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Every business needs an expert who understands the financial intricacies that come along with it. Giving a charge to someone who doesn’t understand the financial complexities can be risky. Be it taxes, revenue, or cash flow, a business can reap great dividends by hiring financial experts.

FinAccurate is one such expert. The firm offers a plethora of services that help businesses go from A to Z efficiently while maximizing profit and legally minimizing taxes. Jayanthi Ganapathy (Founder) is spearheading the company with her astute vision and futuristic approach. With her passion for numbers, Jayanthi aims to revolutionize the way accounting works, helping businesses run profitably.

Thanks to her prowess, The Enterprise World is featuring Jayanthi Ganapathy in its latest issue, “The Most Inspiring Women Leaders To Watch In 2023.” 

The Inspiration behind the Numbers Game

Growing up in a small town, Jayanthi Ganapathy was unsure about what career path to take. One thing was certain though, she wanted to be somebody who makes a difference. However, the steps leading up to that goal were not so clear. While exploring her interests, Jayanthi realized that she loved numbers. In school, more often than not, she would score 100% in mathematics.

Even for someone as passionate about numbers as Jayanthi Ganapathy, the transition from accounting to the business world wasn’t an easy task. The business world is highly competitive, and becoming a successful entrepreneur in such a cut-throat space was a challenging task. However, Jayanthi gives all the credit for her successful journey to her parents, for their unending support. 

Amidst her impressive journey, she fulfilled her mission of inspiring thousands of other aspiring women entrepreneurs. Even today, this desire to inspire continues to be one of the main sources of motivation for her to move forward.

Speaking of motivation, Jayanthi Ganapathy wanted to make the financial and accounting practices of fortune 100 companies accessible to small businesses. Typically, small businesses struggle to see the bigger picture. They have difficulty understanding their financial statements and tax implications. To grow profitably, they need creative and prudent solutions. Jayanthi understood this and founded FinAccurate with the primary motivation of helping small businesses flourish.

Overcoming the Initial Blues

When Jayanthi Ganapathy decided to be an entrepreneur, she did not really have an idea of what she was getting into. She had no business owner friends or family members to guide her. Besides, she did not know many people outside her corporate colleagues. As a result, her networking in the accounting industry was very limited.

To improve her networking, she joined BNI, ProVisors, and other Networking groups, and even got clients through them. Her first client though was through a referral made by her friend from the non-profit community. At the start of her entrepreneurial journey, she entered and quickly got out of a failed partnership. In hindsight, crossing this hurdle was a blessing in disguise, says Jayanthi Ganapathy.

Later, she set up her back office and hired highly qualified accounting professionals. Ignoring the marketing and sales challenges, she created a business plan. While she was setting up the office, she overspent on its space and furniture. 

Furthermore, she also faced many marketing-related challenges among others. That includes difficulties spending on website building, lead generation with mostly unsatisfactory results, and social media postings with unclear message. The business was getting referrals, but it was unreliable and time-consuming without any consistency. Her issues continued, as she joined numerous business coaching programs but struggled with time management and implementing those learnings.

Professional and Educational Background

Before starting her own company in 2015, Jayanthi Ganapathy had a vast 11 years of experience working for a Multi-National company. She has also worked across 3 continents—Asia, Australia, and North America. In addition to that, she has obtained many internationally recognized certificates. These include—Certified Accountants, Cost & Management Accountants, Company Secretary, and SAP-FICO ERP Consultant., to help small businesses increase their Revenue and Profits and to reduce Taxes legally.

Jayanthi’s accounting education and industry-standard certifications have immensely helped her outline her vision. With that, she delivers exceptional value to her client day in and day out. According to Jayanthi Ganapathy, without the intensive and immersive educational background, and practical knowledge of the accounting industry, she would not have clarity on how to shape her company’s vision.

Bouquet of Innovative Services

To help businesses, FinAccurate offers an array of Accounting and Tax Advisory Services, including financial analysis, reporting, budgeting, Finance controller, Tax Planning & preparation services. Presently, the company serves 100+ clients in both Accounting & Tax.

