Stress Management For Leaders

Stress Management For Leaders - 4 Effective Strategies | CIO Women Magazine

There is no shying away from the fact that people in a position of leadership often feel the full effects of stress. Not only do they need to manage their own work day, but they need to manage and support the work of others. A lot is given in the role, including emotional and mental time and effort, and that impacts the physical.

Leaders and those in high-stress roles are more likely to turn to bad habits to manage their stress levels. These can be the occasional cigarette, getting a glass of wine once a week, an extreme smoking habit, or drinking enough to need rehab for alcohol. Overeating, under-eating, working out to excess, or other behaviors can also present themselves.

Healthy Stress management for leaders will reduce stress levels without replacing them with something harmful to us in other ways.

Strategies and techniques for effective stress management for leaders;

1. You

Leaders spend much of their time thinking about others – it is the nature of the role and the mark of a good leader. However, there is only so much you can do and give if you aren’t feeding yourself too.

Stress Management For Leaders - 4 Effective Strategies | CIO Women Magazine

You need to have a few hours at least every week you turn off the phone, close the laptop, and find some peace. Check-in with yourself mentally and physically – are you holding tension? What is on your mind?

Taking care of yourself is the only way to take care of others and it really helps in Stress management for leaders.

2. Narrow The Net

Leaders are often the ones who cast a wide net and deal with everything that falls in it. Finding themselves doing more than their job description, working outside of work hours, and letting other life things slide in order to manage the workload.

And, while leaders are used to taking charge, they often forget that other people can do some parts of the job – and in fact, it is beneficial for them to delegate. Look for tasks to delegate, and narrow the net so that you can give 100% to the tasks in there.

Stress Management For Leaders - 4 Effective Strategies | CIO Women Magazine

3. Help?!

The sign of failure is not asking for help. When you need help but choose to take on a task that you will need support on, it is destined to be long and difficult. Leaders often think that they should know all of the answers – when in fact, they should be the ones who know when to seek experts and outside help.

Asking for help is a strong quality in a leader; it shows that you understand the skills of others – and your own weaker spots.

4. Workout

Stress Management For Leaders - 4 Effective Strategies | CIO Women Magazine

Endorphins are one of the most important things in the fight for Stress management for leaders. Working out at least three times a week will not only keep you feeling your best and increase your energy – the good happy hormones will reduce the impact of stress hormones. That is why a lot of big corporation leaders will make use of on-site gyms.

You might choose to have a more relaxed workout and opt for deep stretching like yoga – which is renowned for its stress reduction.

Take it all one step further and take proactive action; 10 Things You Can Do to Avoid Stress.



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