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The Real Estate business is one of the most lucrative industries out there. It is like a shark in the ocean. Its gigantic nature, growth graph, high returns, and influential contacts have been the biggest key drives for individuals to hop into its market. Like every other industry that has its upsides and downsides, the real estate industry is no different. The catch here is to find the right opportunity and grab it within a blink of an eye.

Real Estate professionals work from dawn to dusk to mark their presence in the market. They have to build an excellent portfolio, develop partnerships, be nimble with approach, study and analyze the market regularly, and overall learn to manage not just as an operating necessity but as a strategic resource.

All in all, the quote “With great power, comes great responsibilities” defines the truth of real estate leadership.

Introducing to you, one such leader, Anne Gain who has stood the test of time, innovated as well as managed solutions, and has secured the highest stature in the real estate industry.

Take a step closer to knowing more about her journey, background, experience, inspiration, and much more.

A Sneak Peek into Education and Background

With a strong educational background in marketing and public relations, Anne Gain recognized that the real estate industry would be an ideal match for her skill set. Additionally, her mother served as a motivating factor in her decision to pursue real estate, having been an agent for over 35 years. 

Anne Gain then attended Western Michigan University, graduating with a degree in public relations and marketing/journalism. Subsequently, Anne joined Stryker Corp. in their marketing department, where she stayed involved for many years.

Anne Gain’s Initial Journey

In her early years in the real estate industry, Anne Gain was surrounded by some of the best mentors and colleagues, providing her with invaluable knowledge. Anne Gain believes that, rather than viewing the ever-changing environment of real estate as a hindrance, it can be embraced as an opportunity with an open mind and the right skill set. 

A person’s professional prospects can then be seen to steadily improve with such an attitude.

The Role and Responsibilities at @properties

@properties/Christies International was founded in 2000. 

Anne Gain is a highly accomplished Real Estate Broker Associate, a Graduate of the Realtor Institute (GRI) and an Accredited Buyer’s Agent (ABR) at @properties. The ABR certification is held by only 2% of Realtors nationwide and this speaks volumes to her expertise in the field. 

She is an exemplary professional with superior business acumen and impressive interpersonal capabilities. Her articulate communication style makes her a pleasure to work with. With over 28 years of experience, Anne joined @properties in 2013 when they expanded to Michigan.

Today, Anne stands as a prominent figure in the Southwest Michigan Real Estate Industry. She has extensive knowledge of executive homes, relocation, new construction, and Lake Michigan properties. 

Before joining @properties, Anne Gain held several roles throughout her lengthy career. Her extensive experience of over two decades has enabled her to develop and maintain an outstanding relationship with some of the region’s leading employers including, Whirlpool Corporation, and Corewell Beaumont/Spectrum Health (formally Lakeland Health) relocation departments while increasing sales volume.

@properties/Christies International

Real Estate has always been a vanguard in terms of technology, marketing, and advertising, one of the many reasons Anne is thoroughly dedicated to her role. Anne Gain is highly motivated and determined to expand her expertise as well as grow her business, with the same ambition as @properties/Christie’s. 

Making the leap to @properties has proven to be the most impactful decision for her professional career, and she has no regrets. @properties is an authority in the field, and the integration of Christie’s International now allows them to reach a global scale. 

The owners of @properties/Christie’s are extremely innovative, positive, and growth-centered individuals. The company’s “Love” logo was custom designed for @properties/Christie’s and serves as a wonderful motto to live by. 

“We all like to live by that – we need more love in the world.”

Anne Gain has never regressed since making the wise decision of joining @properties. Being a leader in the industry, their acquisition of Christie’s International has allowed them to expand their reach internationally, thus creating an impressive presence in the market.

Anne has remained steadfast in her decision to join @properties, which is a leader in the industry, and with the acquisition of Christie’s International, its global presence has allowed for a greater foothold in the market.

A Brief History of Anne’s Career

Anne Gain has consistently demonstrated an unsurpassed level of professionalism in each of her real estate transactions, making her one of the most sought-after professionals in the industry. Her attention to her customers’ needs, wants and objectives, shows her dedication to making sure each deal closes. Her commitment to excellence has been rewarded with the highly coveted Diamond Award, a symbol of achievement and assurance for buyers and sellers that Anne possesses the necessary skill set, market expertise, and knowledge.

