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The architectural industry has evolved dramatically from its early days, expanding beyond mere structural designs to embody the innovative fusion of functionality and artistic expression. As the field has grown, so has its leaders’ diversity. Women have increasingly taken the helm in this traditionally male-dominated field, bringing fresh perspectives and transformative ideas that challenge conventional boundaries. Their rise in architecture reflects a broader shift towards inclusivity in professional realms and highlights the critical role of visionary leadership in shaping our built environments.

Dawn Christine, the Owner of Dawn Christine Architect PLLC, is one such trailblazing figure. Known for her experiential approach to architecture, Christine crafts spaces that transcend traditional aesthetics, offering a harmonious blend of form and function that resonates deeply with clients’ aspirations. Her firm’s commitment to understanding and transforming the human experience through architectural design sets her apart as a luminary in the field. As an inspirational woman in business, Christine not only shapes skylines but also paves the way for future generations of women leaders in architecture, demonstrating that creativity and leadership know no bounds.

Architectural Journey

Christine’s professional journey commenced during high school when she explored fashion marketing and interior design at a summer camp in Miami. Encouraged by her father’s suggestion, she pursued architecture, which led her to the University of Florida for her undergraduate studies and later to NC State for graduate school. Following the birth of her son, she balanced motherhood while launching Crossworks, a contemporary Christian art business, before returning to complete her architectural degree.

After a critical decision to prioritize her studies, she joined a local architect in Raleigh, where she honed her skills for 16 years. Despite challenges, including a divorce and financial constraints, Christine felt an internal push to pursue her passion for design. With a leap of faith, she founded her firm, Dawn Christine, Architect PLLC, and embarked on a journey marked by notable projects, collaborations, and industry recognition. 

Overcoming Challenges

Throughout Christine’s journey from being a young single mother and student to becoming a successful woman leader, she encountered numerous challenges. Drawing from her upbringing, where her mother instilled resilience through busy schedules and extracurricular activities, Christine learned early on to persevere through setbacks. As a competitive figure skater, she embraced the experience of falling, bruising, and enduring pain without letting it deter her.

These formative experiences shaped her approach to difficulties, emphasizing the importance of resilience and determination. Additionally, Christine’s faith played a significant role in her coping mechanism. Anchored by biblical verses such as James 1:2-4, which encouraged her to consider trials as opportunities for growth, and Romans 8:28, which reinforced her belief that all things work together for good, Christine found strength and purpose in her adversities. Armed with this mindset, she faced challenges head-on, viewing them as stepping stones toward personal and professional growth.

Roles & Responsibilities

Christine is responsible for directing all design decisions from conceptualization to final documentation. As the primary creative force, she ensures that each project reflects her vision and direction, overseeing both creative and technical aspects to maintain cohesion throughout the process. While she collaborates with an associate architect for structural considerations, Christine’s meticulous involvement guarantees the fidelity of the design to her initial creative idea. 

Differentiating Factors

1. Experiential Design Approach

Christine is recognized as an experiential architect, crafting buildings with a unique focus on how individuals “experience” space and form. Unlike traditional architects who prioritize form before space, Christine’s approach begins from the inside out, considering each client’s needs and the emotional journey through the architecture. By layering perspectives and creating a multi-dimensional canvas, she shapes environments that inspire and evoke emotion, turning homes into inviting spaces for sacred and everyday moments.

2. Comprehensive VII Phase Design Process

The firm’s VII Phase Design Process is lauded by clients for its clarity and effectiveness. Starting with the Needs and Options Review, the process establishes project expectations and empowers clients with 3-dimensional visualizations to experience their spaces before construction begins. From conceptualization to final drawings for permit and construction, Christine transitions seamlessly from artist to engineer, ensuring that each detail is meticulously addressed to bring clients’ dreams to life.

3. Proven Track Record

Numerous positive client reviews confirm the firm’s ability to exceed expectations and deliver dream homes. Clients praise Christine for her expertise, industry experience, and personalized approach, which results in seamless experiences from design through execution. With a keen focus on listening to clients’ wants, dreams, and budget constraints, Christine consistently produces innovative design solutions that delight her clients.

4. Unique Pre-design Service

The firm offers a valuable pre-design service, the Needs and Options Review, addressing common challenges in project communication and feasibility assessment. This service helps clients articulate their ideas effectively, define project constraints, and understand design and budget requirements upfront. By providing clarity and confidence early in the project development process, the Needs and Options Review streamlines decision-making. It sets clients on a solid path toward realizing their project vision.

Unique Design Approach 

Dawn Christine Architect PLLC offers a distinctive seven-phase design process, beginning with a conceptual exploration that transitions from broad artistic strokes to technical engineering considerations. Setting themselves apart, the firm employs a 3D-centric approach, where every drawing is rendered in three dimensions to allow clients to envision and experience the design’s beauty and functionality fully. Unlike conventional practices, where reliance on 2D renderings can lead to discrepancies during construction, Dawn Christine Architect PLLC ensures clarity by providing detailed 3D models that guide contractors and engineers to bring the creative vision to life accurately.

Christine’s background in fine arts and her unconventional design philosophy, influenced by her studies at the University of Florida and her thesis on “Architecture:  Experiencing art through space and time” at NC State, shapes her approach. Emphasizing the experiential aspect of architecture, her designs transcend mere structures, evoking emotions and challenging conventional norms. This unique perspective has garnered praise and acclaim, with clients appreciating the transformation of ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences.

