Amazon launches Bedrock, a generative A.I. toolkit for text and images

Amazon launches Bedrock a generative A.I. toolkit for text and images | CIO Women Magazine

Amazon launches Bedrock isn’t swaying away from the generative AI race. The company has introduced its New API for Amazon web services (AWS), Bedrock, which lets developers use and customize the text and image-generating AI tools.

Customization and more

Bedrock enables AWS customers to write, build chatbots, summarize text, classify images, and more depending on the text prompt it receives. Users get a choice of Amazon’s titan foundation model (FM) and several other models of the startup. This includes Anthropic’s Claude —A Google-backed AI Assistant formed by ex-OpenAI employees, AI21’s Jurassic — an advanced language model, and stable diffusion—a popular open-source image generator.

According to Amazon, Bedrock doesn’t use the inputs it receives to train itself, this separates it from many rival Ai models while also theoretically addressing the privacy concerns for businesses entering sensitive data.

Additionally, Amazon aims to offer customers flexibility with its range of AI models. Amazon launches Bedrock offers a quick, server-less experience where you can privately customize foundation models with your own data, and easily integrate and deploy them into the desired applications using the AWS tools without the hassle of managing infrastructure.

Training worth billions of dollars

Amazon’s CEO, Andy Jassy said to CNBC— “Most companies want to use these large language models but the really good ones take billions of dollars to train and many years and most companies don’t want to go through that, so what they want to do is they want to work off of a foundational model that’s big and great already and then have the ability to customize it for their own purposes. And that’s what Bedrock is.”

Amazon launches Bedrock is currently a limited preview, and because of that Amazon hasn’t disclosed the cost of the service. According to a spokesperson, customers can add themselves to a waiting list. In contrast, Microsoft and OpenAI have already announced the process for using the GPT-4, with prices starting at a few cents per 1000 tokens and one token being equal to four English text characters.

The generative AI race

Amazon has worked in the AI space for over two decades, and with ChatGPT gaining massive popularity, Amazon also wants to make its presence known in the generative AI world. According to Amazon,, Accenture, Deloitte, and Pegasystems are some of the first businesses wanting to try Bedrock.

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