Why do Americans want to delete Instagram from their Phones?

Why do Americans want to delete Instagram from their Phones? | CIO Women Magazine

You must have raised your eyebrows after reading the title. I know most of you wouldn’t believe this, but it’s a fact. According to a recent analysis by the cybersecurity website VPNOverview, more than 900,000 people searched “how to deactivate or delete Instagram”. While this is a strange fact, it is equally alarming for a popular platform like Instagram. In this blog, we will shed light upon some probable reasons why Americans want to delete Instagram.

But before moving forward with the reasons, let’s first go through the analysis.

Analysis by VPNOverview

VPNOverview is a platform offering informative articles and reports on VPN Usage, cybersecurity, online privacy, anonymous internet, etc. It has recently analyzed internet search trends for the 30 most popular apps to find out which apps people were most interested in uninstalling.

To everyone’s surprise, the results showed that people want to delete Instagram. Following Instagram, Facebook was in second position with 385,410 searches. The difference between searches for Instagram and Facebook is notable. The two popular apps were followed by another two—Snapchat and Twitter—that had 217,400 and 92,490 searches respectively. Surprisingly, TikTok had only 14,120 searches.

Despite the increasing number of people wanting to delete Instagram, its popularity has not been affected. According to reports, it still managed to rank second in the list of the most popular apps in 2023 (both globally and in the USA).

What are the Reasons behind this?

Besides the latest research, there are many statistics backing the claim that people want to delete their Instagram accounts. According to September 2022 reports by Wall Street Journal, Instagram engagement is declining as the popular app tries to compete with the likes of TikTok. Another statistic says that only 10 percent of the popular in 2023 creators use Instagram as a main platform.

Why do Americans want to delete Instagram from their Phones? | CIO Women Magazine

Adding to the woes, Facebook’s own research states that Instagram is a toxic platform for teenage girls. Meanwhile, another study found that excessive use of Instagram leads to social anxiety, self-esteem issues, body image concerns, as well as other health issues across different age groups.

While using Instagram is an integral part of the daily routine for most teenagers today, recent findings are showing that people are getting more aware of the disadvantages of overusing the app, and hence are looking to disconnect from it.



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