7 Must-Have Elements for Your Website Homepage Design 

Best 7 Elements for your Website Homepage Design | CIO Women Magazine

Website homepage design is one of the most crucial elements of building a strong portfolio of your company. Say a website homepage is like going for a job interview. 

Now for a job interview, you put your best foot forward. With a sharp ironed suit and a fresh haircut, you try your best to make the first impression the best. 

Similarly, when a new person lands on your website, you need to have the best first impression. Your website sort of goes through a “job interview”. That is the time when people critique every detail, and thus establish an opinion about the company. It is the most important part because that is also when people decide if they would like to do business with you. 

So is your website getting you the job? 

It becomes extremely frustrating when your website is missing the mark, be it low traffic or lack of lead generation. Because oftentimes, the first thing your audience notices about you is your website homepage design. If that catches the eye and engages the person, you have won half the battle there! 

So, what do you do? You improve your website homepage design!

How do you do it? 

Well, here are 7 Must-Have Elements for your Website Homepage Design;

1. Headline

First things first. When a reader lands on your website, it should tell them what exactly your business has to offer. And for that to happen, you need to have a bold and clear headline. It can have a few words but plays a very important role in engaging your reader. 

Many people are going to visit your website, and not everyone would like the headline. In such cases, you can try to target a specific group of your audience, the ones that will surely be interested in your business. 

Here is an absolutely amazing example of a simple yet clear headline- 

Dropbox, a company that offers cloud storage have kept its headline basic but captivating- 

“Everything you need for work, all in one place”

It’s not too complicated but delivers their message, rather powerfully. 

Best 7 Elements for your Website Homepage Design | CIO Women Magazine
  • Have a bold and clear headline. 
  • Don’t try to please every other person.
  • Focus on your target audience, and what they would be interested in.

2. Sub-Headline

Your sub-headline should complement your headline, where it offers a brief description of your business. To do this effectively, you can zero in on a common pain point your product or service solves. 

A great example of a well-executed sub-headline is that of Mirror-

“Hiding in plain sight”

Since Mirror is a full-at-home gym-providing brand, the sub-headline clearly highlights the pain point and how their service has a solution for it. 

  • Sub-headline should complement your headline. 
  • It should be a brief description of your brand and its services. 
  • It should highlight the problem your product or service is solving. 

3. Primary Call to Action

Your homepage should be able to compel your visitors to dig deep, thus converting them into a customer. For a good website homepage design, you can’t ignore this step. You must include two to three calls to action on your website, which pop up on the screen and are right in front of the customer’s eye. 

These CTAs need to have a striking design. You can play with color contrasts or other elements if you feel like it. The copy of the CTAs should not be more than five words and should be action-oriented. This way you are compelling your visitors to click on whatever you are offering. 

Some examples of the CTA copy are-

Sign Up, Try it for Free, Sign Up. etc. 

Best 7 Elements for your Website Homepage Design | CIO Women Magazine
  • CTAs should have a striking design.
  • CTAs should not be more than five words.
  • CTAs should be action-oriented, and interest your customers. 

4. Supporting Image

Some people might like a witty copy, while some are fairly visual. When designing a website homepage design, you need to keep all of the people in mind. So, naturally, with a good copy, you must also include an appropriate image or even a short video. You can use images that capture the emotion, drive action, or even visually tell the story you have written. 

With the images comes the alt text. Make sure to always add suitable alt text to all the images to make them even more accessible to your visitors. 

  • Use emotion-capturing imagery.
  • Add an alt text to all the images. 
  • Support your text with accurate visuals for better impact. 

5. Add Benefits

A potential customer can become a customer if he/she knows why you do what you do. And for that, you need to add the benefits of your products/services. What else could keep your customers hanging around more if not the genuine interest?

Keep the copy of benefits easy and simple to read. You don’t want your customers to think a lot about it. 

  • Adding benefits of your product/service will increase the chances of customer conversion. 
  • Keep the language easy and simple.
  • Benefits will help you generate interest in your brand. 

6. Features

Adding to the benefits, writing some of the key features will also help elevate your brand. When paired with the benefits, the features will also give your customers a clearer understanding of your products and services. 

Again, note that the copy of these features is light and easy to read. 

  • Adding features can complement your benefits.
  • Features will give your customers a clearer idea of your service or product. 
  • Keep the copy light and easy to read. 

7. Success Indicators

Customer success stories, the number of customers you have served, your awards and recognitions, and anything that might indicate success. This gives your customers an idea of the effectiveness of your work and remains kind of like the proof that gives your business more credibility. 

For example, if you see Calendly’s homepage, you will see that they have mentioned some of the famous organizations like Gartner and Dropbox. 

Best 7 Elements for your Website Homepage Design | CIO Women Magazine
  • Success indicators can give your business credibility.
  • It helps you build your brand reputation.


With these tips in mind, you can make your website homepage design

worthwhile and attractive. Attracting and retaining customers all depends on a beautiful website homepage design. Make sure to keep the following things in mind and see how easily and quickly you will pass the job interviews! 

Get ready to make a brilliant first impression. 

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