3 Apps You Need If You Do A Lot Of Work On Your Phone

3 Work Productivity Apps You Need if You Do a Lot of Work on Your Phone | CIO Women Magazine

Smartphones are becoming more and more synonymous with work. Insights from Gitnux show that 93% of employees under 50 years of age will use a phone for work-related tasks. It’s the modern way of doing things; you can get work done on the train, make a note of thoughts as they come to you, and so on. 

In many ways, smartphones have revolutionized productivity – but you need the right apps to get the best results. Thousands of possibilities spring to mind if you want work productivity apps.

Here are three Work productivity apps you should download right this second:

1. A note-taking app

3 Work Productivity Apps You Need if You Do a Lot of Work on Your Phone | CIO Women Magazine

Have you ever had a thought while out and about that could help with an ongoing project? What if an idea comes to you as you lay in bed at night? A note-taking app is the perfect way to store these thoughts as soon as they emerge. Whip out your phone and jot down whatever you’re thinking, then recite it at work when you get the chance. You’ll find loads of options out there, including some that are compatible with wearable technology like the Apple Watch. Our suggestion is to pick one that syncs with your other devices so the notes appear on your computer when you load it up. 

2. A VPN

Many people download VPNs on their PCs but never on their phones. Why is that? The only answer is that you forget about smartphone network security. Look, if you’re using your phone to access business documents or important data, you must ensure your connection is secure. Download a VPN service for your mobile device and this will no longer be a worry. Just like on a desktop computer, the VPN will hide your network and keep you nicely protected from outside threats. It lets you browse and work anonymously, which will greatly reduce the chances of data breaches thanks to accessing your private work folder on a public wifi network! 

3. A cloud office service

3 Work Productivity Apps You Need if You Do a Lot of Work on Your Phone | CIO Women Magazine

Every modern-day worker needs a cloud office service on their phone. The best one at the moment is probably Google Drive. It gives you a cloud-based storage platform to keep all of your data and documents in one place. Upload them on your PC and access them from your phone whenever you have an internet connection.

But wait, there’s more. Download other Google apps – like Docs and Sheets – to open your files on your phone and edit them. You can literally tweak spreadsheets from anywhere in the world. It’s ideal if you leave work and then realize you forgot to do something. Open up Google Drive, find the file, and edit it before you get home. 

We need to get used to the idea of the modern workspace existing outside four office walls. Gone are the days when everything was done at a desk. Now, we have flexible working patterns and the freedom to work remotely. You can do work-related tasks anywhere you want, and all you need is a phone. Be sure you have these three types of Work productivity apps on your device if you want peak productivity. 



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