3Cs of employee engagement: Career, competence, and care

3Cs of employee engagement: Career, competence, and care ; 3 Best Ways | CIO Women Magazine

The 3Cs of employee engagement are the most important aspects of employee engagement to take into consideration (career, competence and care)

1. Career

3Cs of employee engagement, People often want to advance their careers after they join a company. Employees are more likely to feel like they belong to a company if upper management and direct supervisors invest time and energy into helping them advance in their careers. As a result of the management’s investment in their professional development, they are more invested in the company.

3Cs of employee engagement: Career, competence, and care ; 3 Best Ways | CIO Women Magazine

Through work rotations, critical responsibilities, demanding assignments, and promotions, an organization may help its people develop their skills and advance in their careers. They need to be trusted with a certain amount of responsibility and given the opportunity to make their own choices. If businesses are serious about helping their employees grow professionally, they may expect to see a whole new generation of workers emerge.

2. Competence

3Cs of employee engagement, Ability to develop new skills is the essence of competence. There has to be consistent seminars and training for workers to assist them improve their abilities and knowledge. Workable skills should be a priority. After a few months on the job, the majority of workers start looking for ways to improve their skillset inside the company.

Competence is the capacity to take advantage of possibilities for progress, while a career focuses on real advancement in terms of title, salary, privileges, and authority.

3Cs of employee engagement: Career, competence, and care ; 3 Best Ways | CIO Women Magazine

Employees are more likely to feel invested in their work when they have opportunities to develop emotionally and professionally in addition to financially. After a year on the job, most workers desire to advance their careers by either gaining more training or taking on more responsibility. The company’s priority here should be on assisting the worker in becoming more proficient in their field by acquiring new, applicable abilities.

When an employer takes an interest in a worker’s professional development, that worker will almost always contribute to the company’s success. An ancient adage states, 3Cs of employee engagement, “As the staff increases, so does the organization.” When we speak about growth it does not simply mean expansion in numbers but it covers much more than that. Acquiring new knowledge, abilities, responsibilities, and/or experience all count as growth.

3. Care

A “caring manager” is one of the most important factors in achieving high levels of employee engagement. A management should take the effort of understanding their staff beyond merely fulfilling deadlines. The Manager should strive in building a work-life balance among his team and promote an employee’s well-being and health.

3Cs of employee engagement: Career, competence, and care ; 3 Best Ways | CIO Women Magazine

3Cs of employee engagement, The manager is responsible for encouraging the group’s growth and development as a unit via activities including team building, team engagement, and team motivation. When a manager dedicates themselves to their team’s growth, they foster an exciting workplace where everyone is motivated to provide their best effort.

Managers’ ability to make their staff members feel like they are vital to the success of the company is often recognized as their greatest artistic achievement. Managers need to have compassion for their employees and an awareness of the challenges they face in their daily lives. Care and attention shown to workers on a daily basis may go a long way toward fostering a sense of community and loyalty.

Key Players in Enhancing Employee Engagement

1. Immediate Supervisors and Managers

Immediate supervisors and managers, who are located at the very base of the pyramid, are responsible for playing the most crucial role in elevating the levels of workers. 3Cs of employee engagement, They are able to readily determine their activities and figure out what will keep them engaged since they spend more time with them than the HR professionals and senior executives do. This allows them to compare their observations.

They are the ones who execute the process and determine the degree of satisfaction of their workforce. Although the directives originate either from top management or HRD, they are the ones who implement the process.

They may engage in conversation with workers and fill up scorecards with information such as the employees’ behaviors, the factors that inspire them, and their degree of happiness with their jobs. This is the first phase in the process, and it is also the one that is the most significant overall.

2. Human Resource Department

The Human Resource Department analyzes the data provided by the managers in order to get a sense of the general sentiment held by the workforce. 3Cs of employee engagement, They highlight the most frequent issues that lead to a reduction in employee engagement as well as the most common possibilities that might lead to an increase in employee engagement.

They investigate each and every case in great detail in order to find the weaknesses in the system and bring this information to the attention of upper management.

Senior Leadership or Top Management

They go over the complete report as well as the procedure that was established by the HRD or a management consulting business in order to increase the levels of employee engagement. 3Cs of employee engagement, They contribute to the process by determining which activities should be prioritized and by making expenditures.



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