9 Creative Office Christmas Party Themes

Best 9 Creative Office Christmas Party Themes | CIO Women Magazine

Here are 9 Creative Office Christmas Party Themes;

1. Virtual Holiday Party Fully Hosted

If your workplace is remote or hybrid, you may schedule a fully hosted Creative Office Christmas Party Themes with us. Our knowledgeable presenters will lead you and your employees through a variety of enjoyable holiday-themed games and activities.

Best 9 Creative Office Christmas Party Themes | CIO Women Magazine

The event is held on Zoom, however, event types are also available for Webex, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and other platforms. Every year, we host hundreds of corporate Christmas parties for customers such as Apple, Amazon, and Google. Our events have received tens of thousands of five-star ratings, and your team will have a Fantastic Time as well!

2. Gingerbread Battles (Holiday Favorite)

Gingerbread Wars is a great Creative Office Christmas Party Themes. The 90-minute event includes exciting, holiday-themed games and activities conducted by a professional host. In addition, for the competition, we supply gingerbread decorating kits!

Our host may transport gingerbread house kits to your workplace or event site for in-person Gingerbread Wars. We supply gingerbread people kits to your virtual event attendees ahead of time. In either case, your team will have a great time!

3. Deckers in the Secret Hall

Secret Hall Deckers is a combination of a desk decoration competition and Secret Santa. Employees are teamed up for this exercise. Instead of exchanging gifts, volunteers decorate the desks of their allocated coworkers.

Best 9 Creative Office Christmas Party Themes | CIO Women Magazine

You may plan time windows when the assigned employee must be gone from the desk and swear nearby employees to secrecy to prevent destroying the surprise and making the game less hectic. Participants must estimate whose colleague decorated the area after viewing the decorations.

4. Animal Party

Many businesses invite workers’ families to the Creative Office Christmas Party Themes, but few firms offer the same invitation to team members’ canine companions. The majority of workers like having animals in the workplace.

You may host a pet-friendly party that puts your feline and canine pals in the spotlight. We suggest hosting a separate party for cats and dogs or opting for the most common pet option. Ensure that all pets are adequately vaccinated and get along with other animals. You may also plan appointments for the dogs to attend and enjoy the festivities to prevent any scuffles.

5. Ugly Sweater Station

One of the most entertaining Creative Office Christmas Party Themes ideas is to set up an ugly sweater station. Encourage staff to attend dressed in a basic sweater or T-shirt on holiday party invites. After that, add accessories like felt shapes, string lights, ribbons, and ornaments. If you have a talented team that doesn’t mind constantly changing their clothes, you can even set up fabric or paint marketplaces.

To encourage participation, hold an ugly sweater contest and present a reward to the most inventive outfit. To vote, you may offer visitors stickers and have them put one on their favorite sweater, or you can go the traditional method and utilize ballots.

Throw in a few oddball items like toy squirrels, stick-on mustaches, or rubber chickens for added amusement.

6. Christmas Cocktail Mixology

Corporate The bars at Creative Office Christmas Party Themes are well-known. Mixing up festive drinks might help workers get into the holiday mood.

Best 9 Creative Office Christmas Party Themes | CIO Women Magazine

To begin, choose a few seasonal drinks like peppermint martinis, spiked gingerbread eggnog, and gin poinsettia punch. Then, hire a bartender to show you how to mix the beverages. Mixology classes are more interactive than just having a seasonal-themed bar. Employees also learn how to make the cocktails so they can wow their friends and family at additional Christmas cocktail gatherings. Furthermore, the exercise is a shared experience that might aid in team bonding.

7. Christmas Parade

Christmas Carnivals are one of the most participatory Creative Office Christmas Party Themes, and they are delightful if children attend. Set up Christmas-themed gaming booths first. Throwing snowballs to knock over milk jugs, wreath ring toss, and darts at inflatable Christmas decorations are among examples. Make festive prizes available, such as enormous candy canes, plush reindeer, and bedazzled Santa hats.

8. Silent (Night) Disco

One of the most surprising alternative Creative Office Christmas Party Themes is silent (night) discos. Provide personnel with headphones for this activity. Traditionally, wireless headphones are used during silent discos, and DJs transmit music directly to listeners. If you do not have access to this kind of technology or have a limited budget, you may alternatively request that participants bring their own music to listen to via smartphone or iPod.

9. Pajama Get-Together

Cocktail attire/black tie is often required for Christmas gatherings. Many people’s favorite part of Christmas is curling up on the sofa and unwrapping gifts in their pj’s. If your company’s mood is more relaxed than formal, try hosting a pajama party for your Christmas event is one of the best Creative Office Christmas Party Themes.

Best 9 Creative Office Christmas Party Themes | CIO Women Magazine

Simply ask participants to wear seasonal-themed pajamas or their coziest pair. You may give a reward to the best-dressed person. Serve Christmas-Themed breakfast items such as gingerbread French toast and omelets with red and green peppers. Make sure you have enough seasonally flavored coffee and hot chocolate.



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