Top Inspirational Women In Business

Top Inspirational Women In Business

For decades, women in business remained underrepresented globally. However, the business landscape has transformed significantly in recent years. Despite facing various social barriers and discrimination, women have successfully paved a path for themselves and other aspiring women in male-dominated business spaces.


According to the global gender gap report by The World Economic Forum, achieving gender equality can help businesses flourish in numerous ways, enabling them to reach their maximum potential. In the current global business scenario, around 43% of entrepreneurs worldwide are women. Furthermore, the success rate of women was also higher when it came to crowdfunding businesses when compared to men.


In this article, we have featured inspirational women who have contributed tremendously through their entrepreneurial work and helped transform the global business landscape.

Julie Cole

Julie Cole is a recovered lawyer, mom of six and co-founder of Mabel’s Labels. She is an award-winning entrepreneur, best-selling author, and sought after speaker and emcee. Julie is no stranger to the media, having appeared on NBC’s The Today Show, HLN’s Raising America, Breakfast Television, The Marilyn Denis Show, CP24, among many others. Her articles have appeared in The Huffington Post, Today’s Parent, The Globe and Mail, Profit Magazine, Working Mother Magazine, and numerous websites.

Natalie Cramp

(CEO of Profusion)

Unlike a lot of her peers, Natalie is not a native of the tech community. She has worked with a range of leading private, public and third sector organisations. Each was at a different stage of their data journey. What this has given her is first-hand experience of all the challenges and hurdles organisations face when trying to become more innovative. This has enabled her to shape Profusion’s offering and marketing to prioritise accessibility. She wants people to understand in plain English what it is they can or need to do and how the company can help.

Dr. Sharon Jones

Sharon Jones

(Founder and CEO of dot. Consulting & Dottie Rose Foundation)

Dr. Sharon Jones, Ed.D is the founder and CEO of the dot. Consulting and the non-profit Dottie Rose Foundation, where she leads and implements technology focused education and innovation. Dr. Jones has found her passion in education and has served as a computer science expert for the past 20 years, bridging the gap between our everyday actions and the application of technology. Dr. Jones is a highly sought after and national award winning Computer Science educator for K12 education and corporate training.

Katerina Trajchevska

(CEO at Adeva)

Katerina Trajchevska is the CEO of Adeva among such a personality who herself knows the value of her education and have social awareness about it too. She is self-made woman with kind gesture towards mankind. Wanting to help those who are needful for a guidance is an exceptional value hardly seen in today’s world. Making people stand on their own legs is not an easy task and handling such task with same energy is a commendable job.

Heather Ripley

Heather Ripley, Founder & CEO of Ripley PR, is oriented towards securing media and brand awareness, especially for the B2B industry. She started Ripley PR in 2013 without any clients or outside business capital. She partnered with my first three clients within 45 days, and, after 6 months, she moved into an office and hired her first full-time employee. Today, Ripley PR is a global public relations agency specializing in B2B tech, franchising, manufacturing, and the skilled trades. It serves clients from around the world, from Australia to Israel and Montreal to Brazil, and all over the United States.

Jennifer Barnes

(Founder and CEO at Optima Office)

Jennifer Barnes (Founder and CEO at Optima Office) began the Optima office in October of 2018 after her ex-accomplices did an unfriendly takeover of her most memorable organization. She was left with security and had everything taken from me. In the span of three days, in any case, she began organization #2 and 27 of the workers accompanied her and she wound up winning before long in court by being permitted to go up against the other organization she possessed. Quick forward 3 and a half years after the fact, the Optima office is two times the size. It ended up being the best thing that consistently happened to her!

Tania (Riahi) Amar

(Founder and CEO at CXP Consulting)

Tania (Riahi) Amar, (Founder and CEO of CXP Consulting) is a well-recognized name that is taking the consulting industry by a storm. She founded CXP Consulting after more than two decades of executive experience in the Corporate and Venture Capital worlds as the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of global multibillion-dollar high-tech corporations such as NICE Systems (#1 high-tech company in Israel – valued at $17B), Click Software (bought by Salesforce in 2019 at $1.5B) and JVP Venture Capital (managing $1.4B of funding) to name just a few.

Penelope Przekop

(CEO of PDC Pharma Strategy)

Penelope is a corporate quality administration master, business person, and essayist. All through her 30+ year vacation, she has stood firm on initiative footings and has worked with many biotech and pharma organizations. These incorporated various Big Pharma organizations including Glaxo Smith Kline, Johnson and Johnson, Merck, Novartis, Pfizer, and Wyeth, as well as medium and little biotech, pharma, and seller organizations. Currently, she works as the Founder and CEO of PDC Pharma Strategy.

Anastasia Kuzmenko

(Vice President of Marketing and Communications at IEM Telecom Group)

Anastasia Kuzmenko Currently stands firm on the foothold of Vice President of Marketing and Communications at IEC Telecom Group. She is liable for the worldwide showcasing procedure and the board of brand interchanges across the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. Anastasia is genuinely a motivation and a reference point to every sprouting business visionary and showcasing fan. Her magnetic character, excellent initiative, and obviously, vision, are without a doubt worth regarding.

Elinor Stutz

(CEO of Smooth Sale)

Elinor is a motivation to maturing business visionaries yet in addition to existing, laid-out money managers/ladies. She has not just achieved an exceptional accomplishment and made an imprint in the realm of business. She alludes to her deals vocation approach as ‘Bottoms Up!’ Therefore, she is addressing the inquiries by starting with the last. Her number one statement is: “Accept, Become, Empower.”

Neeti Dewan

(Fellow Benefactor and Board Head of SYMMR)

Neeti Dewan is a motivation for young ladies business people and laid out financial specialists/money managers the same. She has worked and acquired insight in worldwide assessment, money, and methodology for north of twenty years. She has worked for the absolute biggest organizations like ARAMARK, KPMG, PwC, Hughes, and ClubCar. Neeti figured out how to join the insight of the East with the business virtuoso of the West to concoct a framework that assists chiefs with filling dramatically in their initiative process of SYMMR.

Ángela Álvarez

(Founder and CEO of Aglaia Capital)

Ángela Álvarez is the Founder and CEO of Aglaia Capital. She has fostered her expert vocation in leading leader worldwide positions, and Boards in huge substances and worldwide banks. This includes Corporate Finance, Mergers, and Acquisitions (M&A), Investment Banking, primarily centering in the Financial, Real Estate, Hotels, Restructuring, and Alternative Financing areas, as well as in Fintech Blockchain that pulled in her premium a long time back as a method for tackling the greater part of the issues that tracked down in her industry.