10 Best Apps for Freelancers to Start their Journey

10 Best Apps for Freelancers to Start their Journey | CIO Women Magazine


Freelancing is a dream many people want to achieve. The 9 to 5 routine is not suitable for everyone. The entrepreneurship spirit keeps on igniting in them, to push them to their freelancing journey. As freelancing is the buzz all around these days, a lot of apps for freelancers are available. It is a challenging job as you have to manage all things on your own, and nobody is there to guide you, unlike a job. The tools available allow people of various interests and backgrounds to come together in a virtual space and choose their work. 

Some apps provide a specific type of work in bulk for freelancers who specialize in a particular field. These apps for freelancers are a huge savior as they can work from the comfort of their homes and do the work by not being time-bound. According to your skills, experience, and work experience, you can choose from some apps that you would like to use as a freelancer and get work. 

Listing down the 10 best apps for freelancers to start their journey;

1. Upwork 

10 Best Apps for Freelancers to Start their Journey | CIO Women Magazine

Considered one of the best apps for freelancers, Upwork, began almost 2 decades ago. By groundbreaking a comfortable method of working, helping businesses find the right talent online, and bringing the talent’ also closer to those fetching them, UpWork has created the necessary buzz in the freelancing industry. 

2. Slack

Slack is an instant messaging platform owned by the giant company Salesforce. You can find the right people, communicate in s single click with them, and the rest is handled by their highly automated processes. It allows you to make a group of required persons, gives you a whiteboard option during the meeting to explain clearly, allows you to share clips of videos and send messages, of course to people in the meeting are some of the highlighted features that make it one of the best apps for freelancers to use.  

3. Calendly

Calendly is basically an app for users to schedule meetings, appointments, and events. Its goal is to eliminate the back-and-forth via email communication. To fix a meeting or schedule a client call, you can make use of this by setting the available or suitable times for you and sending the link to the client even if he is not using calendly. The people can select one slot from it and confirm the time of the meeting. 

4. Grammarly

10 Best Apps for Freelancers to Start their Journey | CIO Women Magazine

In freelancing, you need to do a lot of typing via sending emails, writing blogs, writing scripts, or social media copies. In the midst of all, committing grammatical errors is common for any human being. Nobody is perfect in Grammar. So, to avoid those mistakes, Grammarly as a tool is of immense help and saves us from being seen as grammar dumb. 

5. Loomly

This is a social media management platform and is one of the best apps for freelancers. Via this app, you can get the best social media ideas that are trending, customized ideas for posts, hashtag manager, Giphy images, and much more. The app allows you to professionally formulate posts like a master. 

6. Dropbox

In the list of apps for freelancers, dropbox allows you to cloud store your data. In fact, it allows you to do more than store the data. You can protect your data, backup the data, store any type of file or folder, access the files and folders from multiple devices and enjoy the required data storage space too. 

7. Trello

As visual elements are gaining importance, Trello allows you and your users to manage any type of project, tracking tasks and workflow. Add files, checklists, or even automation via the app. Managing the work at hand is the main agenda of this app, which makes it one of the most popular apps for freelancers. 

8. Figma

10 Best Apps for Freelancers to Start their Journey | CIO Women Magazine

Considered one of the best design tools available in the market, Figma is used to design interface tools and is multi-purpose for designers. It can be used to design website pages and apps along with landing pages and more. They also offer free templates to make things easier for you. You can also collaborate with other apps simultaneously, which makes the process easier. 

9. PayPal

PayPal is one of the best apps for freelancers to receive and give payments. It is a middleman between your bank and merchants to keep your payment information secure. It is easy to send money to friends and family and to receive money from others as well. PayPal has a credit feature that acts as a virtual credit card. It is only useful for websites that accept payment via PayPal. 

10. Ahrefs

In the digital marketing space, one of the apps for freelancers is Ahrefs. It helps to know the website’s authority, keyword ranking, and how SEO-rich the website is. Many people use Ahrefs to find keywords that have performed well. Ahrefs is used to conduct keyword research on Google, Amazon, and YouTube. 


In the freelancing space, the mentioned apps play an important role. These apps though allow use in a specific vicinity, they are multi-purpose in their respective activities. In freelancing, finding new work every time can be a task, that is simplified by UpWork, payment issues are resolved by PayPal, and made sure the transactions are safe and secure. To improve your work and sharpen your skills, you need to use such tools in order to show professionalism and authority about the work. Make profiles on such apps for freelancers and use them as a side hustle too. It also helps us earn some extra income.  



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