Strategic Design Approach

Dawn Christine Architect PLLC offers a structured predesign phase, initiating client meetings, vision drafting, and detailed analysis; each stage will span two weeks. The core feature is the “Needs and Options Review,” developed to help clients who struggle to convey their project ideas and understand feasibility without expensive architectural plans. This service facilitates clear communication, allowing architects to thoroughly assess and refine client needs and explore optimal design options. 

It also gives clients early insights into design and budget requirements, enhancing confidence and decision-making with minimal investment. The firm’s ideal client is open to creativity and views challenges as opportunities, qualities that have helped shape the firm into an ‘Award-Winning Architecture Company.

Integrating Technology

Dawn Christine, Architect PLLC embraces technology to enhance its design offerings, mainly through comprehensive three-dimensional modeling. Unlike traditional practices where interior design may be outsourced, the firm ensures cohesion by concurrently designing interior and exterior spaces. This unified approach eliminates potential conflicts between design teams, resulting in a seamless and harmonious final product.

Looking to the future, Dawn Christine Architect PLLC is expanding its technological capabilities by integrating virtual reality into its services. This innovative addition will allow clients to experience designs in immersive virtual environments, further enhancing their understanding and appreciation of the proposed spaces. Christine is actively working on implementing this technology, aiming to provide clients with an even more immersive and engaging design experience.

Qualities of a Woman Leader

Christine reflects on the ideal qualities of a woman leader, emphasizing the need for a delicate balance between firmness and gentleness. Recognizing women’s challenges in asserting themselves, she underscores the importance of confidence and accuracy in communication to command respect and direction.

However, Christine believes a woman’s leadership success stems from her nurturing and empathetic nature. Clients often seek her expertise as a woman architect for her understanding of spatial dynamics and family needs. Leveraging her broad background and experiences, Christine incorporates thoughtful considerations into her designs, anticipating future needs and enhancing client satisfaction. 

Confronting Gender Barriers

As a woman leader in architecture, Christine has encountered significant challenges, particularly in overcoming gender-related barriers. Early in her career, she faced resistance from male counterparts, including a builder who initially refused to heed her advice on one of her projects. Despite such obstacles, Christine remained steadfast, recognizing the importance of patience and perseverance in building bridges and fostering collaboration. Over time, her efforts paid off, as the same builder who once dismissed her input became a trusted confidant seeking her advice. 

Perspective on Feminism

Christine defines feminism as embodying a quiet strength, blending gentleness with unspoken resilience. For her, it’s about demonstrating inner fortitude through actions rather than aggressive assertions. This nuanced view emphasizes the power of subtle yet unmistakable feminine strength.

Nurturing Team

Beyond her professional duties, Christine prioritizes creating a supportive and enjoyable work environment for her team. She emphasizes a solid work-life balance by implementing a unique schedule where employees technically work three days a week, with Mondays and Fridays optional. This approach fosters productivity, allowing for fruitful and enjoyable workdays.

With a commitment to family and work-life integration, Christine extends her nurturing approach to her employees, treating them as friends or even like her children. She organizes occasional fun activities and ensures that workloads are manageable, prioritizing the well-being of her team alongside client demands. Through her leadership, Christine cultivates a workplace culture characterized by camaraderie, support, and a shared commitment to excellence.

Building Lasting Connections

Christine cherishes the meaningful relationships she builds with clients throughout the design process. Understanding the importance of getting to know her clients personally, she ensures that their unique preferences and lifestyles are reflected in the final design. Christine’s genuine care for people translates into a deep commitment to creating projects that exceed her client’s expectations. As a result, many of her clients become friends after the project’s completion. She fondly recalls a recent interaction with a client, the first major renovation project she undertook, who reached out from London to share his admiration for a building’s architecture. 

Achieving Excellence

Christine modestly reflects on her journey, focusing not on achievements but on pursuing excellence that propels her forward. However, several notable milestones stand out. She had the opportunity to contribute to the film “Beyond the Block,” discussing the development of Cary and collaborating with producers in California. Her work was featured in Cary Magazine, garnering recognition for a project and subsequently winning awards across various platforms.

Building on this success, Dawn Christine embarked on an international venture, traveling to New Zealand with her daughters, Dezarae and Dakota, to launch “Design Talk.” This new endeavor encompasses a YouTube channel and social media platforms to engage design enthusiasts and potential clients in discussions about design. Through this initiative, Christine not only shares her expertise but also imparts business knowledge to her daughters while offering valuable insights to a broader audience in an approachable and enjoyable manner.

Source of Inspiration

When asked about her source of inspiration, Christine reflects on her faith and points to Jesus as her ultimate role model. She admires his blend of strength, truthfulness, kindness, and love, which broke through barriers in a remarkable way. Christine sees Jesus as the embodiment of timeless characteristics like truth, strength, love, gentleness, kindness, and endurance—qualities that have contributed to her success and that she strives to emulate and impart to others.

Advice for Aspiring Women Leaders

Dawn Christine offers resolute advice for aspiring women entrepreneurs or leaders: “Go big or go home.” Encouraging them to aim high and pursue their dreams without fear, she emphasizes the importance of utilizing their talents and gifts to the fullest. Drawing from her faith, Christine highlights the significance of giving one’s best effort in all endeavors, guided by the principle of doing everything unto a higher authority. She urges young women to persevere and maintain unwavering dedication, reminding them that success comes to those who give their all and refuse to give up.


“Design is not about the four walls; rather, it is about an artistic experience through space and time in which one’s sensibilities are both tuned and in tune at once.”

Dawn Christine



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