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At the heart of any successful company lies its invaluable asset – its workforce. The pitfalls of toxic work culture often stem from misplaced expectations, a topic frequently explored in articles and interviews. The question arises: is the employee truly incompetent (unlikely – after all, you hired them), or has the company failed to unlock their full potential by diverting them from their expertise (more likely)? 

To answer this, TyAnn Osborn, a visionary leader and strengths coach, champions the belief that every individual within a company possesses unique strengths. And when harnessed correctly, these strengths can lead to unparalleled success for the company. With a mission to propagate this straightforward yet profound concept, Ty has become one of the top women leader coaches, dedicating her expertise to shaping corporate environments globally.

About TyAnn Osborn

Ty is a beacon of transformational guidance and empowerment in the realm of personal and professional development. Serving as a success guide and strengths guru, she is dedicated to accompanying individuals on their journey towards being the best they can be. Through her innovative strengths-based training and coaching, she unlocks the untapped potential within leaders and employees, allowing them to recognize the inherent value of their unique abilities. 

TyAnn’s approach fosters heightened engagement, strengthened relationships, and an authentic presence in daily life. With a wealth of experience, she has positively impacted the lives of thousands, architecting stronger, more fulfilling paths for those under her guidance.

TyAnn’s Diverse Range of Services

  • Strengths-based Workshops
  • 6 Month Executive Coaching
  • Conference Keynotes & Breakouts

Educational & Professional Blueprint for Entrepreneurship

TyAnn Osborn’s educational and professional journey is a testament to her dynamic style, expertise and adaptability. Armed with a BBA in Economics and Management from Baylor University and an MBA from St. Edward’s University, she embarked on a career that blended academic prowess with practical experience. Her professional journey began at a management consulting firm, where she discovered a passion for solving problems quickly. This early experience planted the seeds for her aspirations of establishing her own consulting company.

Excelling in process improvement assignments at PepsiCo’s food distribution division and Dell Technologies became the canvas for most of her corporate endeavors. Following a rewarding tenure, Ty transitioned to Michael and Susan Dell’s private family foundation, where she crafted a global human resources function and collaborated closely with employees and grantees around the world. 

Ultimately, after five impactful years, the time ripened for Ty to channel her wealth of experience into her venture. However, she acknowledges that her most profound lessons stem from real-world experiences and the wisdom imparted by others, emphasizing the dynamic interplay between education and hands-on learning in shaping her entrepreneurial journey.

From Corporate Insights to Personal Empowerment

While working at the corporate organizations, Ty noticed a common issue in performance evaluations – too much focus on what employees lacked, with little attention to their strengths. The idea of making everyone well-rounded often meant moving them away from what they were good at or had interest in.

In 2001, she discovered the book “Now Discover Your Strengths” by Dr. Don Clifton and Marcus Buckingham, which changed her perspective. It introduced the idea that people can grow a lot in their strengths but only a little in other areas. This realization and the burnout from the demands of corporate life led Ty to start her venture, focusing on helping others rediscover their talents.

What began as a solo venture in 2012 has evolved into a team comprising a bookkeeper, executive assistant, social media manager, and brand and marketing manager. Today, TyAnn’s clientele ranges from nonprofits to Fortune 50 companies and spans industries. This accomplishment results from Ty’s success in instilling the belief that the world of strengths knows no limits in terms of functions or company size.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Beyond her education, a crucial factor shaping TyAnn’s entrepreneurial journey was the profound influence of her mother, who was an English teacher for almost 40 years. Immersed in a world of literature, her mother’s constant references to books ignited TyAnn’s love for reading, shaping her belief that leaders are avid readers. This early passion for learning became a cornerstone of Ty’s philosophy, and she now imparts invaluable advice to her clients, emphasizing the transformative power of dedicating just 30 minutes daily to professional development through reading. 

Furthermore, her entrepreneurship journey is deeply intertwined with her personal life experiences and a steadfast belief in the power of independence. Growing up, she fostered a strong sense of self-reliance, fueled by the notion that achieving anything was possible with determination. This intrinsic belief in the realm of possibilities serves as a guiding force in her entrepreneurial endeavors. As a result, TyAnn is motivated to inspire others who dream of starting their own business. She wants them to know that achieving their entrepreneurial dreams is possible no matter their situation.

TyAnn’s Tale of Trials, Triumphs, and Transformations

Embarking on her entrepreneurial journey after years of hard work in the corporate world, Ty’s first instinct was to take a break, something she had never allowed herself before. Yearning for a lengthy sabbatical, she envisioned time to decompress before delving into the complexities of creating a business. At this point, she lacked a business name, website, pricing model, or a clear outline of her services.

However, her plan for a leisurely break took an unexpected turn. Instead of the anticipated respite, TyAnn found herself immediately sought after by clients eager for her consulting expertise. Though it was a favorable circumstance, it presented a unique challenge: building a business while actively engaged in client work. The necessity of simultaneous creation and implementation proved demanding, reshaping her early entrepreneurial experience. It wasn’t until later that Ty felt she could carve out time for herself by ultimately crafting a life where work was fulfilling rather than necessitating an escape.

