10 Best AI-powered Agriculture Projects

10 Best AI-powered Agriculture Projects | CIO Women Magazine

Startups in the agricultural technology sector are all the rage right now, and for good reason. Agriculture, which has traditionally been a low-tech and labor-intensive sector, is now undergoing a revolution because of its novel technology and business models, which are helping to make it more efficient than it has ever been.

These startups are laying the groundwork for the food system of the future, which will be an automated one that is highly productive, adaptable, and sustainable. They are doing AI-powered Agriculture Projects by utilizing a combination of artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, advanced data analytics, and other technologies.

Here are the Ten best AI-powered Agriculture Projects;

1. Microsoft’s Project FarmVibes

Microsoft Research is making available to the public its agricultural data and connectivity technologies with the goal of increasing crop yields for farmers while simultaneously lowering their operating expenses and assisting the agricultural industry in accepting responsibility for its contribution to climate change.

10 Best AI-powered Agriculture Projects | CIO Women Magazine

According to a blog post written by a Microsoft employee named Jake Siegel, the AI-powered Agriculture Projects suite known as Project FarmVibes incorporates the cloud provider’s most recent research in precision and sustainable agriculture. This builds upon previous work that Microsoft has done with clients such as Land O’ Lakes and Bayer to perform data analysis and integration.

2. Cropin Cloud launched world’s first cloud for agriculture

Cropin Cloud AI-powered Agriculture Projects was dubbed the “world’s first cloud for agriculture” when it was introduced by the agritech company located in Bengaluru. In order to digitally alter the agri-ecosystem, it integrates a set of apps for digitizing agriculture, access to various data sources, and AI-powered agri-intelligence into a single platform.

The platform is the product of more than a decade’s worth of knowledge and expertise gained by Cropin in the field of empowering the agricultural ecosystem with technology and data. Cropin will be able to assist agribusinesses in managing the complexities associated with the convergence of multiple points of technology solutions by utilizing this platform. At the same time, agribusinesses will have the flexibility to select the appropriate solutions based on where they are in their journey toward digital transformation.

3. WayCool Foods launched its app

The ‘Outgrow’ app, which is driven by the next generation of AI-powered Agriculture Projects, has been released by India’s most rapidly expanding agri-commerce firm. It hopes to do this by empowering small, medium, and marginalized farmers with artificial intelligence and sophisticated analytics so that they may boost their revenue and profitability while simultaneously supporting natural agricultural practices.

The application will provide in-depth advice and individualized solutions in the languages of Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, and Marathi in addition to English.

4. LG Group joined government’s smart project

LG Group’s IT solutions unit, LG CNS, made the announcement in April that it had joined the government’s new AI-powered Agriculture Projects to build an artificial intelligence-based platform that offers definitive guidelines for more effective and high-yield farming. The project’s goal is to make farming more efficient and increase crop yields.

The initiative, which was initiated by the Ministry of Agriculture and the local administration of South Jeolla Province, seeks to develop 543,000 square meters of intelligent farmland in the rural city of Naju, which is located around 355 kilometers south of Seoul, by the year 2023.

5. Deere revealed AI-driven tractor

10 Best AI-powered Agriculture Projects | CIO Women Magazine

Farm tractor manufacturer Deere demonstrated its completely autonomous, AI-powered Agriculture Projects 8R model. The tractor is the result of years of careful planning and substantial investment in engineering, data analytics, and automation by Deere. Although a significant portion of that research and development has been conducted in-house, the firm has also purchased and worked with agtech companies in order to harvest their know-how and expertise.

6. Huawei and Dronetech worked together to develop a new app.

In October, Huawei and Dronetech made public a number of new applications that have been developed as a result of their joint work on smart farming. The two businesses provided an update on their project, which had begun in 2021, and showed how their 5G and IoT technology may promote sustainability in agricultural practices.

A panel of digitalization and agricultural experts was also convened by the corporations, and they discussed the ways in which technological innovation, and notably 5G in particular, might encourage sustainable farming in the face of mounting global concerns for food security.

7. ITC has released a new app called “ITCMAARS.”

ITC, which is one of the leading participants in the FMCG industry in India, just released an app called “Meta Market for Advanced Agricultural Services” (ITCMAARS). The provision of agricultural services to farmers is the focus of the platform’s mission statement. The application has been released in seven states, and more than 40,000 farmers who are members of more than 200 farmer-product organizations have downloaded it (FPOs).

The platform offers AI- and ML-driven, value-added, personalized, and hyperlocal crop advisory services. These AI-powered Agriculture Projects services include a customized “Crop Calendar” for the scientific planning of crop cycles, a “Crop Doctor” for the real-time resolution of crop infestation, access to inputs, market linkages, real-time soil testing, precision farming, and a number of other services.

8. Hackathons on the national level were organized by ICAR.

“Kritagya 3.0” is a hackathon that is being organized by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research in collaboration with its National Agricultural Higher Education Project and Crop Science Division. The goal of this event is to encourage speed breeding for the sake of crop development.

This program provides students, business owners, innovators, and others with the opportunity to demonstrate methods and receive support for further developing their ideas in collaboration with agri-business incubators, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), and other investors with the assistance of ICAR. Winners will receive this support.

9. Laser weeding technology is being developed by WeedBot.

Weedbot is an impact-driven AI-powered Agriculture Projects firm that offers high-precision laser weeding technology to make organic farming simpler. This technology was developed by the company. Weedbot, a company that began operations in 2020, has since completed two investment rounds that brought it a total of €190,000.

A recent collaboration between the firm and Omdena resulted in the company’s AI precision weeding laser technology being scaled up via Omdena’s AI Incubator. Through our collaboration with Omdena, we were able to develop a high-speed plant image identification neural network that is capable of recognizing plant pictures at a rate of 12 milliseconds per second. A laser beam will be used by the laser weeding robot to assist farmers in locating and removing weeds, which will result in the elimination of the need for the application of pesticides during the production of food.

10. Controlling the Quality of Fruit Using Clarifruit

The agtech firm known as Clarifruit AI-powered Agriculture Projects provides automated end-to-end quality control software that can be used across the supply chain for fresh produce. The firm creates solutions for producers, marketers, wholesalers, and retailers, with the goal of assisting these businesses in the production, distribution, and sale of reliably fresh fruits and vegetables.

10 Best AI-powered Agriculture Projects | CIO Women Magazine

The solution provided by Clarifruit consists of a big data and analytics platform that can be customized to the user’s specifications, allowing them to establish their own quality control and inspection procedures. The platform also gathers data, which enables users to get insights that can be used to improve the operational efficiency and productivity of their businesses. The startup company situated in Israel has successfully received $6 million in investment.



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