Elise LoSasso: A Leading Realtor Making Waves in Real Estate

Elise LoSasso - Leading Realtor | The Agency | CIO Women Magazine

The real estate industry has undergone a significant transformation, demanding realtors to adapt to changing dynamics in order to meet the evolving needs of clients. Success in this field now relies on innovative approaches and personalized services that set realtors apart and establish them as essential contributors to the industry.

Elise LoSasso, a distinguished realtor with a remarkable journey spanning 7 years, initially faced challenges in a boutique brokerage. With the little money that she had to get started in this career, Elise bought breakfast burritos and would hand them out to high-end renters in the morning on their way to work. While this unique strategy initially took time to yield results, Elise persevered, building her business from scratch and gradually expanding her clientele. Today, she stands among the top 1% of 44,000 Realtors in the state of Colorado and the top 1.5% of all agents nationwide.

Comprehensive Real Estate Services

The Agency was born in Beverly Hills and later moving to New York and Aspen and now has a global presence nationwide with over 100 offices.  The Agency is very aligned with Elise’s commitment to exceptional service and innovation in the real estate landscape. As a distinguished realtor in Denver, she offers a comprehensive suite of services, including residential real estate and co-ownership of Tuck Development, specializing in design, new home construction, and property transformations.

Beyond her role in development, Elise excels in guiding clients through market values, leveraging her substantial social media presence on platforms like Instagram. Her commitment to client satisfaction extends to covering specific expenses out of her pocket, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience for those who choose to work with her.

Embracing Technology for Efficiency

Elise LoSasso leverages technology to enhance business efficiency, relying on a CRM named Follow Up Boss and Wealth Engine within The Agency’s extensive technological platform. This allows her to track client details, stay informed about significant events in clients’ lives, and analyze different markets and demographics for targeted marketing strategies.

Leadership and Empowerment

As a leader, Elise stands out among the rest for her emotionally intelligent and empowering leadership style. While not leading a team directly, she values her “girl gang,” including her executive assistant Kelsey, and personal assistant and house manager, Dani. Open communication, recognition of accomplishments, and a transparent work culture define Elise’s approach to leadership.

Confronting Challenges and Inspiring Others

Elise acknowledges the persistent gender biases in the real estate industry. Despite facing stereotypes and challenges based on her appearance and gender, she emphasizes the importance of results and work ethic in proving one’s professional competence. She encourages aspiring entrepreneurs, especially women, to believe in themselves, stay teachable, and embrace confidence.

Balancing Work and Life

Recognizing the demanding nature of real estate, Elise advocates for a realistic approach to work-life balance. In the past two years, she has actively prioritized self-love and self-care, engaging in activities like hiking, working out, riding horses, and disconnecting entirely during stressful times.

Elise LoSasso’s journey in real estate is a testament to resilience, innovation, and a commitment to empowering others, especially women. Her story inspires aspiring entrepreneurs to believe in their capabilities and break through barriers in pursuit of their dreams.

Ignore Naysayers for Sky’s the Limit

As a woman entrepreneur, founder, and leader, Elise urges aspiring women entrepreneurs to ‘believe in yourself.’ Moreover, the sky’s the limit. Ignoring the naysayers who kept warning her against pursuing a career in real estate, given the competitive environment and her lack of sales background, she was resolute. She is determined to create strides in the industry.

“Don’t listen to anybody else. Listen to you; give it a shot. If it doesn’t work out for you, it will lead you down a path for something that will”

Elise LoSasso. 

She further urges people to believe in their instincts and stay open to learning. Whenever she feels down, she looks up to senior and veteran women leaders in Denver and reaches out to them for advice, as they have faced and overcome challenges in a rather tougher, more male-dominated era. “Stay teachable and have confidence – the sky’s the limit,” concludes Elise.



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