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Introducing Sonia Zarbatany, the powerhouse behind the brand “Coach Sonia”. A world-renowned International speaker, life coach, business coach, personal branding expert, and corporate consultant, based out of Montreal, Canada. She is a true leader in the industry, inspiring thousands of individuals and businesses worldwide to lead their best life both personally and professionally.

Sonia is not just any coach, but a force to be reckoned with. Her expertise in personal branding, business strategy, and generating long-term wealth has made her one of the leading experts in the industry. As a successful entrepreneur and business owner, she has built and scaled several businesses to over 8 figures, coaching her clients to achieve results beyond their wildest imagination. Coach Sonia is a distinguished global speaker, captivating audiences on English-speaking stages as well as being an esteemed French speaker for Europe and global French-speaking platforms.

The Company: Spreading Global Impact with Love 

Sonia’s vision is to be the voice that leads by example, demonstrating that it is possible to be a dedicated mom, a loving wife, and a thriving businesswoman and impact her TRIBE worldwide. She believes in guiding people, proving that there are no limits when it comes to pursuing their dreams and aspirations.  

Coach Sonia goes beyond ordinary coaching services to provide elite guidance and transformation. Its online courses, including “How to Revolutionize Your Influence: The AI-Driven Personal Brand” and “Master Your Mindset and Revolutionize Your Business,” empower individuals to reach new heights of success. The organization takes immense pride in curating exclusive experiences and retreats across the globe that have a profound impact on the community.

In addition, Coach Sonia Media agency is renowned for its exceptional launch strategies and personal branding expertise. It had the privilege of working with some of the biggest names in the coaching and online e-learning industry, enabling them to scale their businesses from six to over seven figures. The tailored approach and unrivaled strategies of organization have positioned clients as industry leaders, harnessing the power of their brands to make a lasting impact.

The organization believes in the transformational power of its offerings and strive to continually exceed expectations, raising the bar for excellence in the industry. As an impact-driven leader, Sonia’s mission is to activate the potential within women, men, and businesses worldwide. She has a unique and rigorous 360-degree approach to coaching, which takes on mindset, body, relationships, and business, which is unmatched in the industry. 

As an international speaker, she has the privilege of sharing her knowledge and energy on various global stages and conferences, leaving a lasting impression on the audience. When she enters on stage, she wants the audience to feel seen, appreciated and heard. She wants them to know that their struggle is REAL, but it’s also solvable, with the right mindset, consistency, dedication, and ACTION PLAN! The Coach Sonia Global Impact is about demonstrating the beauty and opportunity behind MASTERY and bringing together a TRIBE to inspire the next generation of Leaders! 

Navigating Challenges: Unveiling the Blessings

Every success story is accompanied by challenges. In March 2020, Sonia embarked on an exciting journey with the launch of the TRIBE, a physical co-working space where creators could come together, collaborate, and build their social media presence and businesses. Little did she knows that the world was on the brink of a global pandemic. Mere days after the launch, she found herself in Morocco, leading a retreat in the captivating city of Marrakech with 25 remarkable individuals.

Merely 5 days into this exceptional experience, the momentum came to a screeching halt as COVID-19 lockdowns took hold, leaving Sonia stranded in Morocco with the weighty responsibility of ensuring the safe return of everyone involved. 

In that pivotal moment, she found solace in a beautiful Chinese proverb that spoke of hidden blessings. It served as a reminder that even amid chaos, challenges hold within them the seeds of profound growth and transformation. As a coach, she confronted herself with a vital question: “Am I truly the coach I claim to be? Will I hide and panic, or will I rise and practice what I preach?” And so, she chose to RISE.

With determination and resilience, she not only ensured the safe repatriation of all the guests, but also transformed the situation into what she now considers the REAL RETREAT. Coach Sonia faced the new world unfolding before it, seeking out the hidden opportunities it presented.

Returning to an empty co-working space, she embraced the challenge and revolutionized her initial vision for TRIBE. Sonia harnessed the growing online momentum that had taken hold during the lockdowns and turned this physical space into a powerful online agency! This transformation led to the birth of a thriving online business, impacting the lives of over 120,000 individuals virtually through her speaking engagements and coaching programs during those challenging times. It was a testament to the power of adaptation and the unwavering spirit of a woman leader.

The Recipe for Success: Consistency and Mastery

Consistency and mastery are the secret ingredients that have propelled Coach Sonia to long-standing success. They are the bedrock upon which Sonia has built her habits, routines, and mindset. These invaluable assets have allowed her to keep pushing forward, creating, and inspiring others to shatter their limiting beliefs. She firmly believes that success is not solely measured by grand leaps but by the courageous steps her team takes toward the goals. Each small stride, each act of consistency and mastery, brings closer to dreams and lights the way for others to follow. As a woman leader, Sonia aims to inspire individuals to embrace the power of these qualities, unlocking their true potential and inviting them to take action.

