6 Tips to Watch Out for Credit Fraud During Holiday Season

6 Important credit fraud prevention tips for holiday season | CIO Women Magazine

Joy, festivity, and the exchange of presents characterize the period of year known as the Christmas season. On the other hand, this is also a common period for fraudulent activity involving credit cards. Criminals that commit fraud are well aware of the fact that during the Christmas season, individuals have a tendency to spend more money, and they take advantage of this fact in order to steal personal information and make illegal transactions. In the following paragraphs, we will go over six credit fraud prevention tips for holiday season.

Here are 6 credit fraud prevention tips for holiday season;

Tip 1: Keep an Eye on Your Credit Card Statements

During the Christmas season, one of the most essential things you can do to credit fraud prevention tips for holiday season is to pay careful attention to the statements that come with your credit cards. Make it a habit to periodically review your bank statements to confirm that all the transactions shown are accurate. You should immediately report any suspicious behavior, such as transactions made with your credit card that you did not make, to the company that issued your credit card.

You can also set up alerts on your credit card account, which will warn you when specific sorts of transactions take place, such as purchases that exceed a particular amount. For example, if you spend more than a certain amount on anything, you will get an alert. You will be alerted immediately about anything suspicious that occurs on your account, allowing you to respond appropriately without delay.

Tip 2: Be Wary of Emails and Phone Calls Asking for Personal Information

During the Christmas season, con artists often pose as genuine organizations or financial institutions and contact people by phone or email, asking for personal information such as their social security number or credit card information. They could tell you that they need this information to validate your account or to complete a payment in order to do any of those things.

6 Important credit fraud prevention tips for holiday season | CIO Women Magazine

But, keep in mind that respectable companies and financial institutions would never ask for your personal information over the phone or by email. This is a very crucial fact to keep in mind. Do not submit any personal information if you get an unsolicited phone call or email that seems suspicious. Instead, validate the request by getting in touch with the company or the financial institution directly by calling or sending an email to a number or address that you are certain is genuine.

Tip 3: Use Secure Websites for Online Purchases

Throughout the holiday season, one of the most time- and labor-saving credit fraud prevention tips for holiday season to buy presents is to do it via online shopping; nevertheless, one must exercise extreme caution while doing so. When you shop online, protect yourself from the risk of having your credit card information stolen by ensuring that you only visit secure websites.

Check the address bar of your online browser for an emblem that looks like a padlock. This will let you know whether or not the website you’re visiting uses a secure connection. You should also verify the website’s URL to confirm that it starts with “https” rather than “http,” which shows that the website is using encryption to safeguard your information. If the URL begins with “http,” then the website is not using encryption to protect your information.

Tip 4: Avoid Public Wi-Fi Networks for Online Purchases

You run the risk of becoming a victim of credit fraud if you use unsecured public Wi-Fi networks like those available in public places like airports or coffee shops. When you utilize these networks to make transactions online, your personal information is at risk of being intercepted by criminals who are attempting to commit fraud.

6 Important credit fraud prevention tips for holiday season | CIO Women Magazine

If you want to keep your personal information safe, credit fraud prevention tips for holiday season are that you should steer clear of utilizing public Wi-Fi networks for online shopping. Instead, you should utilize a reliable mobile network or your home’s private, encrypted network.

Tip 5: Be Careful When Using ATMs

During the Christmas season, using an ATM to withdraw cash might be a quick method to get cash, but if you aren’t attentive, using an ATM can also be dangerous. When you enter your credit card into an automated teller machine (ATM), fraudulent actors who have installed skimming devices may get your credit card information.

Credit fraud prevention tips for holiday season While utilizing automated teller machines (ATMs), use caution for your own safety. Examine the device carefully for any telltale evidence of manipulation, such as missing or additional components. While entering your personal identification number (PIN), be sure that no one may see it by covering the keyboard. In addition, if you use an ATM and then detect any unusual activity on your account, you should contact the credit card company that issued your card as soon as possible.

Tip 6: Keep Your Personal Information Safe

In conclusion of credit fraud prevention tips for holiday season, it is essential to ensure the security of your personal information over the Christmas season. This includes not just the information associated with your credit card but also your social security number, address, and any other sensitive information you may have provided.

6 Important credit fraud prevention tips for holiday season | CIO Women Magazine

Be aware of phishing emails and phone calls to preserve the privacy of your personal information; shred any papers that include personal information before throwing them away; and don’t carry any superfluous documents or cards that contain sensitive information in your wallet or handbag. You should also avoid using the same password for many accounts and instead consider utilizing a secure password manager to save all of your passwords instead of using the same password for each account.


You should be aware that there is an increased danger of credit fraud over the Christmas season, but if you follow these six credit fraud prevention tips for holiday season, you can help protect yourself and your wallet from potential harm. Remember to carefully monitor your credit card statements, be wary of emails and phone calls asking for personal information, make use of secure websites when making online purchases, steer clear of public Wi-Fi networks, exercise caution when using automated teller machines, and protect your personal information. You may enjoy the Christmas season without having to be concerned about becoming a victim of credit fraud if you remain cautious and take the safeguards listed above.



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