What is Human Resource Management?

What is Human Resource Management? 3 Best Functions | CIO Women Magazine

Recruitment, selection, induction, orientation, training, development, evaluation of performance, compensation and benefits determination, employee motivation, proper relations with employees and their trade unions, and the implementation of safety, welfare, and health measures for employees in accordance with applicable law all fall under the purview of human resource management. What is Human Resource Management ?

The term “Human Resource Management” (HRM) is used to describe the formal methods that have been developed to aid in the management of workers and other stakeholders inside a business. What is Human Resource Management , Human resource management’s primary responsibilities are staffing, salary, and assignment.

Human resource management (HRM) is concerned with optimizing worker output for a company. Human resource management is unlikely to undergo substantial change despite the rapid pace of development in the business sector.

Management tasks such as planning, organizing, directing, and controlling are all part of the realm of concern for human resource management.

It addresses issues including the recruitment of human resources, the provision of training and development, and the upkeep of existing human resources.

It is helpful in achieving individual goals as well as corporate and societal goals. What is Human Resource Management ?

The study of Human Resource Management requires knowledge from a variety of fields.

The disciplines of management, psychology, communication, economics, and sociology are all included within this field of research.

Additionally, it focuses on fostering a sense of team spirit and working together as a group.

It is a process that goes on forever.

As a department within an organization, human resource management is responsible for all aspects of employees and performs a variety of functions, including human resource planning, conducting job analysis, recruitment and conducting job interviews, selection of human resources, orienting, training, compensating, providing benefits and incentives, appraising, retaining, career planning, quality of work life, employee discipline, elimination of sexual harassment, human resource auditing, and maintenance of industrial relations policies and procedures.

The historical rule of thumb for determining how many people should be employed in Human Resource roles is that there should be one full-time professional Human Resource employee recruited for every 100 workers.

What is Human Resource Management, The actual ratio of an organization may change based on a number of variables, including the degree of HR centralization, the geographic spread of the workers serviced, the sophistication level of the employees, and the amount of relative complexity of the company.

Main Functions of What is Human Resource Management?

1. Employee Recruitment

Finding qualified individuals to fill open positions is what recruitment is all about. What is Human Resource Management, The procedure for selecting new employees consists of four phases:

What is Human Resource Management? 3 Best Functions | CIO Women Magazine
Job analysis

Job descriptions and specifications help accomplish this by detailing what is expected of workers in a certain position. What is Human Resource Management, Human resources determines what should be done in a given position and what skills an employee should have by reading the job description.


All the methods an organization uses to find qualified people to fill a certain post fall under this umbrella. What is Human Resource Management, The use of both internal and external ads may accomplish this goal.

Screening and selection

Here, potential employees are judged based on their application materials. Candidates’ credentials, competence, and experience relevant to the position are assessed via this testing procedure.

Proper candidate selection – After the most qualified individual has been chosen, the next step is the onboarding procedure. What is Human Resource Management, All this does is aid the new hires in their transition to full participation in the company’s operations.

2. Employee Orientation

Orienting new hires is another essential job of HRM. In the business world, this is referred to as “onboarding,” and it entails providing new hires with the training they need to feel comfortable and productive right away.

What is Human Resource Management? 3 Best Functions | CIO Women Magazine

The Human Resources department organizes and executes a comprehensive orientation program that includes formal and informal presentations, discussions, films, mentorship, and group activities for all new hires. What is Human Resource Management, The primary goal of orientation is to educate new employees about the company’s mission, values, policies, and procedures.

3. Employee Development

Development of staff members encompasses all initiatives taken to boost individuals’ and groups’ contribution to the overall success of the company. The talent development of an organization is one of the tasks of the HR division. What is Human Resource Management The talents of the staff must be matched up with the requirements of the business. Human resource management (HRM) is concerned with more than just the basics of employment, such as hiring, training, and orientation.

What is Human Resource Management? 3 Best Functions | CIO Women Magazine

Improving an organization’s present staff is preferable to future hiring because of the cost savings. Therefore, human resource management may save expenses by investing in their current staff via employee development.

Bottom Line

The process of acquiring new employees and fostering their professional growth is referred to as “human resource management.” The Human Resources department is responsible for determining where a firm is lacking in personnel, advertising open jobs, conducting interviews with prospective applicants, and selecting the most qualified employees.

In addition to handling the hiring of new staff members, the management of human resources is also responsible for the termination of redundant workers in businesses that are reducing their workforce. What is Human Resource Management, The management of HR is also responsible for overseeing orientation programs, which are designed to familiarize new workers with the company’s rules, goals, and objectives.

Management of a company’s human resources can ensure that daily operations involving personnel will go off without a hitch.



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