Sonia says, “ Surrounding yourself by the best and start working with people who align with your values is key. If you have a group of like-minded individuals who share a common vision and values, the possibilities are endless. We create an environment that fosters growth, innovation, and purpose. My advice to you is to seek out those exceptional individuals who bring their unique talents and perspectives to the table” 

Exclusive Products and Services

Coach Sonia offers a range of exclusive products and services tailored to individuals seeking personal and professional growth. These offerings include:

1. KEYNOTE: As a worldwide speaker, Sonia visits various events and conferences, shares her expertise on personal brand mastery, business, mindset, and female entrepreneurship which involves raising awareness about the challenges and opportunities faced by women in business. 

2. CORPORATE CONFERENCES: With her expertise in mastery, business, personal branding, and mindset, Sonia delivers engaging presentations that leave a lasting impact. By sharing practical strategies and thought-provoking insights, she inspires professionals to elevate their performance and achieve remarkable success.

COACH SONIA MEDIA – ONLINE PROGRAM LAUNCH STRATEGIES: Through her agency, Sonia offers comprehensive consultancy services for the online brand, service, or program launches. From strategy development to marketing implementation, Coach Sonia offers a full-service “done for you” model where she guides clients through the entire process. Additionally, it provides an exclusive concierge service to support their clients throughout the event, ensuring a seamless experience from program enrollment to sales.

REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR INFLUENCE: THE AI-DRIVEN PERSONAL BRAND: Coach Sonia shares innovative strategies to leverage AI technology for content creation, audience engagement, and brand positioning. This program is offered both in French and English.

DIY PERSONAL BRAND 101: Discover the secrets to building a powerful personal brand with DIY Personal Brand 101. This course, available in both French and English, empowers people with practical strategies and insights to elevate brand presence while leveraging AI. Craft a magnetic personal brand that resonates with audience, sets people apart from the competition, and propels them toward success.

THE WOMEN’S SUMMIT BY WOMEN FOR WOMEN (FRENCH AND ENGLISH): An empowering summit designed to foster personal and professional growth for women, created by women. Through workshops and discussions, Coach Sonia explores various topics, including leadership, personal development, and work-life integration. 

90-DAY ELITE COACHING: Exclusively available for entrepreneurs and businesses achieving over six figures, this elite coaching program is designed to propel brand to new heights. Through personalized strategy development and an action plan tailored to specific goals, Sonia guides through a transformative 90-day journey. 

TRIBE48: A comprehensive 48-hour workshop dedicated to propelling personal branding to new heights. Through practical guidance and valuable insights, customer gain the tools to build a powerful personal brand that resonates with audience.

COACH SONIA ONE DAY EXPERIENCE – ONE DAY – ONE PROBLEM – ONE SOLUTION:  It is a one-of-a-kind, intimate, in-person group coaching experience that engages in various activities, receive personalized coaching, network with like-minded individuals, and create strategic plans to tackle challenges. To enhance the value of this experience, Sonia invites special guests to provide additional insights and perspectives.

LIVE EVENTS AT THE TRIBE: It gives an opportunity to immerse in experience-driven live events held at the Tribe. Covering a range of topics such as mindset, body, business, personal branding, and relationships, these events offer a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights and experiences. 

Adapting to Evolving Needs with Authenticity and Industry Insight

As a dedicated coach, Sonia wholeheartedly embraces the uniqueness of each clients, including their authenticity, passion, and values. She believes that these qualities are the driving force behind their growth and success. To ensure that services remain relevant and impactful, Sonia actively listens, conducts thorough research, and stays in tune with industry trends. By valuing client’s authenticity, passion, and values, Coach Sonia embarks on a transformative journey that resonates with who they truly are. With a friendly and accessible approach, she is dedicated to guiding her clients towards realizing their true potential and making a lasting impact in their chosen field.

Technology for a Seamless Experience

Sonia Zarbatany firmly believes in the power of technology to enhance the journey. She incorporates cutting-edge tools and techniques to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of work. For instance, in the REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR INFLUENCE program, she leveraged AI-driven strategies to harness the power of technology in personal branding efforts. 

Continuously Expanding 

Sonia is passionated about helping clients to reach new heights and go beyond their current success. With her dedication to growth and mastery, she is committed to building customized strategies and action plans that will take them on an exciting journey of expansion. By staying in tune with the latest market trends, actively listening to valuable feedback from clients, and conducting thorough research, she strives to stay ahead of the curve. This allows her to provide fresh insights and innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of clients.

