Christina Flach – Making People Feel Beautiful Inside & Out

Christina Flach - Making People Feel Beautiful Inside & Out | The Enterprise World

The cosmetics & beauty industry is growing every year and constantly reaching new heights. Pretty Girl Makeup and Christina Flach are critical in helping the industry expand and move forward. Christina’s mission is simple, making everyone feel beautiful inside and out.

This article features CIO’s Most Successful Businesswomen to Watch Out for, Christina Flach.

Education is Power!

While being a makeup artist does not require any formal education, Christina does think her degree has shaped her career. While she was getting her degree in Art History, it taught her to appreciate art, colors, and techniques that she now utilizes when she is working with her clients. Initially, Christina Flach believed she would use her degree differently.

“Every experience is a lesson and it guides you from one place to another.”

What Made Christina Flach Choose Make-Up?

Christina Flach always loved being creative and making people feel good about themselves. She also loved meeting new people and traveling the world. By becoming a makeup artist, She was able to do all of this while having the flexibility of a work-life balance. This career has given Christina Flach so many unique opportunities that she used to dream of.

“Figure out what you love, then find a way to make money doing it.”

Brushing up Her Skills

Before becoming a makeup artist, Christina Flach worked as an image consultant and a personal shopper. She was also a tennis teacher and competed at the pro level momentarily before retiring. Christina Flach then started her career as a makeup artist in 1995 and founded her own makeup line, Pretty Girl Makeup, in 1996.

An Advice that Changed Her Perspective

Never take no for an answer. If someone tells you no, change directions and find someone who will give you exactly what you want.

“Never stop asking until the answer changes because eventually, you will get your yes.”

Young and Free

Words of wisdom for her younger self:

“There are so many things I wish I could tell my younger self but of course, hindsight is 20/20.” Firstly, Christina Flach would tell her to stop wasting time worrying about things that were not going to happen or that were out of her control and instead focus her energy on the outcome she wanted.

Secondly, she would tell her to be kinder to herself. Christina Flach believes that we deserve to give ourselves the same love and kindness that we show to others. Lastly, Christina says she would tell younger Christina Flach to dream big because dreams do come true. Nothing is impossible and the sky is truly the limit.

What’s Pretty Girl Makeup About:

Founded in 1996, Christina Flach is the creator and CEO of Pretty Girl Makeup. Pretty Girl Makeup believes every girl is a pretty girl and should feel at her absolute best. They have created products that look good on you and are also good for you. The simplicity of Pretty Girl Makeup goes beyond just a message.

This is why you will not find any complicated ingredients in the products of Pretty Girl Makeup that are hard to pronounce. What’s more? The products are vegan, clean, and cruelty-free, making them a safer choice for anyone. Christina’s work is inspired by her love of beauty, fashion, music, and art. Pretty Girl Makeup is Christina’s way of fulfilling her goal of making people feel and look beautiful inside & out.

Pretty Girl Makeup is a line of long-lasting lip glosses that are hydrating, moisturizing, and anti-aging. Christina Flach founded the company on the belief that every girl is a pretty girl and should feel at her absolute best. She believes in creating products that not only look good on you but are also good for you. Each lip gloss is made with clean, vegan ingredients and is cruelty-free, making them a safer choice for anyone.

Hurdles Along The Way:

When Christina Flach started her journey in 1995, she didn’t have any clients. To remedy that, she befriended local salon owners and convinced them to let her do makeovers on their customers without charging a single penny. In the hopes that they would like her work and hire her in the future, she also reached out to local photographers in her area and offered her services for free. It took years of hard work for Christina to build a successful clientele on which she could rely.

Journey Towards Growth:

One thing that has impacted Christina’s growth recently is appearing on podcasts. Christina Flachnever thought that people would want to hear her advice about life and business, yet she books multiple podcasts a week that give her the opportunity to expand her brand at no cost.

On the podcasts, Christina Flach talks about philanthropic causes, subjects she cares about, and her personal products. Podcasts have given her a platform to market herself in a way that is unique and one that she has never done before. Christina also appears on NBC’s CA Live as a beauty expert where people from all over the state are able to get a peek at her makeup techniques as she shared them.

Key to long-standing Success:

Never saying no and never giving up is the ultimate key to Christina’s success. A successful career requires hard work and dedication. To become successful, you have to be willing to keep pushing yourself and say yes to every opportunity that comes your way. She believes you can never take your success for granted or have the belief that you made it.

“Everything you worked for can be taken away if you stop hustling.”

Seeing the bigger picture:

The beauty industry has expanded in many ways and so has Christina’s vision for her career. When she first started out, there were no influencers and no social media but today, the industry would fall apart without Social Media and Influencers. Adapting to changes is crucial because the world changes and with it, you will have to change. If you stay stagnant, in most cases, you will not make it.

What The Future Holds:

Currently, Christina is working on a new line of high-quality products called “I’m Too Busy”. This line will include skincare, haircare, and makeup that is infused with CBD to provide customers with the maximum possible health benefits. Further explaining the benefits of CBD, Christina says that the calming properties of CBD will help keep customers’ skin from being irritated by natural environmental stressors.

In addition to this product line, Christina Flach is also in the process of creating her own podcast. She plans to use this platform to talk about everything from women in business to wellness, mindset, manifestation, and of course, makeup tips.

Word of Advice For future entrepreneurs:

“Be comfortable in being uncomfortable, take risks, and do not be afraid of failure. The only real failure is if you do not try at all. There are millions of makeup artists to choose from, so never take anything for granted. When you’re working with people, always be a team player and keep a positive attitude. This will make all the difference when you’re building your clientele and brand.”



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