7 Best Tech Gifts for Kids

7 Best Tech Gifts for Kids | CIO Women Magazine

Kids are born stars in today’s times when it comes to tech gadgets. Especially smartphones. They know how to operate them even before the parent gets a hang of it. We’re sure parents agree to it as they’re reading. So, coming to the point, tech gadgets are useful for kids too, in a sense. It depends on the parents what amount of exposure they give to the kids, in context to the tech gadgets.

But there are also some kid-friendly tech gadgets available in the market.  Often parents get confused about the type of gadgets to gift to their kids. Opting for entertaining ones or educational ones is the decision that they need to make. If you ask us, create a balance of both varieties. Or focus more on educational ones, but also keep room for entertaining ones. Kids are kids, after all! 

A smart way to introduce kids to all educational and productive aspects, give them a similar atmosphere. Tech gifts for kids are the best solution for it. You’ll have to hunt for it, you believe? Fret not. 

To share your burden, we’ve made a list of the best tech gadgets for kids. Here it goes;

1. Coding Kits and Robots: Building Future Innovators

7 Best Tech Gifts for Kids | CIO Women Magazine

Coding kits and programmable robots are excellent tech gifts for kids that promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills. These gifts offer kids the opportunity to explore the world of programming through hands-on activities, fostering creativity and igniting a passion for technology. As kids assemble and code their robots, they develop a deeper understanding of logic and sequencing while building the foundation for future innovation.

2. Educational Tablets: Learning at Their Fingertips

Educational tablets are designed to be both entertaining and educational, making them ideal tech gifts for kids. These devices offer a plethora of interactive educational apps and games that cater to various subjects and skills. From language development to math proficiency, educational tablets provide a versatile platform for kids to learn while having fun.

3. Interactive Science Kits: Unleashing Curiosity

Interactive science kits combine the wonder of hands-on experiments with tech-powered explanations. These kits allow kids to conduct experiments, observe reactions, and learn about scientific concepts in an engaging manner. With accompanying apps that provide detailed explanations and visualizations, these tech gifts spark curiosity and inspire a lifelong love for science. Science kits are the best tech gifts for kids to understand concepts and a fun way to learn. 

4. Art and Drawing Tablets: Nurturing Creativity

Art and drawing tablets are perfect tech gifts for kids who have a creative flair. These devices simulate the experience of drawing and painting while offering additional features such as undo/redo options and various brush styles. Art tablets encourage artistic expression, fine motor skill development, and the exploration of different mediums without the mess of traditional art supplies.

5. Building and Construction Sets: Crafting Motor Skills

Building and construction sets have come a long way with the integration of technology. These sets incorporate interactive components, such as sensors and motors, that enhance the building experience. Through assembling and operating these sets, kids improve their fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, and creativity while also gaining a basic understanding of engineering concepts.

Lego Construction Site (Skyscraper Building, Mobile Crane, Excavator)

6. Language Learning Apps: Unlocking Multilingual Potential

Language learning apps are tech gifts that open doors to a global perspective. These apps make learning new languages fun and engaging, using interactive games and activities to build vocabulary, pronunciation, and cultural awareness. For parents who value multilingualism, these tech gifts offer an accessible and efficient way to introduce languages early in a child’s development.

7. Augmented Reality (AR) Books and Toys: Enriching Learning Experiences

Augmented Reality (AR) books and toys seamlessly merge the physical and digital worlds. AR-enabled books come to life with interactive animations and information, providing an immersive learning experience. These tech gifts combine the tactile pleasure of reading with the engagement of technology, sparking curiosity and expanding kids’ knowledge in a captivating manner.

Advantages for Kids and Parents: Finding the Balance

Tech gifts for kids offer a myriad of advantages that extend beyond immediate entertainment:

7 Best Tech Gifts for Kids | CIO Women Magazine
  1. Make the learning play for them: 

Many of these gifts promote learning through play, making education an enjoyable and engaging experience for kids. 

  1. Cognitive Development: 

Tech gifts for kids have the properties to enhance cognitive skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity, contributing to well-rounded development.

  1. Take advantage of the kids mimicking you:

Educational tablets and language learning apps provide access to multimedia content that caters to various learning styles. Kids love to mimic adults, so while you work on your tab, allow the kid to entertain himself too, on an educational tablet. No harm in it, isn’t it?

  1. Work together to open the gift for the first time

Help the kids to tear up the wrapper of the gadget, then give them to explore it first. Educate them about how it is to be used. Assemble the toy set together if it is of that type. Exploring these tech gifts together fosters quality parent-child bonding and creates shared moments of growth.

Navigating Gadget Use: A Balancing Act

As parents, it’s essential to strike a balance between tech engagement and other activities. Here are some tips to consider:

  1. Set Limits

Establish clear guidelines for gadget use, specifying when and for how long kids can engage with tech gifts.

  1. Offer Alternatives

Encourage a variety of activities beyond tech engagement, such as outdoor play, reading, and creative projects.

  1. Engage Together

Explore tech gifts with your kids, participate in their learning experiences, and share in their enthusiasm.

  1. Open Dialogue

Maintain open communication about the benefits and potential drawbacks of tech use, ensuring your kids understand the reasons behind the guidelines. 

Dealing with Stubbornness: Nurturing Responsible Use

When kids resist adhering to screen time limits, it’s important to approach the situation with empathy and guidance:

7 Best Tech Gifts for Kids | CIO Women Magazine
  1. Take a step down to explain

Communicate the importance of balanced tech engagement and how it contributes to their overall well-being.

  1. Give Choices

Provide options for activities that don’t involve screens, allowing kids to feel empowered in their choices.

  1. Give surprises

Implement a reward system that acknowledges responsible gadget use and adherence to screen time limits.


Tech gifts for kids are a gateway to a world of learning, innovation, and personal growth. Kids need to be told what is good and what isn’t for them, especially for their cognitive development. With the right balance of engagement and guidance, these gifts can nurture cognitive development, improve motor skills, and ignite a passion for lifelong learning. Make sure they’re happy in their learning experience, in the midst of all the gadget buzz.

Do not force them to learn a particular gadget, try out a different one. These tech gifts for kids are to throw light on their knowledge-gaining capacity. By choosing tech gifts that align with educational and skill-building goals, parents can empower their children to embrace technology responsibly, laying the foundation for a bright and empowered future. Let the kids enjoy the process. 

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