AI Tools You Can Begin Using Today for Business

5 Best AI tools for business That You Can Begin Using Today | CIO Women Magazine

AI tools for business are everywhere these days. More than just ChatGPT, AI can assist with reports and company emails and even create artwork for your business. In the short term, AI can save you a lot of time. But it can also help you save a lot of money as you use it for various things.

Explore AI tools for business to boost efficiency;

1. Customer Support Tools

One of the greatest uses for AI is in customer support from a business perspective. Tools like ChatBots have been around for a while now, and some of the best are almost indistinguishable from humans. But what are the best ChatBots your business can use? In 2023 these include Click4Assistance, HubSpot ChatBot builder, and Drift. Other AI customer support tools include face and voice recognition, virtual assistance, and even real-time customer engagement.

2. Writing Reports and Emails

5 Best AI tools for business That You Can Begin Using Today | CIO Women Magazine

Generative AI, like ChatGPT, is excellent at providing written responses to queries. However, these can be generic and inaccurate. However, popular tools such as Grammarly and Google Mail have reworked AI tools into their platforms. You can ask for real-time suggestions to change the tone, style, and conciseness of reports and emails as you write them. These can obviously save time. They can also ensure your communications are tailored for the recipient.

3. AI Tools for Employee Productivity

Most workplaces consider AI as a means to help employees. Automation is a key part of workplace AI across all sectors. But even with tasks that can’t be automated, AI is being used for training, advice, and guidance and keeping staff on task. Additionally, AI can help employees learn while on the job. For example, it has been noted that employees are getting better at spelling and grammar thanks to AI tools for business pointing out their mistakes in company reports.

4. Creative Assistance

5 Best AI tools for business That You Can Begin Using Today | CIO Women Magazine

There was a long misconception that AI cannot create. But that is now being tested to the limit because AI can indeed be very creative. And you can use this to assist your employees. For example, art and media AI tools such as FlexClip can help your staff put together impressive videos and clips in minimal time. And you can save money using text-to-speech tools that sound almost human. Further, tools like ChatGPT can suggest slogans and taglines for products.

5. QA and Logistics

5 Best AI tools for business That You Can Begin Using Today | CIO Women Magazine

Accuracy is key for quality control, but it must also be balanced against speed. Too slow, and you can’t produce your products. Top fast and safety issues will be missed. AI, however, can perform QA tasks much faster and better than a human. AI, like Machine Vision, has been used for a while in manufacturing, industry, and retail. Today, new AI tools for business have built upon decades of tech for faster and deeper-learning machine vision enhancements for modern audiences.


ChatBots are a great example of modern AI tools for business. But there is more to AI than that. For your business, AI can help with staff tasks and even improve QA controls and logistic roles. And more recent tools are even being used for creative purposes, such as text and artwork.



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