7 Best women-led businesses in India to invest in

7 Best women-led businesses in India to invest in | CIO Women Magazine

Women’s leadership may be defined in a variety of ways, including the presence of a woman at the helm or in an organizational role behind the scenes.  According to the findings of a research conducted by BCG, Best women-led businesses in India to invest in, companies that were established by women bring in more than double the amount of income as those that were established by males.

A research that was published in the Harvard Business Review found that raising the percentage of women in leadership roles from 0 to 30% was connected with an improvement in profitability of 15%.

Here are 7 Best women-led businesses in India to invest in;

1. Hemalatha Annamalai – Founder & CEO of Ampere Electric Pvt. Ltd

Is One of the Best women-led businesses in India to invest in , She was successful in designing the first electric scooter from scratch after rigorous R&D, planning, and brainstorming. However, rather of focusing on large metropolitan locations throughout the nation, Hemalatha chose to provide her idea to clients in rural and semi-urban areas.

Her vision was supported by none other than Ratan Tata himself. Along with this Infosys co-founder, Kris Gopalakrishnan was a significant early investment in the firm.

The firm has sold over 20,000 automobiles and has the ability to produce 30,000 vehicles per year.

2. Falguni Nayar – Founder and CEO of Nykaa

Is the 2nd Best women-led businesses in India to invest in , After an impressive corporate career spanning two decades, she founded Nykaa at the age of 49. Falguni Nayar learnt the ins and outs of business and networking from a young age growing up in a commercial atmosphere fostered by her driven father. She began her second innings in 2012, after securing her professional career with Kotak Mahindra Group, by launching an e-commerce site offering women’s beauty items.

7 Best women-led businesses in India to invest in | CIO Women Magazine

Nykaa, which employs largely women, has progressively expanded its footprint not just as a major e-commerce platform, but also with 80+ physical outlets in 38 cities. It quickly reached another milestone, hosting 2000+ companies and developing in-house labels. Nykaa’s IPO was over 82.5 times oversubscribed, increasing its market worth to 1.05 lakh crore INR and making Nayar a self-made billionaire. This, she believes, would have been impossible without the unwavering support of her children, husband, and family.

3. Aditi Gupta – Menstrupedia Founder & Creator 

Is the 3rd Best women-led businesses in India to invest in , Aditi Gupta is passionate about removing the shame that is associated with menstruation and teaching young women about the science that behind it. This objective led to the creation of Menstrupedia, a well-known reference to comic books.

Since she was a little girl, Gupta has been forced to face the humiliation of having her periods brought up in conversation. She was aware that this is the reality that more than one hundred twenty teenage girls face on a daily basis throughout the country. As a direct consequence of this, she established Menstrupedia in 2012 together with her future husband and current business partner, Tuhin Paul.

4. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw – Founder of Biocon India

Is the 4th Best women-led businesses in India to invest in , She made a huge advance in her career in 1998 when she joined the pharmaceutical industry and began producing medications such as monoclonal antibodies, statins, immunosuppressants, and immunosuppressant medicines. In the end, Mazumdar-Shaw was able to expand her business not just in terms of the products it produced but also in terms of its ability to produce those goods.

7 Best women-led businesses in India to invest in | CIO Women Magazine

The initial public offering (IPO) that Biocon had in 2004 was so successful that it was oversubscribed 33 times. With a market value of $1.11 billion, Biocon became the second Indian company to break the $1 billion barrier on the very first day of trading.

5. Vani Kola – Founder of Kalaari Capital

Is the 5th Best women-led businesses in India to invest in , Vani began to see signals of exciting start-ups that might change the future and help her develop exceptional assets after doing comprehensive market research. The next year, she co-founded Indo-US Venture Partners (IUVP) with another Silicon Valley entrepreneur Vinod Dham, in collaboration with New Enterprise Associates (NEA).

She chose to go solo after four years of business and relaunched the company as Kalaari Capital. Under Vani’s guidance, the business now has over 200 assets and a total capital raised of USD 740 million.

She is renowned as the ‘Mother of Venture Capitalism in India,’ having been named one of India’s ‘Most Powerful Women in Business’ by both Forbes and Fortune publications.

6. Radhika Ghai – Co-Founder of Shopclues

Is the 6th Best women-led businesses in India to invest in , Radhika and Sanjay Sethi founded Shopclues as a platform that connects customers and merchants with very less funding compared to her rivals. Within five years, it had grown to become a unicorn with a value of US$1.1 billion. In 2019, it was purchased by Qoo10, a Singapore-based e-commerce platform.

Radhika is the Founder and CEO of Kindlife, a new age beauty and wellness marketplace with over 150 selected companies in beauty, nutrition, and home care.

7. Suchi Mukherjee – Founder and CEO of Limeroad

Is the 7th Best women-led businesses in India to invest in , While expecting her second child in London, Suchi Mukherjee had the idea for a social fashion shopping network. Soon after his birth, she returned to India on her own in 2011 to pursue her business dream. Suchi founded Limeroad in 2012 with her partners, Prashant Malik and Ankush Mehra, after raising an initial capital of $5 million.

7 Best women-led businesses in India to invest in | CIO Women Magazine

It now has a total worth of USD 51.9 million and a community of over 50,000 women who create their own mix-and-match patterns based on goods from the platform’s catalog.



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