Google TV to offer built-in Free Channels

Google TV to offer built-in Free Channels | CIO Women Magazine

Google TV announced a collaboration with Plex, Haystack News, and Tubi at the start of April. The intention was to make the system’s more than 800 live channels completely free. This is now beginning to go live. With the change, Google TV is taking significant strides towards becoming one of the industry’s top competitors for live TV streaming that is free and ad-supported.

These channels are starting to be available to Google TV users, according to the staff at 9to5Google. That indicates that TV now has access to a tonne of content, much of which is gratis.

A New Tab

Users of Google TV will now discover an updated Live tab. Over 800 live channels will be available for free in this section. These channels are a result of the agreement made with the aforementioned businesses.

You need a Chromecast with Google TV or compatible TVs in order to enjoy the new experience. Brands from Sony, TCL, Hisense, and Philips are available. Later this year, customers of compatible devices will also receive this new update for normal Android TV. But it’s unclear which Android TV devices are genuinely qualified for this. You may already be aware that Google is gradually replacing Android TV with Google TV.

Discover more than 800 free TV channels with Google TV

Variety of Programming

You’ll need to install those applications on your TV if you want to access a channel that is offered by another app. Whether or whether you have it on your device, their content will be included in the guide. You will need to download the app in order to view, though. Currently, a variety of programming is available on the free channels. Incorporated into this are movies, reruns of TV shows, news, reality TV, game shows, daytime TV, etc. Along with local news, there is some Spanish-language and international programming.



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