10 Best Cloud Computing Service Providers in the World

10 Best Cloud Computing Service Providers in the World | CIO Women Magazine

The Information Technology (IT) framework has changed a lot in recent times. It is web-based computing that businesses implement in order to have cloud computing resources such as virtual machines, memory, databases, storage, events, and pay-as-you-go. Traditional computing made you pay if you used any such resources. Like we use electricity meters in our houses, this one calculates the usage and accordingly, you have to pay for the same. This has brought about a major shift in how businesses store, access, and process data. It allows to access data from cloud servers and makes sure to provide the optimum convenience. 

The digital infrastructure has become way better since the invasion of cloud computing. It is an economical and good solution for up-scale business operations. This increases the rate of success of the business and gives a chance for quick growth too. 

Here we bring to you the 10 best cloud computing service providers in the world;

1. Amazon Web Services

10 Best Cloud Computing Service Providers in the World | CIO Women Magazine

Amazon is one of the topmost cloud computing service providers in the world. It provides high-security cloud-based tools that are exemplary and different from other cloud platforms. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides more than 200 feature-loaded services that include storage, database, and computing. These services easily develop scalable, reliable, and secure applications. This platform keeps updating new services in order to catch more reach and provide more advantages to the users. 

2. Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is the third largest cloud computing platform in the world. It is a leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI), data analytics and machine learning, and much more. It enables developers to develop, and test applications on its extensible infrastructure. GCP acts as an integrated repository that is used by enterprises to their advantage and process live data. Payment plans are flexible for users, and who wish for a demo, a free trial plan exists too.   

3. Microsoft Azure

Integrated and hybrid artificial intelligence capabilities are provided by the company for users. Microsoft Azure is one of the most recognized cloud computing providers in the world. This one is a strong competitor of Amazon Web Services. Companies with top-notch facilities and huge data centers can immensely benefit from the services that Microsoft Azure provides. Similar to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), it also provides a free trial pack for one month for users to try, which eventually converts into a buying decision. It allows the designing and, managing of applications via a worldwide network. 

4. Salesforce

10 Best Cloud Computing Service Providers in the World | CIO Women Magazine

It is a top-rated cloud computing service provider in the world. With a variety of services, like mobile applications to customer service, CRM, and ERP, the organization offers all in one platform. The best cloud services provided by Salesforce are buying cloud, selling cloud, and marketing cloud. The service cloud helps in the delivery of optimized customer services while the sales cloud allows for the best handling of customer information and protects their data from malware attacks. 

5. VMware

It is famously known as the global leader in cloud infrastructure and virtualization. This is known as a safe cloud platform wherein networking, storage, computing, and disaster recovery services are provided to consumers all over the globe. It contributes to cost-cutting and diminishes IT involution while providing agile services to business owners. VMware mainly focuses on increasing the sales revenue of the organizations while minimizing operational expenses too. 

6. Red Hat

Among the Cloud computing space, is another organization that provides integrated and flexible solutions to business organizations. With the help of this, you can modernize, update and manage your business applications. It gives the feature of multi-tasking via a single platform. It gives the flexibility of developing, hosting, and launching applications in a lesser time. It is well-recognized for the flexibility it provides in operations and a sense of freedom too. 

7. Alibaba Cloud

This Singapore-based organization is known as the fourth largest cloud computing provider in the world. It carries pride in showing off a durable infrastructure for cloud computing and gives a variety of computing services to users. Some important services provided by Alibaba are big data analytics, management services, large-scale computing, and network visualization. 

8. Verizon Cloud

10 Best Cloud Computing Service Providers in the World | CIO Women Magazine

Emphasizing the workload and high performance with providing an adequate amount of security too, Verizon Loud cannot be ignored when going through the cloud computing services list. It gives specificity in choosing the desired cloud services required by the businesses and fulfills their needs. Verizon Cloud also ensures your high data integrity and keeps the data secure from getting hacked or any malware attacks.  The security and speed of this one keep others at a distance from this one. 

9. Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud is also one of the world’s leading cloud computing companies. It began late but has grown in popularity over the years. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Oracle Cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) are two of the company’s key cloud service offerings. Oracle Cloud offers users storage, networking, and computing services. The company is continually developing in a competitive field and receiving positive feedback for its cloud platform.  

10. IBM Cloud

The detailed research and study of the IBM Cloud enable it to provide solutions to the technology sector. It gives Saas, PaaS, and laaS through various cloud delivery systems. This provides users to choose the desired data model, delivery models, and tools for creating applications that are way ahead of time. They focus on giving the best to provide value to your business. 


Cloud computing has become the lingo in recent times. Organizations require to use the same in order to save a lot of their important and large-in-quantity data. Data is the backbone of any organization. Past performances, current market trends, competitors’ analysis, and new strategies to introduce products or services into the market, all of this is stored in cloud computing. Hence, the amount of security, flexibility, and diligence required to use the same is substantial. Storing, processing, and sharing of information has become extremely easy due to the cloud computing service providers, and will continue to grow in the future.  



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