Anne Gain is an accomplished real estate professional, actively engaging in various organizations, committees, and boards pertinent to the Southwest Board of Realtors. She demonstrates her dedication to the local community through her involvement in civic and school functions, charity work, and fundraising events. Additionally, Anne Gain demonstrates her proficiency in the field of real estate with her focus on meeting the needs of her clients while implementing a creative approach to buying and selling.

The Master of the Trade

Anne’s expertise is found in understanding the nuances that go into finding the perfect home. She can walk clients through the intricacies of contract negotiations easily and thoroughly. Her knowledge of individual neighborhoods, markets, and value trends ensures that buyers make smart investments. Her network of contacts helps keep the transaction moving smoothly.

This exceptional skill set also compliments her outstanding marketing skills when representing clients as their listing agents. She has worked hard to keep her knowledge and strategies on the cutting edge; listing across multiple platforms, including the internet, direct mail, newspaper, magazine, and word of mouth. She always makes sure to walk the extra mile to stay at the top of her game.

The Importance of Education

“A solid education is a must for anyone looking to succeed in today’s world.”

“The world has so many opportunities to learn at our fingertips, whether it’s a trade school, internships, local colleges, or universities. This era and age are golden in every sense, we are so fortunate to have these opportunities.”, says Anne Gain 

Anne Gain has always tried to continue her education and stay up-to-date, informed, and on top of her goals.

On the Path of Staying Patient

Anne Gain has had Type 1 diabetes for over four decades, which she believes has enabled her to develop better discipline, patience, and an understanding of the perspectives of others. These qualities have proven to be invaluable in a variety of fields.

Tackling Challenges Head-on

Starting any sales position has its challenges, mostly “where will my business come from?”

Currently, Anne Gain is one of the top agents in Southwest Michigan with annual sales of over 30M. Being at the top, she has always set high goals for herself and those who work for her.

Continuing to reach her expectations has, in turn, motivated those who work for her.

“Marketing yourself in today’s world holds many challenges but @properties/Christies continues to give me the necessary tools and guidance to do so while guiding me in my growth as an individual”, states Anne. 

The Achievement Corner

Working for 28+ years in the real estate industry, Anne Gain has won many recognitions and awards for her performance, perseverance, and passion.

When asked, if there is a book to be written on her life, and what will it be named, she stated, “A book would not be long enough for my life story. It would be better served as a Netflix Mini-Series.”

Key Pieces of Advice 

Always remain constant with your level of integrity and discipline. Don’t be afraid to ask others for guidance and always stay involved with your local Board and community.

“I feel most of us can look back and say we could have done something different, etc. but that most certainly doesn’t change where we are today. If I had one piece of advice I’d say, seize the moment and live for TODAY.”

Anne’s mother always said, “Don’t ever look down on anyone unless you are helping them up” and she tries to live by these words both personally and professionally.

The Crucial Times of the Pandemic

The pandemic brought so many changes and challenges for everyone. It was an extremely busy time for home sales as most have reported. Many buyers and sellers realized they can be productive working from home and this brought many clients from Chicagoland to the Michigan area.

The increase in sales, coupled with lower interest rates made for a tremendous couple of years. The market is currently simmering but still highly active.

She is fully committed to the community’s lifestyle. Over the years, she has made the best use of her resources and provided for various social and civic organizations as a member.

Anne’s focus on her client’s needs, along with her forward-thinking approach to buying and selling, truly make her a multi-faceted real estate professional.

“I’d love to be more involved with teaching and training agents as they enter the world of real estate. I love to share my experiences and help others.”, says Anne. 

The Art of Giving Back

  “Philanthropy is a cornerstone for my success and I truly believe if you give of yourself it will come back to you,” concludes Anne. 

Keep Growing: The Mantra

As an independent contractor, growth is individual. You only get out what you put in. Anne Gain has managed to excel in this profession and hopes to continue her growth and sales moving forward.



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