5 Genuine Apps to Make Money Online

5 Genuine Apps to Make Money Online | CIO Women Magazine

The methods of earning money have been evolving over the last two decades. Since the embrace of the internet, the way people interact, communicate, and function in daily lives and how they make money online is a major transformation we’ve got to witness. Some apps allow you to make money online as an extra source of income or full-time work. Substantial money-making apps are available around the world, for people who want to work in their respective fields via online gigs, buying and selling products or services, or something similar. 

The global market is so large out there, you can do almost everything online, sitting in the comfort of your home. Apps are the ones that save you from going out and facing the world. The internet is also a world in itself, that allows you to interact with the outer world when it comes to making money online.     

We bring you a list of 5 genuine apps to make money online;

1. OfferUp

5 Genuine Apps to Make Money Online | CIO Women Magazine

OfferUp allows you to sell old or new goods online by listing them on the website. This is a marketplace that allows the user to upload the image in a simple manner, set a firm price (non-negotiable), get payments in cash for local deals, and allow communication via messaging in the app directly. This helps the seller and buyer to interact in a proper and hassle-free manner. As the method of listing products is symmetrical, it is recognized as the most favorable money-making app for selling and buying goods online. It provides ease with no complexities involved in the dealings, so the app is a hit among users. 

2. Upwork

The Freelancer-focused app, allows you to make money online by taking small gigs via contacting the hiring people listed on the website. The work expected and the rate they offer is listed on the website. You can contact them or show interest in the listed work if you have the talent. A lot of options according to your work domain are listed on Upwork. You can choose according to your specialized skill and take up the gig. The excellent features it offers for building the profile and the variety of work it offers are too overwhelming. With not much focus on your work, Upwork allows you to make a profile and start receiving gigs in the initial days. 

3. Rakuten

To make money online, you need to spend money sometimes, yes it’s correct! To get cashback, or to fetch referral incentives you need to buy or refer the purchasing platform to a friend. The process is too easy of getting cashback at the time of initial signups. It was previously known as Ebates.

5 Genuine Apps to Make Money Online | CIO Women Magazine

Being considered one of the best apps to make money online, it offers 40% cashback deals from thousands of retailers. As mentioned, while doing the same, it gives the option of extensive cashback and referral incentives in order to increase customer retention rate. Post signing up, you can refer to thousands of cashback offers from a huge number of retailers present online, and shop from them. 

4. Survey Junkie

As the name itself suggests, it is a surveying app where topics like demographic issues, are addressed while they provide immediate payment, or gift cards via PayPal. To make online on this app, you need to complete the given survey for market research companies, they offer some points in exchange, which are instantly redeemed as gift cards or transferred into a PayPal account as cash benefits.

In the surveying space, survey junkie is one of the best apps to make money online. While creating the profile, you need to answer certain questions, in order to get the surveys according to your liking and interests. Each survey you complete gives you points in order to receive the points as gift cards or cash. 

5. Uber

One of the most recognized apps for car owners, Uber allows you to work flexibly and make money online. You need to deliver the customer products or drop passengers to their destination, via a driver’s app. You can accept or reject the work whenever you want according to your capability and convenience of work. You can earn up to 5x a day by making 10$ to 20$ an hour, keeping expenses separate. You need to meet some local requirements of the U.S. that are nominal requirements like age limit, driving experience according to age, etc. 

Benefits of making money online;

  1. Variety of opportunities

To make money online, the internet is filled with opportunities. Only the thing is, you must know how and which opportunity to grab as yours. You can take work as a freelancer and upskill yourself, buy and sell products or services online, and purchase products to enjoy cashback and give referrals while you enjoy the cash inflow. 

  1. Flexibility
5 Genuine Apps to Make Money Online | CIO Women Magazine

Working at your own speed and time favourability is the best thing you can do when you want to make money online. Normal work hours are of no concern to you, only the thing is you need to meet a particular deadline. The workload and time of work are for you to decide. 

  1. Lesser barriers

It is easier to enter the market without any restrictions as you want to make money online. The entry isn’t tedious at all, unlike traditional methods. The offline market throws a lot of challenges for you in order to keep up. This is the biggest advantage of taking work online. You can personally contact your potential client and interact with him without anybody noticing the same. 


From freelancing to shopping, to driving and the list is endless. To make money online, these are some of the apps that offer you a variety of options to choose from. If possible, you can choose one or more of these options to earn extra cash, as all the stuff is done online. The internet has made life simpler in such aspects. It has opened new avenues for people in order to make money and survive. Imagine if the internet wouldn’t be in existence.

What a world it would be. Oh God! We can’t even imagine. The technology sector would have not been there if the internet wasn’t discovered. If that would be the case, how would making money online be possible? We couldn’t write this article and you wouldn’t be able to read this article too if the internet weren’t there. So, the point is, to make money online, these are some easy-peasy options for you to choose from and earn some extra cash and rewards. All the best to you. Go out there, sign up for these mentioned apps, and keep the cash coming. 



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