Logo Magic: 7 Secrets to Crafting an Unforgettable Brand Symbol

7 Secrets to Designing a Memorable Logo That Stands Out | CIO Women Magazine

The logo, a small yet powerful symbol, represents the essence of your company or brand. It is an important part of your graphic profile and the physical image of you that you want all your target groups to recognize. The logo also connects to the values you build in your brand strategy. 

But how do you go about designing a memorable logo? It can be a bit of a scary process to embark on. Creating a brand new logo or modernizing the one you already have that is already on facades, printed matter, etc., or is going there, is a costly story that has to be done right from the start. But there are some simple rules and basic principles to stick to. 

This article highlights 7 tips on how to create a good logo. If you follow these tips, you will be well on your way to creating a logo that will be really good.

Here are seven tips for designing a memorable logo:

1. Simplicity

A good logo should be simple in form and easy to recognize. The best logos are straightforward yet unique in their expression, conveying what the company or brand stands for in just a few seconds. This holds true even for complex industries. Just look at how a metal logo manages to be both intricate and instantly recognizable. Its simple and distinctive swoosh ensures it’s recognizable even on a highway.

2. Memorable

7 Secrets to Designing a Memorable Logo That Stands Out | CIO Women Magazine

The second rule closely follows simplicity. Is the logo easy to recognize and remember? Can the viewer understand it in just a few seconds? This is strongly linked to simplicity. When you create a logo, its design should be clean and simple. This clarity makes it easier to remember.

3. Logo that appeals to your target audience

You might think you have the best-looking logo on the market. But it doesn’t matter; it’s your target audience that you have to care about. We are always influenced by what we see, whether it is conscious or not. Even if you think your target audience has no opinion about your logo’s appearance, you should always keep them in mind.  Remember, an audience analysis will serve you well. 

4. Timeless

A truly great logo is timeless. Avoid following temporary trends in color choices, fonts, and graphics. Your logo should aim to be just as effective and relevant in 10 or 20 years as it is today. Coca-Cola is a prime example of a timeless logo; its basic shape remains the same as it was over 100 years ago, though it has evolved slightly over time. 

5. Versatility

7 Secrets to Designing a Memorable Logo That Stands Out | CIO Women Magazine

By versatile while designing a memorable logo, we mean that your logo should be easy to use across various formats. It should work well in very small sizes, such as on business cards or pens, as well as in large formats. Don’t forget to consider how it looks on digital screens, too. Some colors, for example, may look fine in print but don’t translate well to illuminated digital displays.

6. Appropriateness

Does the logo embody the right values and fit the company or brand? Take into consideration the keyword that will best describe your brand. When there is a brand strategy, initiate it from the core values of the brand, its position, and its personality so as to communicate the right feeling through the logo. Let it have that “you” feel. The font, expression style, colors, and symbols must speak of you and express your being.

7. Avoid Cliches 

It is generally not seen as practical to display a logo alone; when the logo appears in context, it really starts to make sense. Nonetheless, it should at the same time convey something about your main business reason by itself. It is quite rare for a logo to directly illustrate what a company does. You don’t have to put a computer on your logo if you’re selling computers. Though this may seem clever, remember there are likely already about one thousand other computer vendors who had the same idea. Can you do it in an even more original way? Similarly, introducing a globe to indicate that you operate globally is another instance where such thinking applies.

7 Secrets to Designing a Memorable Logo That Stands Out | CIO Women Magazine

Avoid clichés and instead focus on conveying the feeling of what the company stands for. 


So there you have it – 7 key tips for designing a memorable logo that really pops. Keep it simple, memorable, and timeless. Make sure it works everywhere and truly fits your brand. And try staying away from those overused ideas! 

With these tips to designing a memorable logo in mind, you’re on the right track to crafting a logo that’ll make your brand shine. Remember, a great logo is like a firm handshake – it leaves a lasting impression. So take your time, get creative, and design something that’ll make people sit up and take notice. 

Happy logo-making!



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