BMW Commences Production of CE 02 Electric Motorcycle

BMW Commences Production of BMW CE 02 Electric Motorcycle | CIO Women Magazine

BMW Motorrad, the renowned German motorcycle manufacturer, is making waves in the electric vehicle industry with the commencement of production for their latest creation, the BMW CE 02 electric motorcycle. This exciting development follows the recent unveiling of the production version of the CE 02, marking a significant step towards the company’s electric vehicle portfolio.

Introduced earlier this summer, the BMW CE 02 is positioned as a compact and lower-powered alternative to its electric stablemate, the CE 04. However, what truly sets this electric two-wheeler apart is its price point. While the CE 04 commands a higher price tag, around $12,000, the BMW CE 02 offers a more affordable entry point at just $7,599, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious urban commuters.

Collaborative Manufacturing with TVS Motor Company

BMW’s ambitious venture into electric motorcycle production is made possible through a partnership with TVS Motor Company, a prominent player in the global two-wheeler industry. TVS Motor Company, originally founded in India in 1978, has since expanded its presence across the world, offering a diverse range of motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds.

The manufacturing of the BMW CE 02 takes place at TVS’s state-of-the-art facility near Chennai, India, known as the Hosur manufacturing unit. Despite its production location, the CE 02 is not initially slated for the Indian market. Instead, it will see its first international launch, targeting urban commuters in Europe and North America.

CLOSE LOOK — The new BMW CE 02

Targeting the Urban Commuter Market

The BMW CE 02 is designed to cater to a younger, more urban audience, with features that align with the needs of city dwellers. This compact electric motorcycle boasts a top speed of 59 mph (95 km/h), making it well-suited for navigating urban and suburban areas. However, it falls short of being highway-ready.

The CE 02’s appeal extends to customization options with a variety of accessories, ideal for the younger generation of riders. Concept images have even hinted at a unique addition: a removable skateboard that can be securely strapped beneath the motorcycle, doubling as foot platforms on either side. This innovation could prove especially handy for navigating city centers where motorized vehicles might not be permitted.

In terms of power and range, the BMW CE 02 utilizes two small removable batteries, each with a capacity of just under 2 kWh, providing a combined 3.92 kWh. While this battery setup offers a respectable maximum range of 56 miles (90 km), it’s important to note that the real-world range may drop significantly when traveling at higher speeds or using the higher-power riding mode. The bike’s 11 kW peak-rated motor ensures a level of performance that sets it apart in the commuter bike segment.

The production of the CE 02 follows BMW Motorrad’s temporary halt in the sale of its gasoline-powered motorcycles in North America due to an emissions issue, which was recently resolved. During this hiatus, the electric CE 04 remained the sole offering in the North American market. BMW’s renewed focus on electric motorcycles, like the CE 02, signals their commitment to a sustainable and electrifying future for two-wheeled mobility.

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