ticket groups may be created based on similar concerns or contacts.

5. AgileCRM

Agile CRM includes components for sales, marketing, and customer care. You gather them all together. You may manage consumer interactions in a variety of ways thanks to the platform. 5th CRM for Startups Tickets may be tagged and grouped based on similar topics. Smart views is a solution that displays your desired metrics and insights into client concerns.

Best Top 18 CRM for Startups (2023) | CIO Women Magazine

You may create SLAs and track their development. Agile provides excellent bespoke workflow management solutions. It is simple to generate scripted replies. There are several more monitoring metrics that may be used to generate reports. Agile CRM Service also includes live chat and a knowledge base.

6. Creatio

Creatio is a CRM that includes marketing, sales, and customer care modules. As a help desk system, you have access to several channels of contact, including phone calls. Users may create their own self-service portals to discover their own answers. CRM solutions for contact management are available.

It uses social media to supplement client information. You can track and group tickets as well as monitor timetables for case management. 6th CRM for Startups Creatio may also be used as a task management and calendaring application. Finally, robust business process management is used to automate processes.

7. Maximizer

Maximizer is a CRM platform with ticket management capabilities. It seeks to improve average reaction times. It comes with basic case management features. 7th CRM for Startups You may monitor tickets based on numerous criteria such as agent, severity of issue, or approaching deadline. Ticket queue and routing are automated.

As a CRM, all contact information and interactions are kept in one location. It generates records to assist teams in sharing problem resolutions. These, in turn, contribute into knowledge bases. To assess client satisfaction, you may get useful information on agents or teams.

8. Front

Front strives for a more personal approach to consumer connection. As tickets arrive, they are immediately distributed to agents. This offers a single agent complete accountability for the consumer, allowing for more customized service. Email, live chat, and messaging are all available channels of contact.

For small teams, this is a nice easy customer support platform. With notes and conversations, it makes everything readily accessible and shared. You may create processes with rules and prepared replies. 8th CRM for Startups This help desk solution combines with Front’s other customer success products.

9. Vision 

Vision offers a vast toolbox for customer service. Vision Help Desk is a service response time improvement software solution. Customers may be reached via phone, email, texting, and social media. 9th CRM for Startups Ticket workflow automation may handle simple requests and duties. You will get SLA setup and tracking.

There are notifications depending on rules. Customer service metrics and reports are provided. There are articles in the knowledge base that are SEO optimized. Vision also provides features for agents. Internal talking, gamification, and task management are some examples.

10. Kayako

Kayako aspires to offer a more personalized customer service platform. It enables you to communicate with consumers through email, live chat, Twitter, and Facebook. 10th CRM for Startups All communication is centralized on a single dashboard. It’s simple to use and has a good look. You may include live chat into your website or mobile applications.

All new tickets provide a 360-degree view of the consumer. Customer action is visible in real time. To assist one another, team members might share inboxes. Kayako allows you to create a customer self-service portal. Analytics provide insights into team performance. It also aids in the optimization of your processes.

11. Dixa

Dixa is all about providing excellent customer service in order to elevate your brand. 11th CRM for Startups , The goal is to assist you keep and develop your consumer base. It also employs a tailored strategy. Phone and email are combined in omnichannel communication. It also supports live chat, WhatsApp, and Facebook. Tickets are designed to resemble talks.’

Best Top 18 CRM for Startups (2023) | CIO Women Magazine

When clients contact you, you get their profile information. Customers may be sent to their favorite agents automatically. The goal is to establish connections. This help desk application is primarily for businesses that anticipate frequent contacts with preferred users.

12. atSpoke

atSpoke is a ticket resolution tool that rejects traditional tickets. 12th CRM for Startups , The idea is to solve problems quicker this manner. It enables you to respond to inquiries as quickly as possible the first time a user contacts you. This is accomplished by sophisticated context analysis of each request. Reps are given solutions by AI.

Agents may use Slack and Microsoft Teams to monitor problems and get updates. Ticket status is updated in real time. You receive AI-powered automated processes to help you with repetitive activities and challenges.

13. SeamlessDesk

SeamlessDesk is a respectable cloud-based customer care platform. To remain on top of client issues, the help desk software includes smart alerts. 13th CRM for Startups You may configure them depending on events such as deadlines or recurring difficulties. There are several ticketing mechanisms available, including agent assignment and priority.

With each ticket, you get detailed consumer profile information. This is an excellent platform for agent cooperation. SeamlessDesk provides a range of asset management technologies. Asset management is important for keeping files associated with tickets that other agents may access. It also has knowledge base functions.

14. Copper

Copper offers startup-friendly features like as automatic data input, smart identification, lead and customer monitoring, and sales contact and opportunity optimization.

Integrates directly with G Suite, which means data import from Gmail and other Google products you (probably) use every day is effortless. 14th CRM for Startups , Improves team and process management with weekly pipeline advancement reports that include drag-and-drop capability, configurable filters, and notifications when deals are about to expire. Provides a visually appealing sales pipeline for convenient lead monitoring and management throughout the qualifying process.


SUGARCM offers a complete CRM system that covers marketing, sales, and customer support, with a focus on cross-team exchange of relevant and valuable information. 15th CRM for Startups

You may use drag-and-drop flowcharts to plan customer journeys and automate complicated business processes like lead routing, quotation evaluation, and approval.

Vendor customer care is responsive, which is a big positive for businesses that require rapid replies and problem resolution timeframes; also, SugarCRM has a significant user community, so you can talk shop with other entrepreneurs.

16. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a fully-rounded, comprehensive CRM that manages sales management and marketing initiatives, as well as facilitating efficient team collaboration. 16th CRM for Startups

Allows you to build an infinite number of work and user groups, set up an HR help desk, and centralize document storage in-app.

Bitrix24 provides a free edition for up to 12 people with 5 GB of storage, aimed primarily for startups, including HR, task, lead, contact, and project management capabilities (it is the world’s most popular free CRM).

17. Pipedriver

CRM that is adaptable and results-oriented in order to assist startups in becoming organized

Best Top 18 CRM for Startups (2023) | CIO Women Magazine

Create several sales funnels with configurable, one-of-a-kind phases tailored to the context of a given product/service. 17th CRM for Startups , Reminders, notifications, and follow-up alerts keep your head in the right place. Personalize data fields and workflow for your specific business procedures.

A short learning curve accelerates implementation.

18. Streak

Built straight inside Gmail, where you presumably conduct the most of your work; Streak features desktop and mobile applications with all of the G Suite connectors, so you can always access your work email and other tools you need (simply download the Google Chrome extension and/or the mobile app). 18th CRM for Startups

Email integration collects data from your contacts and emails automatically and alerts you as leads advance through each step of your pipeline.

Keep in-app notes, centralize record-keeping, use data monitoring on your contact communication, and determine whether or not leads have read your emails.



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