2023: Hit Your Sales Goals with 5 Email Automations

2023: Hit Your Sales Goals with 5 Best Email Automations | CIO Women Magazine

If you only need Email Automations for launch day, continue to Example 3. If you want to maximize the effectiveness of email for your launch, consider implementing each of the below examples.

Here is how to hit your sales goals with 5 Email Automations;

1. Build anticipation

Using Email Automations, you can provide your audience with something to anticipate, which is an exciting prospect. To generate excitement for your upcoming launch, you can either release teasers beforehand or implement a limited enrollment period.

Using the first method, you might set up a landing page or a link trigger to monitor who is interested in your upcoming project. Then, you may send the group a special launch email thanking them for being on your mailing list and providing a sneak peek. Aileen Xu of Lavendaire, for instance, provides new product previews to her followers.

2023: Hit Your Sales Goals with 5 Best Email Automations | CIO Women Magazine

Alternatively, you may open and end enrollment and availability. The 4-week course Supercharge Your Productivity is offered in cohorts by Khe Hy, the creator of RadReads. In the months preceding the next enrollment session, Khe accumulates potential subscribers on a waitlist of Email Automations.

Our waitlist email automation template may be used if you want to use this method on your email list. Subscribers may join the waitlist through a dedicated landing page or by sending an email expressing interest. Then, you may provide updates as the launch date approaches to generate anticipation.

2. Re-engage with subscribers

In the weeks before your launch, you should boost subscriber engagement to increase the number of individuals who notice (and are interested in) your product.

To begin with, you may utilize your newsletter to maintain contact with your readers. Cara Chase, a productivity and Pinterest coach, offers a weekly email with self-care suggestions, tools, and inspiration. Cara stays in contact with her subscribers by maintaining a regular send day. Start sending regular emails to your audience immediately to prepare for your launch.

If you have dormant subscribers, now is also the time to attempt re-engagement. Changing inactive subscribers back into active audience members improves deliverability and increases revenue. We even have a template for automating the re-engagement of cold subscribers to simplify the process of Email Automations.

3. Segmented launch

It’s the big day—the launch! And your sales emails will be effective due to your audience segmentation of Email Automations. Alternatively, you will soon.

2023: Hit Your Sales Goals with 5 Best Email Automations | CIO Women Magazine

Bonnie Christine, an artist and pattern designer, utilizes a marketing funnel with material to encourage individuals at each stage. As subscribers interact more with her material, she provides them more valuable resources. Using this strategy, you may introduce your new course to those who have already downloaded or purchased materials. You may delay marketing & Email Automations of the new product to new subscribers until they have engaged with your content more.

4. Upsell new customers

After a customer acquires your new service or product, they may be interested in your high-priced offerings. Upselling is the practice of suggesting a related (and sometimes more costly) product or service to a client. For instance, if someone purchased your recently introduced one-on-one coaching package, you may upsell them to your 8-week intense group session or paid community.

Before implementing any upsell Email Automations at the conclusion of your launch sequence, there are certain recommended practices to consider. First, do not immediately attempt to upsell someone. Before presenting a second product or service, let them have a week to utilize and appreciate the first one. Second, your upsell must be relevant and beneficial.

If you do not currently have an offer that seems like a logical step, put this tactic in your back pocket until you do.

5. Downsell

Even if someone does not purchase your new product, they may still want to support you. You may send a down-sell message to someone who does not make a purchase and is not marked as a customer of Email Automations. For instance, you may inform them that you have a tip jar if they like to make a little contribution to your cause. Or, if you presented a high-priced item, such as a group coaching cohort for $3,000, you might down-sell to your $300 self-paced course.

2023: Hit Your Sales Goals with 5 Best Email Automations | CIO Women Magazine

You might also use the occasion to get a deeper understanding of your audience. Sales for Founders was established by Louis Nichols and sold out during pre-launch. When it seemed that someone was hesitating to purchase, he contacted out personally. This strategy generated an additional $4000 in income for an additional 80 minutes of effort in Email Automations.



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