WhatsApp Enhances Video Calling Features to Compete with Zoom and FaceTime

WhatsApp Video Calling Upgraded to Compete with Zoom and FaceTime | CIO Women Magazine

Source – The Independent

WhatsApp, owned by Meta, is stepping up WhatsApp video calling game with several new features aimed at enhancing the user experience and positioning itself as a stronger competitor to platforms like Zoom, FaceTime, and Google Meet. One of the key updates is the introduction of screen sharing, a feature that allows users to share their screens with others during a call.

This addition is particularly useful for a variety of scenarios, such as watching videos together, sharing content that isn’t easily shareable through other means, and even troubleshooting devices remotely. The screen-sharing function also includes audio sharing, enabling seamless conversation while viewing the shared screen.

Increased Participant Limit and Speaker Spotlight

Another major enhancement is the increase in the participant limit for video calls. WhatsApp now allows up to 32 participants in a single video call, a significant jump from the previous limit of eight, which was introduced during the peak of the pandemic in 2020. This expanded capacity makes WhatsApp a more viable option for larger meetings and gatherings, aligning it more closely with the capabilities of other popular WhatsApp video calling services.

In addition to the increased participant count, WhatsApp has introduced a speaker spotlight feature. This update ensures that the person currently speaking appears first in the row of participants and their picture is highlighted, making it easier for users to identify the active speaker. This WhatsApp video calling feature, already a standard on many other video-calling platforms, enhances the overall usability of group calls on WhatsApp.

Enhanced Call Quality with MLow Codec

WhatsApp has also made technical improvements to enhance the quality of its calls. The platform has switched to using the MLow codec, which promises clearer audio by improving noise and echo cancellation. This change is particularly beneficial for users in noisy environments, ensuring that their calls are clearer and more intelligible. Moreover, video calls on WhatsApp will now stream in higher resolution, provided the user’s network is capable of supporting it. This enhancement aims to deliver a better visual experience, making video interactions more lifelike and engaging.

In summary, WhatsApp’s latest updates are a significant step forward in its effort to compete with established video-calling platforms. The new features, including screen sharing, a higher participant limit, and speaker spotlight, along with technical improvements for better call quality, collectively aim to provide a more robust and user-friendly experience. As WhatsApp continues to evolve, these enhancements are likely to attract more users looking for a versatile and reliable WhatsApp video calling solution.

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