10 Best Gaming Channels on Youtube

10 Best Gaming Channels on Youtube | CIO Women Magazine

YouTube’s viewership is expanding every second, so it’s no longer simply for short clips of zoo animals or Flash animations. The Best Gaming Channels on Youtube are subcultures and whole communities on YouTube, and some users have amassed millions of subscribers, much like the devoted fans of Hollywood filmmakers. Especially the gaming sector has been popular, but with so much new material appearing overnight, it may be overwhelming to try and find the most interesting videos and analyses.

There’s no need to continue your search. From our perspective, these are the top 10 gaming-related YouTube channels right now. The language in several of these films is not appropriate for the workplace.

Here are the 10 Best Gaming Channels on Youtube;

1. Markiplier

Markiplier is as skilled as the best of them, but the Best Gaming Channels on Youtube are PC gaming videos where his quick wit shines. Mark is quite consistent with his video uploads, however, his game selection is a little limited. He mostly plays horror games like Five Nights at Freddy’s.

2. VanossGaming

Simply based on the number of subscribers alone, VanossGaming deserves a spot on this list. Vanoss has around 10 million users in only three years because of its success in console titles like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty. His editing prowess and talent are on full display in the three times weekly uploads that he does. VanossGaming may not have been around as long as some of the others on our list, but he will continue to have a strong following for quite some time to find out Best Gaming Channels on Youtube.

It may be a mouthful to say, but “Far Cry 4 Funny Moments – Crocodile, Honey Badger 1v1, Body Glitch” is our favorite moment in the game. The trust exercise that ends in a double death at the hands of a crocodile will appeal to everyone, while the connections to The Lion King will please ’90s youngsters.

3. Mr. Sark

Mr. Sark is one of the Best Gaming Channels on Youtube community, yet he has very few followers. Mr. Sark’s channel has an addicting appeal to it, and you may find yourself watching hundreds of Prop Hunt matches at two in the morning without realizing it, thanks to his insane, distinctive editing style and the fact that most of them are six minutes or less. Sark’s harsher, more flamboyantly politically incorrect comedy is likely the reason he has been somewhat under the radar, although he is largely responsible for the success of many of the other artists on this list.

4. Achievement Hunters

There are a few reasons why the Achievement Hunters are unparalleled. The Achievement Hunters have over three million subscribers despite having only six regulars on their show due to their large shifting roster. Almost every, video has a different cast of characters and a different dynamic. On top of that, other programs air regularly each week. Don’t leave on Monday if you don’t want to, even if you don’t like GTA V. On Tuesday, you’ll be able to go on a brand-new Minecraft journey with a diverse group of folks on Best Gaming Channels on Youtube.

10 Best Gaming Channels on Youtube | CIO Women Magazine

Roosterteeth is a well-established business, so they have mastered the art of being adaptable without sacrificing their signature brand of hilariousness. Ray Narvaez, Jr.’s Call of Duty gameplay videos is a must-watch for any fan of impressive eSports prowess. Nevertheless, Gavin Free’s antics in everything from Trouble in Terrorist Town to Halo are certain to make you giggle.

5. GassyMexican

Even though Gassy also began his YouTube channel in 2006, he has just recently been well known because of his affiliation with Machinima and the gaming collective known as The Creatures on Best Gaming Channels on Youtube. Gassy is not only a good player and humorous commentator, but he also has a wide repertoire of amusing impressions that he can whip out at any moment. His video content follows a series structure, with individual episodes dedicated to certain games. This next user, GassyMexican, has a ton of great stuff on their channel, and it’s always appreciated when they make guest appearances on the channels of other players.

6. SeaNanners

SeaNanners is perhaps one of the most well-known YouTube gamers, with a large library of uploads spanning all genres and platforms. The channel SeaNanners has amassed over five million followers and one billion video views, making it a veritable YouTube institution. You should pay great attention to any video posted by SeaNanners since he is notorious for using cunning gaming strategies available on Best Gaming Channels on Youtube; if his signature “dolphin laugh” ever appears, you’ll know he’s up to no good. A lot of his earlier stuff seems like it was made in the same studio as Hutch, but his most recent collaboration films are where he truly shines.

7. Hutch

Hutch, as Sean Hutchinson, is a notable YouTuber who has been uploading videos on video games since the site’s inception in 2006. Even though he only has around 900,000 followers and isn’t the largest YouTube celebrity on the list, his videos are infectiously funny and full of charisma. In several of them, he shares intimate information about his life or his thoughts on the news of Best Gaming Channels on Youtube.

10 Best Gaming Channels on Youtube | CIO Women Magazine

While most of his previous videos include Call of Duty, he has recently expanded his content, making the actual video as intriguing as his comments over it. Hutch is on our list because he is one of a kind when it comes to sharing every aspect of his life, even the dirty ones, with his fans.

8. Game Theories

Under Matthew Patrick’s direction, The Game Theorists have been investigating and answering fan queries about beloved video games since 2011. Their flagship show, titled “Game Theory,” has addressed topics that interest a wide variety of people, from in-depth analyses of obscure history to objective evaluations of seemingly improbable occurrences in games for Best Gaming Channels on Youtube.

9. Summoning Salt

The Best Gaming Channels on Youtube community give the notion a lot of attention, even though professional speed runs are often restricted to in-person events where they can be validated and monitored for official permission. Whoever goes by the moniker “Summoning Salt” or “Salt” for short compiles summaries and provides context for the development of game-specific world record runs.

10. Tarik

A former professional gamer and content developer, Turkish-American Tarik Celik goes by the online handle Tarik. His YouTube channel has just over 660 thousand followers, and it largely features edited and highlighted gameplay footage from his live streams of online multiplayer games like Valiant.

10 Best Gaming Channels on Youtube | CIO Women Magazine

From 2014 until 2021, Tarik competed professionally in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. He also launched his YouTube channel that year and this channel is one of the Best Gaming Channels on Youtube. Despite competition from other developers with greater subscriber bases, Tarik was able to claim victory in the Competitive Gamer category at the 2022 Streamy Awards.



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