In the initial stages, Ty faced the typical entrepreneur’s dilemma—accepting consulting projects that did not align precisely with her desired focus. This early compromise, driven by the fear of financial uncertainty, brought forth the challenge of repositioning herself later for projects aligned with her true passion. She now cautions others about this trap. 

Another challenge that emerged after a few years in business was the need for robust systems and support structures. This limitation hindered growth, forcing TyAnn to spend excessive time in areas of weakness rather than leveraging her strengths. The turning point came when she recognized the need for support in operations, administration, online presence, and brand development, leading to transformative improvements in her business approach.

Leadership Mantra

TyAnn’s leadership philosophy centers around the belief that leadership is an active, ongoing process where awareness of the impact on others is paramount. For her, leading is not confined to managing large groups; it’s a constant responsibility regardless of the scale. 

She underscores the significance of understanding that every action leaves an impression once in a leadership position. Individuals observe and learn from their leader when leading a substantial team or a smaller group. It’s a perpetual influence, and TyAnn advocates for being the kind of leader that others aspire to emulate, fostering an environment where people are drawn towards leadership rather than seeking an escape.

A Strengths-Driven Success Story

The enduring success of Ty’s company can be attributed to her unwavering passion for the work she does—bringing the transformative gift of strengths to the world. It’s not just a job for her; it’s a source of genuine joy and motivation. This profound love for her craft not only lights up TyAnn Osborn’s professional journey but serves as a driving force that propels her forward. Her commitment to sharing invaluable insight into strengths has created a lasting impact, resonating with clients and fostering a sense of fulfillment.

Entrepreneurial Resilience in the Post-Pandemic Era

In the post-pandemic landscape, entrepreneurship has undergone a significant transformation. Remote work has emerged as a prevalent and efficient mode of operation. TyAnn acknowledges that the pandemic acted as a catalyst, hastening the adoption of remote collaboration.

Initially facing a dip in business due to the suspension of live training and speaking engagements, Ty pivoted swiftly in response to client demands for virtual alternatives. This shift not only allowed her to adapt to the new normal but also led to an unexpected boon—she attracted even more clients than before.

The limitations imposed by travel budgets and physical space for in-person events became obsolete, unlocking the potential to serve clients globally without constraints. Now, the virtual realm provides an expansive platform, eliminating geographical barriers and allowing an unlimited number of participants to engage in virtual sessions.

The pandemic-induced changes have redefined the entrepreneurial landscape, showcasing the resilience and adaptability of businesses. TyAnn Osborn’s experience serves as an example of how embracing virtual modes of operation became crucial. It not only sustained her business during challenging times but also opened up unprecedented opportunities for growth. The shift to virtual operations enabled her to expand her outreach on a global scale.

TyAnn’s Quest to A Life Aligned

As an avid reader, Ty always harbored the desire to pen down her life story and share it with the world. If she were to encapsulate her journey, it would bear the title “A Life Aligned,” which is also the name of the book she is currently writing. In this forthcoming work, Ty delves into the challenges of fitting into societal molds, initially feeling at odds with predefined expectations.

The narrative unfolds as a revelation, emphasizing the realization that one size does not fit all and that there exists a unique place in the world for individual gifts. The choice of this title mirrors TyAnn’s narrative of breaking free from the constraints of conformity and aligning her life with her inherent gifts.

Future Horizons

Looking ahead in her consulting journey, TyAnn reflects on past uncertainties about the enduring allure of strengths work. Today, she enthusiastically affirms that helping individuals discover their talents brings boundless joy and energy, propelling her forward. Her passion for the transformative impact of strengths remains steadfast and intensifies over time, revealing a profound connection to the work that transcends monotony. Ty is eager to expand her reach and extend services to a broader clientele each year, with her ambitious vision supported by an exceptional team and collaborative partnerships with fellow strengths experts.

Sound Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

For budding entrepreneurs, TyAnn Osborn offers valuable advice rooted in her journey. Firstly, she encourages those who want to create something of their own to heed that inner whisper. In a world filled with noise, they should tune in, pay attention, and jot down ideas that can add value to the world. Listening to the inner voice and envisioning the contribution one wishes to make sets the foundation for entrepreneurial endeavors.

In navigating the present, Ty advises intentional thinking for those who still need to be in their desired work position. Deliberately consider the skills being acquired, recognizing them as building blocks for the future. Additionally, individuals should acknowledge compliments received at work, as they often unveil hidden talents and areas where one can contribute substantial value.

While embarking on this journey, finding joy and fostering a love for learning is crucial. Rather than rushing through the educational and professional journey, TyAnn Osborn suggests savoring the process and embracing moments of fun and curiosity. Her advice serves as a reminder that the journey is not just about climbing the corporate ladder but also about finding fulfillment and avoiding the pitfalls of burnout.



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