She is driven by a deep sense of purpose to deliver exceptional value and exceed expectations. 

Ideal Qualities of a Woman Leader: Authenticity and Self-Awareness

What sets a woman leader apart? According to her, “ It is her unwavering authenticity, her deep sense of self-awareness, and her commitment to staying true to herself. Often, we mistakenly believe that we must emulate others to achieve success. But the reality is, people are not looking for duplicates; they are drawn to the unique qualities that make us who we are.” As a leader, and as a mother, Sonia Zarbatany understands the significance of embodying these qualities. She strives to be a role model for her children, showing them the beauty and power of embracing their authentic selves. 

Responsibilities and Accomplishments: The Journey of a Visionary

At the helm of Coach Sonia, Sonia is not just a leader; she is the visionary, the creative force, and the strategist. Throughout her professional journey, Sonia has experienced tremendous growth. She now stands on global stages, igniting the hearts and minds of thousands with her voice and energy. Yet, amidst all the accomplishments, there is one that reigns supreme—the look on people’s faces after a conference, where they feel seen, loved, appreciated, and leave with a renewed sense of support, guidance, love, and motivation. 

Cultivating a Unique Team: Growing Together

One of her top priorities is nurturing and caring for the team. Sonia seeks out individuals who are not only strong, smart, and talented but also share a deep commitment to consistency and mastery. She creates an environment where work is not just a duty but a joyful pursuit. Her team fosters cooperation and collaboration, recognizing that its diverse backgrounds and perspectives bring richness to conversations.

And here’s what makes her team truly unique—they are outcasts, they are more than colleagues; they are a family. They cultivate a sense of belonging, whether they are based in Montreal, Paris, Istanbul, or the United States. The shared passion for personal development unites them to become the best versions of themselves every single day.

Empowering Women: Embrace the Journey

To aspiring women entrepreneurs, Sonia advice—GO FOR IT! Life is all about seizing opportunities, and the only way to fail is to never try. She adds, “Trust yourself, believe in your capabilities, and let your passion guide you. Remember that challenges are not roadblocks but stepping stones toward growth and success. Embrace the journey with open arms, and remember that you are never alone.”

Women’s Corner: Embracing Harmony

As a woman leader, Sonia Zarbatany faces the challenge of achieving work-life harmony. The notion of a perfect work-life balance is a fallacy; it is the harmony within the spectrum of responsibilities, ambitions, and duties that creates a fulfilling experience. It is crucial to understand that this is a natural part of life’s ebb and flow.

It is important to manage the ups and downs, navigate the principles of yin and yang, and find solace in the interplay of various roles. It is important to challenge biases and expectations. It’s time to break free from the idea that women have to sacrifice other parts of their lives for success. They can be great leaders, and loving moms, and pursue their passions with determination, reject double standards and embrace the truth that the abilities go beyond societal norms.

Inclusion and Empowerment: A Welcoming Tribe

At Coach Sonia Zarbatany, women’s inclusion and empowerment are not mere buzzwords; they are woven into the fabric of organization. It embraces diversity and inclusivity, welcoming anyone who aligns with its core values of respect, communication, authenticity, transparency, growth, and development. Equality of opportunity is at the heart of what we do. Sonia believes in giving everyone a chance to showcase their heart, their values, and their skills. Dedication, consistency, and commitment to the task are the factors that determine success within organization. 

Inspiring Figures: A Circle of Energy

When it comes to finding inspiration, Sonia Zarbatany is inspired by specific individuals and the energy they radiate. Her circle is filled with incredible people who have truly mastered their skills and exude a passion and kindness that is infectious. They come from all walks of life, whether they’re dedicated moms pouring their hearts into their kids or individuals from diverse backgrounds who are deeply committed and passionate about what they do. Sonia celebrates their victories as her own. It is through these connections, these friendships, that the organization motivates and inspires one another to reach greater heights. 

Sonia’s kids are her greatest source of inspiration. Their pure hearts and boundless imagination constantly remind her of the limitless possibilities that exist in the world. They inspire her to lead by example, showing them the importance of staying true to oneself and pursuing dreams with determination… and play!

Work-Life Harmony: A Symphony of Fulfillment

When it comes to achieving a perfect work-life balance, people find themselves chasing an elusive dream. Instead, it is important to shift the focus to work-life harmony. It’s about finding that sweet spot within the chaos, recognizing that there will be times when one area requires more attention than others.

As a woman leader, Sonia Zarbatany’s journey has been shaped by challenges, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to authenticity. Embracing the principles of consistency, mastery, and self-awareness has allowed her to tap into her full potential and inspire others to do the same. To all the aspiring women entrepreneurs out there, she encourages everyone to seize the opportunities that come in the way and embrace the ups and downs of the journey. 



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