10 Must-Read Leadership Articles

10 Best Must-Read Leadership Articles | CIO Women Magazine

The fact that everything is now at your fingertips thanks to the internet is the one advantage of living in the digital era. 10 Must-Read Leadership Articles, The days of having to go to conference after conference in order to get knowledge about improved management practices are over. You may learn more about it right now without having to leave the convenience of your own home or workplace.

We have compiled this collection of 10 articles about leadership from some of the most influential people who came before you so that you may get a head start on your education. These articles are not arranged in any particular order.

Here Are The 10 Must-Read Leadership Articles

1) Jack Welch on How to Manage Employees

Former General Electric CEO Jack Welch is quoted as saying that a company’s staff is its most valuable asset. In 2012, when speaking at the World Business Forum in New York City, he said, “This entire game of business hinges around one thing.” Must-Read Leadership Articles, “If you put together the best squad, you will prevail.” The following are a few of Jack Welch’s preferred managerial takeaways from the conference, as outlined by author Nadia Goodman.

10 Best Must-Read Leadership Articles | CIO Women Magazine

2) Will the corporation survive?

Peter Drucker is widely regarded as the guy who established contemporary management. His opus, Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices, was published in 1973 and is 811 pages long. During his long and eventful life, Drucker authored a total of 39 books.

Must-Read Leadership Articles, More recently, in 2001, Drucker produced a shorter introduction to his style of thinking for The Economist. Although it was just nine pages long, it was nonetheless outstanding despite its reduced length. The title of the essay, “Will the Corporation Survive?,” is really appropriate.

3) What Bad Managers, Good Managers, and Great Managers Do

The author, Mark Graban, discusses his experience spent working at General Motors and provides further insight into the Lean Management philosophy. Must-Read Leadership Articles, To put it another way, poor managers inform, excellent managers explain why, and great managers go above and beyond this.

4) What Great Managers Do

The article “What Sets the Great Boss Apart from the Average Boss” by Marcus Buckingham, published in Harvard Business Review, offers insight into these questions: “What Sets the Great Boss Apart from the Average Boss?” During this process, Mr. Buckingham brings to our attention the fact that the role of a manager is to translate the unique abilities of an individual into tangible results. Must-Read Leadership Articles

5) The Meaning of Management: The Great Awakening

According to Steve Denning, a contributor to Forbes, the events that take place in management define the quality of life for the majority of people during the majority of the time that they are awake. Must-Read Leadership Articles, The way a society is managed is the single most important factor in determining the standard of living enjoyed by its members, regardless of the civilization in question.

10 Best Must-Read Leadership Articles | CIO Women Magazine

According to what Mr. Denning has written, “In our day, we suffer from management that is inappropriate for its period.” Find out what he means and how this issue may be resolved so you can go on.

6) 8 Core Beliefs of Extraordinary Bosses

Geoffrey James, a contributing editor at Inc.com, is certain in his belief that the most successful managers have a fundamentally unique grasp of the dynamics of the workplace, the organization, and the team. Must-Read Leadership Articles , Look at what the author of this piece gets right.

7) Why Great Managers Are So Rare

People are familiar with Gallup. For the last eighty years, the corporation has set it as one of its primary objectives. Go where the statistics are if you want to know what your workers, your team, or your employees think about whatever it is you want to know their opinions on.

You will go to Gallup. Must-Read Leadership Articles, This article explains why firms are unsuccessful in selecting the applicant with the appropriate skills for the job 82% of the time and demonstrates how we may be among the desired 18% of candidates that are selected.

8) 7 Management Traits of Great Leaders

This essay is authored by John White, who is a writer for LinkedIn. He begins by citing a remark from the renowned football coach Vince Lombardi, which is just as relevant now as it was in the past: “…leaders are produced, they are not born. Must-Read Leadership Articles, They are the result of a lot of labor, which is the price that everyone of us has to pay in order to do something meaningful. That’s only the first paragraph, by the way.

9) The Six Deadly Sins of Leadership

This essay was written by Jack Welch in 2013, together with his new wife and former editor of Harvard Business Review, Suzy Welch. Its purpose was to highlight six frequent leadership errors. Welch states in his writing that “being a leader is possibly the most difficult endeavor any of us will ever face.

” No matter how long we spend working on it, modeling appropriate conduct is a process that will never be completed. Must-Read Leadership Articles Knowing the incorrect ones and avoiding them is also very important. The latter is something that can be assisted by reading this essay.

10) Drucker on Management: The Five Deadly Business Sins

This essay was first published by Peter Drucker in 1993, but over the course of the last twenty-two years, it has been repeated so often that it has almost attained the status of scripture for managers all around the globe.

10 Best Must-Read Leadership Articles | CIO Women Magazine

Must-Read Leadership Articles, As the phrase “worship of large profit margins” indicates, managers need to be on the watch for the following no- no’s: mispricing a new product, cost-driven pricing, killing tomorrow’s potential on the altar of yesterday, and feeding issues while starving opportunities.


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