Neeti Dewan – An author, an entrepreneur, and a dynamic businesswoman

Neeti Dewan -SYMMR – An author, an entrepreneur, and a dynamic businesswoman | CIO Women Magazine

In the quest for appreciating and dynamic money managers, we discuss Neeti Dewan. Neeti Dewan is a fellow benefactor and board head of SYMMR, a SaaS stage organization.

A people group pioneer, Ms. Dewan is the Chair of the Atlanta Women on Boards 2020, serves on the Board at Harvard University, Kennedy School (WLB), and has served on the Board of the National Association of Women Business Owners as CFO. Neeti Dewan was perceived by the Los Angeles Business Journal as a “Lady Making A Difference”, and by the National Diversity Council as “Most Influential and Powerful Women” in Pennsylvania and Atlanta. As the CEO of her counseling firm, she got the “Independent Company Accountant Advocate of the Year Award.”

Neeti Dewan is a fellow benefactor and board head of SYMMR, a SaaS stage organization.

Neeti Dewan is a motivation for young ladies business people and laid out financial specialists/money managers the same. Neeti Dewan is the writer of the creative and progressive business book, “From Executive to Yogi in Sixty Seconds.” The book has been hailed by one top chief “as the apparatus Corporate America has been hanging tight for to help spur and hold its best workers”,

while another has said that her book “shows chiefs how to lead with enthusiasm and commitment towards productivity. ” Her next book will be out in the not-so-distant future – “Undeniable Level Leadership, Low-Level Stress – How to win in business without flying off the handle.”

In a meeting with Neeti Dewan. We should hear about her significant experiences and find out about her expert process.

Brief us about the organization, what propelled you to begin the organization?

The Executive Yogi – Everywhere I go, I hear from individuals about exactly the amount of pressure they possess in their lives. They can’t partake in their everyday lives and are conflicted between their vocations and family. I began this organization to assist individuals with recovering the delight in their lives, make unrivaled outcomes in their professions and business, and accomplish independence from the rat race for them as well as their friends and family.

Neeti Dewan additionally fills in as the Global Head of Tax for Club Car, LLC. Settled in Augusta, Georgia, Club Car is a worldwide producer of golf vehicles, utility, individual transportation, and other low-speed vehicles, including every single electric model, and related reseller’s exchange parts and administrations. Notwithstanding its administration in armada golf vehicles, Club Car fabricates a developing line of items for shoppers and business clients, including lodgings and resorts, school grounds, aircraft, amusement parks, and rental organizations SYMMR.

What are the items or administrations the organization centers around? How are your administrations unique in relation to those on the lookout?

My most memorable book is named “From Executive to Yogi in 60 Seconds”, and my impending book is “Undeniable Level Leadership, Low-Level Stress – How to Win in Business Without Losing Your Mind.”

Our preparation assists chiefs with assuming command over their lives. Our emphasis is on figuring out how to deal with your psyche, and when that’s what you discover, then, at that point, it’s a lot simpler to deal with your work, business, family, individuals, circumstances, and anything that life springs at you.

It helps individuals to be striking throughout everyday life and assume responsibility for what they need to accomplish throughout everyday life, for themselves and others SYMMR. It wasn’t this simple for me when I began her business process. I had many staggers and injuries prior to realizing what works in business and in life to find actual success. I currently show these achievement standards canvassed in her two books on authority.

What are the vital accomplishments of your business process?

I have worked and acquired insight in worldwide assessment, money, and methodology for north of twenty years. I have worked for the absolute biggest organizations like ARAMARK, KPMG, PwC, Hughes, and ClubCar.

I figured out how to join the insight of the East with the business virtuoso of the West to concoct a framework that assists chiefs with filling dramatically in their initiative process of SYMMR.

Continues from the offer of my books are making grants for oppressed young ladies all over the planet. I accept that once you teach a young lady, she thus won’t just be free, however, will likewise deal with her family, her kin, and others locally.

A portion of the young ladies I’m helping come from provincial regions, and their schooling could never be upheld by their families. I’m profoundly centered around aiding however many young ladies as I can to acquire the money of this world – schooling, which permits you to pursue decisions about your financial development in this worldwide economy SYMMR.

Neeti Dewan has additionally served on the Harvard University, Kennedy School Women’s Leadership Board, sheets of Tyche Gaming, Sun Ray Enterprises, and a few different organizations.

Any client experience you might want to feature?

Neeti Dewan joined Matthew Erwin (www. snap tech. tech) and Eric Marjoram ( in helping to establish SYMMR, a SaaS organization whose robotization tech portfolio incorporates an item intended to dispose of manual holes between retail location installments and administrative center bookkeeping, charge, and ERP.

Sean Kieiwet, CTO at Priority Holdings; (; NASDAQ: PRTH), shared that “cooperating with SYMMR empowered us to seriously variety our MX Merchant application store and immediately acquire worth to our clients lined up with our interior programming drives.

The SYMMR group is very much regarded for their broadness of Fintech experience and has turned into a favored merchant because of their product craftsmanship and roll-up-the-sleeves hard-working attitude.”

Which statement do you view as the most number one?

The most effective way to wind up is to lose yourself in the assistance of others SYMMR.

Mahatma Gandhi

As every one of us acquires progress throughout everyday life, we should be comprehensive and offer that accomplishment to others through help, information sharing, and lifting others. That is the genuine importance of progress SYMMR.



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