Jayanthi Ganapathy is proficient at working with all accounting systems. This includes enterprise software like Oracle and SAP, to online software such as QuickBooks and Sage. In the past, she has worked with various businesses across many industries. However, she specializes in working with small businesses, including both profit and non-profit.

Here are some of the services offered by FinAccurate:

1. Cash Flow Forecast Services:

Not knowing your company’s future cash balance can cause you to miss financial goals, and in some cases, cause catastrophic problems if shortfalls are not caught early enough. FinAccurate helps businesses gain clarity on their cash positions so that they know exactly where the business stands. 

2. Accounting Services

Working with an accountant dramatically increases the odds of success for your business. Every business is different when it comes to the type and level of accounting services needed. The company works with business owners to create a customized package based on their unique accounting needs.

3. Tax Preparation and Planning

This service helps you keep more of what you make. FinAccurate helps businesses with tax return preparation, fast and easy filing, and tax planning to reduce their tax bill. As a result, saving time and money.

4. Filing Prior Years’ Returns

The process of filing returns can be overwhelming, or there might be other problems. Whatever the situation, FinAccurate helps you move forward without the added stress.

5. Bookkeeping Services

For small business owners, it is better to let professionals manage their bookkeeping. FinAccurate knows how to precisely fulfill your bookkeeping needs, helping you focus on other important things. 

6. Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting includes a variety of accounting solutions. Each solution is accessible via a remote server connected to the internet. This server is secure, private, and can be accessed only by authorized members.

Jayanthi Ganapathy plans to multiply the services further by expanding CFO & Tax Advisory Services and introducing efficiency through Automation and Technology.

The Success Drivers

Jayanthi Ganapathy is a courageous and visionary leader. Achieving success as an immigrant woman of color, she has broken gender and race barriers to shape the FinAccurate brand.

While doing so, she wanted to give back to the community, and she did it by taking responsibility and showcasing courage by going against the norm. On this journey, a lot of people backed her to help her reach this level of success. Jayanthi also feels a strong sense of debt and gratitude toward inspiring and helping other women in their entrepreneurial journey to achieve success and glory.

Talking about her growth, Jayanthi says, “Starting on an unknown trajectory to the battlefield to have seen the light at the end of the tunnel to entering into this beautiful scenery of Mountains, valleys, and calmness to continue my wonderful entrepreneurial journey and help others along the way!” 

When asked about her advice to her younger self, Jayanthi said “Do not go at a million miles an hour and take life with a measured sense of pace and purpose. Take better care of one’s health. Manage stress more efficiently.”

Furthermore, Jayanthi attributes the success and continuous growth of FinAccurate to its dedicated employees. As a small business, the company is proud to have employees with a tremendously high skill set and does not shy away from taking care of them. This nurturing helps employees strive to be the best they can be in addition to building a concrete foundation for the company’s successful future.

Making the Big Picture Bigger 

At the inception of FinAccurate, Jayanthi wanted to help small businesses increase their cash flow. She wanted to achieve this by introducing better processes, lower risks, and increased value along with offering high-quality accounting services. She envisions to put the firm in such a prime position that it shines among the rest while ensuring client empowerment, by getting a deep understanding of their financial situation to help them march ahead.

To revolutionize the Small Business landscape, there are multiple ways in which Technology and Artificial Intelligence can work in sync to improve accounting. Today, this is possible because of the industry’s primary struggles with traditional accounting models. Explaining her vision further, Jayanthi says, this is what keeps her up at night to find better and more efficient ways to make a long-lasting impact in the accounting world.

Piece of Wisdom for the Budding

According to Jayanthi, here are some key qualities for anyone aspiring to become a successful entrepreneur:

  • Be persistent, and work hard with a plan and clear vision. Always look forward to changing and improving the status quo, be a visionary, set courageous goals, and work relentlessly toward achieving them. Do not get swayed by any setbacks, face every challenge head-on.
  • In addition to that, show actual proof of setting goals and achieving them, this will help you inspire other entrepreneurs. Owning your mistake, and having honest and transparent conversations with your employees goes a long way. Move forward with a sense of fearlessness, and success is yours.



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