13 Cost-effective Email Marketing Campaigns

Best 13 Cost-effective Email Marketing Campaigns | CIO Women Magazine

Email marketing does not have to be costly. In fact, it’s one of the most Cost-effective Email Marketing methods to interact with your audience and increase sales. There are several low-cost email marketing providers available, each with its unique price structure and feature set. It’s just a question of finding the best match for you and your company.

Something to be aware of is that although many of the top Cost-effective Email Marketing firms provide unlimited monthly email sends on their lowest plans, you’re only allowed to send unlimited emails to your contact list, which is often the limiting factor on entry-level plans.

Your contact storage will always be limitless with Sendinblue. Instead, you pay based on the number of emails you send, beginning at $25 per month for 20,000 emails.

Here are 13 Cost-effective Email Marketing Campaigns;

1. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a fantastic Cost-effective Email Marketing tool. It provides a variety of digital marketing solutions that are appropriate for small enterprises, e-commerce giants, and everything in between. You may mix and match the numerous features to meet your specific requirements and budget.

Sendinblue is much less costly than other email marketing services because we do not charge you for retaining your contacts; we only charge you for the number of emails you send. (We don’t believe charging extra for developing your company and getting clients is particularly fair… That is the whole purpose!)

Even better, Sendinblue provides all of the email services that a company need under one roof. Consider the following:

Sendinblue makes it simple to create attractive emails. The drag-and-drop editor is intuitive and makes professional email creation fast and uncomplicated. Customize your email content, submit your brand kit, and measure performance without any technical knowledge.

In addition, all Sendinblue subscriptions get access to our library of fully-responsive email templates. (Including the free plan!)

2. Segmentation of Contacts

Sendinblue helps you effortlessly classify your contacts into personalized lists for Cost-effective Email Marketing campaigns based on historical subscriber behavior, expressed interests via opt-in forms, and other criteria. This allows you to precisely target different subsets of your audience, increasing both open and click-through rates.

  • Email Customization

Sendinblue provides an infinite number of choices for tailoring your email content. Almost every form of consumer data may be utilized to produce tailored content using Sendinblue, from personal variables like name and location to behavioral attributes like last bought item and discount applied. The end result? Improved customer experiences and marketing performance.

  • Email Transactions

Transactional emails are an important aspect of a company’s customer communications, particularly in ecommerce and SaaS. They enable you to send critical emails such as registrations, purchase confirmations, and password resets. Even more, Sendinblue allows you to trademark transactional emails while maintaining high deliverability rates.

  • Mailchimp

Mailchimp is often regarded as the go-to email marketing service provider for individuals who are new to the sector, but it is not inexpensive. The user-friendly interface allows you to construct campaigns, tag subscribers, and automate operations.

Best 13 Cost-effective Email Marketing Campaigns | CIO Women Magazine

Mailchimp provides a free plan with up to 500 contacts and 500 emails each day (but 1,000 emails a month total). The entire range of email marketing features, as well as sophisticated audience analysis, personalized branding, and a plethora of templates, are available at a higher pricing point.

3. Constant Communication

The drag-and-drop email builder in Constant Contact makes it simple to generate and edit professional-looking emails, and the automation Cost-effective Email Marketing tool allows you to construct trigger-based email series to better engage with your subscribers. It is a wonderful alternative for e-commerce companies due to the ability to integrate subscribers from other lists and the transactional email feature.

The smallest paid service from Constant Contact begins at $9.99 per month for 500 contacts and basic email functionality.

4. ConvertKit

ConvertKit Cost-effective Email Marketing focuses on assisting creatives and bloggers in reaching and connecting with their target audiences. The platform features an ever-expanding library of email templates to choose from, as well as landing page designs built expressly to increase conversions.

The dashboard is simple to use due to visual processes that assist you in mapping out trigger-based campaigns. There is a free option for up to 300 members, however, it excludes the automatic sequences and funnels. To set it up, you’ll need to sign up for the next plan up, which begins at $15 a month for 300 members.

5. Cake Mail

Create your own cost-effective Email Marketing branded templates (or pick from a library of professionally created ones) and manage your subscribers using Cake Mail’s grouping and segmentation tools.

