Ángela Álvarez– Revamping the FinTech industry

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Ladies are surprising the business world. In this release of CIO Women, Enterprising Inspiring Stories of Women Entrepreneurs, we praise probably the most unique and visionary ladies business people of 2021.

At the center of attention is the story and company of Ángela Álvarez. She is the Founder and CEO of Aglaia Capital.

Aglaia Capital was established with major areas of strength and concentration to upset conventional Corporate Finance. The organization likewise works in redoing and offering unparalleled types of assistance for conditional innovation for the monetary business with blockchain.

The organization has been advancing and developing since its origin under the excellent authority of Ángela Álvarez. She is perhaps the most encouraging and unavoidable name in the business, known for her unyielding administration and unparalleled skill.

Ángela isn’t just a genuine pioneer and business visionary profoundly yet is additionally a motivation for growing business visionaries the same.

What roused Ángela, and how Aglaia Capital was found?

Aglaia Capital was established with major areas of strength for a – To add to tackling a portion of the issues tracked down in the business and Ángela’s expert process. She decided to make something that will have an effect on making a superior world.

Her desire is to engrave a dream and a customized way to deal with the arrangements on the enterprises she has worked in as well as join the discipline, information on venture saving money with advancements, for example, blockchain.

Ángela wished to foster a stage with blockchain for making a more effective and versatile business of giving financing, making ventures, and engraving a redid and unique methodology on the most customary arrangements.

Likewise, Aglaia Capital and her group needed to have an effect on the world, as the approach to carrying on with work around values additionally comprises their embodiment, like development, maintainability, honesty, variety, and effect on make a superior world.

Ángela has faith in a fair code of the approach to carrying on with work where morals and equilibrium among the gatherings will be available through a straightforward and trustful approach to continue, and she needed to communicate those qualities through her organization too.

Luck, energy, and vision have been likewise consistent in my expert and crucial way as well as confusing reasoning, and certain individuals that I have found along my way have gotten me a way or another where I am currently.

Ángela Álvarez

What Aglaia Capital offers, and how the organization is a class separated?

Aglaia Capital was brought into the world with a solid spotlight on conventional Corporate Finance, and on value-based innovation for the monetary business with blockchain, and both have been developing since initiation.

Aglaia Capital has two primary regions. One is centered around warning Corporate Finance, M&A, and Private Equity, zeroed in on chosen specialty assets and financial backers, off-market bargains, primarily in Spain and Europe, specifically in different geologies, and work in Financing structures, Hotels, and Real Estate. Supporting designs for Real Estate and Corporates, as well as off-market arrangements of lodgings, Real Estate, and Distressed Assets, have been their center, which they are ceaselessly adjusting as per the circumstances.

Conventional Corporate Finance, they are typically centered around a specialty base, with financial backers and off-market venture open doors. Their recommendation is customized, and free, and they as a rule break down the open doors with a focal point of financial backers and know well the biological system of financial backers and supporting suppliers, and what they are keen on.

The subsequent region is centered around Fintech, Blockchain, and Digital Assets. They are insiders in the Tech and in the Financial Industry which significantly impacts augmenting their worth. On Digital resources, they give warning on the token producing occasions, covering additionally the lawful and specialized region through our associated groups.

They are likewise a Fintech organization, tending to the entire pattern of the employable with computerized resources. They are going to send off our Permissioned Platform for tokenization, in view of decentralized finance Aglaia Capital Defi Platform, which permits to get subsidizing and contribute effectively, while partaking in the new monetary framework, mostly centered around the digitalization of protections, sent in the Ethereum Blockchain.

This Platform for tokenization is the consequence of the development of the customary Corporate Finance and confidential capital business sector organizations joined with blockchain, as a method for tackling a portion of the issues looked at by the business.

Group of Aglaia Capital

They are glad for being centered around innovation without losing mankind, and trustworthiness. Ángela has faith in variety, as an upper hand in this perplexing world, and in fostering the limits and the regular exceptional characteristics of the group, as a method for adding to the rest, as well as on state codes in view of agreement and better practices.

Advancement and Creativity are the embodiment of Aglaia Capital and its the regular fuel for its proceeding with improvement. The vast majority of the Corporate Finance bargains, and specifically, computerized resources and Token producing occasions projects, as well as the making of the Tokens, require a decent portion of both in each individual from the group.

The CEO of Aglaia Capital

Ángela Álvarez is the Founder and CEO of Aglaia Capital. She has fostered her expert vocation in leading leader worldwide positions, and Boards in huge substances and worldwide banks, in Corporate Finance, Mergers, and Acquisitions (M&A), Investment Banking, primarily centering in the Financial, Real Estate, Hotels, Restructuring, and Alternative Financing areas, as well as in Fintech Blockchain that pulled in her premium a long time back as a method for tackling the greater part of the issues that tracked down in her industry.

She established her organization Aglaia Capital to engrave her vision on her industry and join customary Corporate Finance with Blockchain. She likewise established Aglaia Capital Defi Platform, a Permissioned Blockchain Platform conveyed in the Ethereum Blockchain, with a specific spotlight on tokenizations of protections, and computerized resources, which finishes the contribution of another age of Corporate Finance, Alternative Investments, and Private Capital Markets. She has a partner organization, a Private Office, and a Corporate Finance shop in London.

She is a functioning speaker at Economic Forums, dynamic in the worldwide M&A, Fintech, and Blockchain space, energetic about decentralized advances and collaboration plans of action, and Featured as a Top Fintech Influencer, Top Women Leaders, Top CEOs, and Elite class of creative business people, among others, as well as being granted and her organization with a few developments and other greatness grants since its beginning.

“Be the change that you wish to find on the planet”



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