Top 20 Business Intelligence Tools

Top 20 Best Business Intelligence Tools | CIO Women Magazine

Business intelligence (BI) refers to a collection of technologies that are used to convert unprocessed data into information that may assist companies in making decisions that will result in increased profits. Individuals utilize Business Intelligence Tools to access and analyze data sets, and then show the results of the analysis in forms that are simple to comprehend, such as dashboards, graphs, and charts. This enables people to accomplish this objective.

Here are the top 20 Business Intelligence Tools:

1. Micro Strategic Planning

MicroStrategy is a fast and zero-click analytics solution, in contrast to the majority of Business Intelligence Tools, which need a number of clicks before accessing management data.

Top 20 Best Business Intelligence Tools | CIO Women Magazine

If you move your cursor over the highlighted words, you will get information that is very important. Additionally, it is a BI platform that is simple to use and comes with both a desktop interface and a mobile app.

2. IBM Cognos Analytics (in a nutshell)

IBM Cognos Analytics is a business intelligence (BI) platform that is powered by artificial intelligence and covers the whole analytics process. Business Intelligence Tools include everything from the uploading of data to the visualization of data to the sharing of insights with your colleagues. Additionally, it is equipped with a vast assortment of analysis functions, such as what-if analysis, advanced analysis, analytical reporting, and trend analysis.

3. Tableau

Tableau’s drag-and-drop capability enables users to construct analytics charts without first having to get an understanding of the underlying data structure, making data visualization a relatively straightforward process.

Top 20 Best Business Intelligence Tools | CIO Women Magazine

You may learn how to visualize the course of the coronavirus epidemic by using Tableau by reading the article that is linked here.

4. Oracle Business Intelligence Tools

The Oracle Business Intelligence Tools platform, which was developed by yet another industry titan, provides critical decision-makers with the ability to obtain answers to statistical inquiries. Users are able to improve their organization’s return on investment while simultaneously lowering their total costs because of the platform’s sophisticated features, which include search capabilities across both content and metadata, as well as interactive dashboards and operational reporting.

5. Board

Business intelligence (BI), corporate performance management, and Business Intelligence Tools analytics are all rolled into one Board, an all-in-one platform. It offers businesses a package that supports several languages, allowing them to give reports in a variety of tongues.

6. Domo

Domo integrates BI, data warehousing, data discovery, data visualization, reporting, and collaboration all into one spot. It integrates data throughout your whole organization, and inside the engine, you have the ability to extract, convert, and load (ELT) data. Additionally, you may access it from your mobile device.

7. SAS

The real-time analytics that SAS BI offers to the owners of major Business Intelligence Tools allow these owners to monitor KPIs and develop interactive reports. The capabilities of the platform include a number of useful features such as ad hoc analysis, trend forecasting, data source connections, and a fully customized dashboard.

8. Tibco Spotfire (Spotfire)

Tibco Spotfire has the capability to visually analyze data, such as information on sales and customer service, in order to spot trends and patterns.

Top 20 Best Business Intelligence Tools | CIO Women Magazine

You are able to forecast what will happen next with the help of predictive analytics. Both data scientists who are eager to scale up their data research and company owners who do not have any data experience will find it to be an ideal solution. Users are able to define their own KPIs and get notifications on their mobile devices.

9. Panorama – Necto

Panorama’s Necto product is a solution tailored specifically for the telecommunications industry that blends artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. It is able to connect with any network and turn data provided by CSPs into insights that can be acted upon. You have the option to set up alerts to receive for KPI, which makes it more simple for decision-makers to monitor the metrics related to their businesses.

10. Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server is a relational database management system that has been on the market for the last 30 years. It is compatible with a wide variety of languages and operating systems. It is an all-in-one platform that delivers a variety of services, such as analytical services, integration services, master data services, reporting services, and so on. It was developed by Microsoft.

11. SAP Business Objects (in a nutshell)

Users of SAP Business Intelligence Tools are given the ability to construct predictive analysis models, which may then be used to make predictions on future marketing trends. The products include solutions for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and finance, customer relationship management (CRM) and customer experience, network and spend management, digital supply chain, human resources engagement, and peer-to-peer engagement. Students of varying levels are given access to a broad variety of alternatives to meet the requirements of their businesses via the institution’s extensive collection of online training courses and certification programs.

12. WebFOCUS

Information Builder is responsible for the development of WebFOCUS BI.

Top 20 Best Business Intelligence Tools | CIO Women Magazine

It gives users the ability to produce reports, construct dashboards in a variety of formats, and share the findings with other people who are working together.

13. QlikView

Quick, which is a platform that allows users to find data on their own, bridges the gap between raw data and actionable insights. They provide a data integration platform that enables Business Intelligence Tools customers to connect Qlik to dozens of data sources, such as Azure SQL Database, Microsoft SQL Server, Google BigQuery, and others. Users have the option of using AI-powered analytics to develop Business Intelligence Tools insights on their own, or they may get in touch with their Data-as-a-Service team for consulting and education assistance.

14. Izenda

With regard to embedded analytics, Izenda is another market-leading BI platform that enables clients to concentrate on the most important aspects of their product, therefore achieving a competitive advantage and producing extra value. Izenda may be accessed using a web browser or on a mobile device.

15. Yellowfin

Yellowfin not only notifies clients when there is a change in the data but also explains the reasoning behind the change. It is an analytics platform geared specifically at addressing issues that arise in enterprise analytics. Signals, dashboards, narrative, data discovery, and data preparation make up the bulk of its component parts. In addition to this, you may include it in your application by embedding it.

16. InetSoft (in a sentence)

InetSoft is a leading innovator in the field of Business Intelligence Tools. The company was established in 1996. It allows for on-the-fly data preparation and integration and offers rapid and iterative data display dashboards in addition to these capabilities.

17. Sisense

At the 2018 Supreme Software Award, Sisense was recognized as having achieved the title of Best BI. You may effortlessly transform data into graphs and charts that are intelligible by using its drag-and-drop capability.

Top 20 Best Business Intelligence Tools | CIO Women Magazine

They have assisted businesses in a variety of industries, including healthcare, supply chain, manufacturing, commerce, digital marketing, travel and hospitality, and more, in extracting actionable insights from data. Both Motorola and Philips are examples of well-known companies that have done business with them.

18. Statsbot

Statsbot is a useful analytics tool for new Business Intelligence Tools since it can process raw data from hundreds of different sources, including Redshift and BigQuery. It also provides charts and reports on dashboards, in addition to transforming the data. In addition to that, you are not charged a fee to link it with any data source.

19. Birst

First is a business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform that operates in the cloud and offers its clients with sales analytics, marketing analytics, supply chain analytics, networked BI, and embedded BI. It finds use in a wide variety of IT settings, including corporate analytics, managed data discovery, analytics for Hadoop, and many more.


TARGIT achieved the highest ranking possible in BI survey 18 for both mobile BI and embedded BI. It is excellent for the administration of airports.

Top 20 Best Business Intelligence Tools | CIO Women Magazine

TARGIT is able to manage all of the information, including flight numbers, passenger and baggage counts, as well as delays and cancellations in Business Intelligence Tools.



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