Cake Mail’s goal is simplicity, enabling novices to concentrate on their message rather than worrying about design abilities. You may join up for a free plan to test whether you enjoy the platform. However, the Cost-effective Email Marketing plan begins at $8 a month for up to 500 subscribers and 6,000 email sends.

6. MailerLite

MailerLite is a simple platform with extensive features. The design options enable you to create branded and Cost-effective Email Marketing templates and landing pages, while automation, customization, and segmentation enable you to develop deeper connections with your subscribers.

You may also A/B test ads and leverage sophisticated audience data to better understand the individuals you’re communicating with. A free plan is available for up to 1,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails sends each month. When you hit that level, you’ll be upgraded to the $10/month plan, with costs rising as you get more members.

7. GetResponse

GetResponse Cost-effective Email Marketing gives all the tools you need to send out one-time broadcasts and construct continuous email campaigns. It includes ready-to-use autoresponders, trigger-based email templates, strong segmentation options, and professionally designed templates to guarantee your emails are appealing and engaging.

Best 13 Cost-effective Email Marketing Campaigns | CIO Women Magazine

To begin, you may take advantage of a 30-day free trial. Basic email functions and up to 500 contacts are included in the forever-free plan. After that, the most affordable option begins at $19 per month.

8. SendGrid

Another Cost-effective Email Marketing solution to consider is SendGrid. It was created with developers and marketers in mind to assist them in creating and sending compelling email campaigns. It includes all of the standard capabilities, such as email automation, registration forms, pre-made landing page templates, A/B testing, and advanced insights.

The free plan allows you to send 6,000 emails to 2,000 contacts every month. Alternatively, more sophisticated options start at $15 per month. The good news is that SendGrid charges based on emails delivered rather than contacts saved. (Just like Sendinblue!)

9. Aweber

Aweber’s AI-powered design assistant assists you in creating attractive and branded emails in minutes. The platform also includes a drag-and-drop template builder and landing page editor to ensure that all of your content is consistent. There’s also a robust automation tool and a campaign marketplace where you can import high-performing campaigns to utilize as a guide into your account.

A free plan is available for up to 500 customers. Prices begin at $19.99 per month after that.

10. Moosend

Moosend is another Cost-effective Email Marketing provider that has all of the tools you need to produce attractive campaigns that convert. You may use pre-made templates to construct branded landing pages, send automated emails depending on subscriber behavior, and use the e-commerce AI tool to increase sales.

Snapshot of the Moosend automation dashboard.

Moosend no longer provides a free plan, but instead a 30-day free trial. Although the free trial contains the majority of the platform’s features and operations, it does not enable you to send transactional emails. Premium plans for 500 contacts start at $9 per month.

11. Omnisend

Omnisend’s Cost-effective Email Marketing automatic workflow templates, pre-made dynamic forms, and professionally-designed email templates enable you to quickly and effortlessly create eye-catching email campaigns. Additional capabilities include a simple drag-and-drop editor, SMS marketing, and strong e-commerce segmentation tools.

Omnisend’s newsletter drag-and-drop editor in action.

The free plan allows you to send up to 500 emails each month, with subscription options beginning at $16 per month and escalating as your subscriber list grows.

12. SendPulse

SendPulse is a multi-channel marketing platform that offers a Cost-effective Email Marketing solution. There’s a drag-and-drop email editor for creating customized newsletters, as well as automation and customization options for effortlessly and effectively communicating with your readers.

Best 13 Cost-effective Email Marketing Campaigns | CIO Women Magazine

The free plan allows you to save up to 500 subscribers but is restricted in terms of functionality. Paid plans, on the other hand, begin at a relatively affordable $8 per month.

13. Mailjet

With Mailjet’s simple features, you can create relevant emails that engage your subscribers. Create responsive emails in minutes with pre-made templates, manage and segment your audience so you can deliver the correct message to the right people, and track campaign performance with sophisticated analytics.

You may send up to 6,000 emails every month or 200 emails per day with the free plan. Do you want to send more? The basic paid plan is $15 per month and includes 15,000 emails with no daily sending restriction. Mailjet, like Sendinblue, based its cost on the number of subscribers you have. Overall, it’s a high-quality alternative to Cost-effective Email Marketing software.



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