How To Get Online ESL Students?

6 Best ways To Get Online ESL Students | CIO Women Magazine

So you’ve decided to teach English online as a freelancer? You’ve armed yourself with the necessary teaching certificates, abilities, computer equipment, and excitement. But suddenly you realize you’re missing the crucial to getting your company off the ground: pupils. Don’t be concerned! Let’s look at the finest ways for finding online ESL students and increasing your profits quickly.

When English instructors start freelancing or beginning their own internet company, one of their main worries is how to attract ESL students and expand their customer base. In contrast to working for a school or corporation where students are allocated to you, being a teacherpreneur means you are in control of marketing yourself and establishing your brand.

Although it may involve work and persistence, attracting more private students is not difficult – it all comes down to understanding where and how to sell your programs efficiently. Let’s take a look at how to get private Online ESL Students as freelance instructors.

Here is How To Get Online ESL Students;

1. Make a website or a blog.

Building a strong online presence as a freelance Online ESL Students begins with establishing your own website or blog. A website not only helps you appear more professional, but it also allows you to better promote your credentials and makes it simpler for possible students to contact you.

6 Best ways To Get Online ESL Students | CIO Women Magazine

Pro Tip: Today, it’s not difficult to build a website or blog. You may construct one on your own using user-friendly blog builders such as WordPress or Weebly. Your page does not have to be showy! You can get by with simply a basic, easy-to-navigate website where potential students may plainly read about your history, expertise, and program descriptions.

For some inspiration, check out these 6 great EFL blogs and bloggers!

2. Make use of social media.

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and many more have gone beyond platforms for sharing Christmas images and hilarious pet memes to avenues for learning, networking, and company promotion. You may capture the attention of a larger audience by publishing valuable English grammar advice or developing an online community of language learners on social media.

Andres Bermudez, a Mexican instructor who runs his own Online ESL Students school, can witness how social media has aided in the growth of his company. “My Facebook page is where I discover most of my pupils. “I also publish various flyers or language information in various language learning or teaching groups,” he said.

Keep in mind while utilizing social media that teaching English online as a freelancer is a competitive field! You cannot afford to respond slowly to inquiries about your tutoring services from potential pupils. Make it a point to respond to any inquiries within 24 hours of being contacted, if possible. If you don’t, a potential student will most likely go with the tutor who answered first.

Pro Tip: When it comes to creating a buzz on social media, creativity is essential. Have a wild idea about how to assist students in pronouncing tough sounds? Share it on your social media accounts!

3. Word-of-mouth promotion

Even in the digital era, acquiring more pupils via viva voce never fails when it comes to private Online ESL Students instruction. In fact, many students choose to employ a private tutor who comes highly recommended by a family member or a friend. Hence, remember to tell the individuals in your circles about your Online ESL Students enterprise so that they may spread the news about your lessons to as many people as possible.

6 Best ways To Get Online ESL Students | CIO Women Magazine

Pro Tip: In addition to informing people about your courses, you may be suggested by satisfied students! As Alejandro Olivares, a freelance Venezuelan ESL instructor, notes, “Always remember that your work speaks for itself. If your pupils appreciate how you teach, they will suggest you.”

4. Distribute Flyers

Outside of the internet world, you may promote yourself by distributing fliers or placing business cards in public locations where many people may be interested in learning English, such as schools, community centers, or even workplace reception areas.

Pro Tip #1: Make your fliers eye-catching, vibrant, and readable to attract more attention.

Pro Tip #2: Be sure to display your fliers in a readily visible location.

5. Pay for advertisements

Another way to discover online ESL students and get your company recognized is to purchase targeted advertising space on different websites or social media feeds. For example, you may place sponsored advertisements on:

  • Prominent social networking services, such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Google and other search engines
  • YouTube and other video-sharing websites

Pro Tip: Buying sponsored advertisements on social media is typically cheap. But, be certain that you choose the platform, price, and format that are most appropriate for you and your budget.

6. Network

6 Best ways To Get Online ESL Students | CIO Women Magazine

Lastly, you may use networking to spread the news about your online programs and even recruit students right immediately. You may always build connections via virtual or in-person events like conferences or job fairs, or even through ordinary social encounters at a party or while traveling!

Pro Tip: Always have your business cards on hand while attending business or social occasions. Potential customers or new connections will almost certainly want to know how to reach you in the future for Online ESL Students.



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