Kathy May-Martin- A Full-Time Realtor Making Your Real Estate Dreams a Reality

Kathy May-Martin - Full-Time Realtor Making Dreams In Reality | CIO Women Magazine

In the real estate world, which has long been dominated by men, a significant change is happening. Women in leadership positions are climbing up the ladder and making a significant impact on the industry. They stand out for their impressive abilities, strong dedication, and creative approaches. These pioneering women are not just shattering barriers, but they are also leading the charge towards a more inclusive and diverse real estate sector.

They bring a fresh perspective and are reshaping the field. In a traditionally male-dominated environment, these women are proving that they have what it takes to excel. They are breaking down gender-based barriers and making their mark in various roles, such as real estate agents, brokers, property developers, and investors. Their influence extends across the entire spectrum of real estate, including residential and commercial markets, property management, and investments.

What distinguishes these women leaders is their adeptness at handling complex transactions, building lasting connections, and adapting to the ever-changing market conditions. Their success stories serve as an inspiration, demonstrating that gender should not limit one’s achievements in the real estate industry.

Featuring for CIO Women Magazine’s this issue of Top Women Leaders In Real Estate – 2023 are the stories of remarkable journeys of women leaders in real estate. In this particular story, we delve into the journey of Kathy May-Martin, an exceptional and dedicated leader. 

Meet Kathy May-Martin

“Women leaders or even leaders in general can have extraordinary careers and make an impact if they have a good work ethic, confidence, superior skill sets and good listening skills that are based on good reasoning, sound logic and not biased.”. says Kathy.

Kathy May-Martin is an award-winning real estate powerhouse who has been featured on the cover of Top100 People in Real Estate Magazine in 2021, Two Time Cover of Top Agent Tennessee Magazine, 2022 Best in Real Estate Magazine, 2023 featured in both Cover of Top Executive Magazine and the cover story Top agent Magazine and appeared numerous times in Knoxville VIP Realtor Issue. 

As a best-selling author of The Essential Guide to Buying and Selling Homes, and a global luxury agent ranked among the top one percent of Coldwell Banker’s brokers nationwide, she stands as one of the most accomplished professionals in the industry. She has closed thousands of properties over the years, and billed multi millions. Kathy credits her success as Owner/ and managing broker for the company for over three decades to her work ethic, commitment to serve, and attention to detail. 

Underlying it all is her ability to communicate with everyone. “My clients always say how easy I make the process—and that is my goal,” Kathy shares.

​Based in the East Tennessee Area, Kathy’s reputation as a driven professional with extensive market knowledge is well known across the region, as is her dedication to her clients and her agents, who view Kathy as a constant force. 

They know that if they call on her, she has the capacity to execute and navigate any problem that arises. As a real estate expert with a cache of industry awards, Kathy still makes time to invest in the communities she works in. 

She serves on numerous boards and committees and also has an Amazon Book ranked as the #1 Best Seller for Real Estate Sales and also as the #1 Best Seller for Real Estate Sales & Selling. Amazon also ranked the book as A Hot New Release in several categories). Kathy is currently working on her 2nd book to be released in 2023.

She Lives by her Motto… I Guarantee My Personal Best!

Being at the helm of the organization, Kathy tries her very best to incorporate all of these qualities to ensure a seamless experience to her customers. As someone in a leadership role at the company, Kathy is always looking out for the future and well-being of her staff and associates. Along with it, she also makes sure that she is creating a long-term working relationship with everyone. 

“Looking at the bigger picture, I want every team member to develop a lifelong career and still have time to enjoy the important gifts in life.”

Kathy’s Journey at Coldwell Banker Jim Henry & Associates

Coldwell Banker Jim Henry & Associates has been in the Real Estate Business for over 50 Years. The company specializes in Residential, Commercial, Property Management, Vacation Rentals Relocation, and all things real estate. 

“Our vision is to simplify the Buying and Selling process for Real Estate and to be a voice and support for our communities in which we serve.”

When Kathy first joined the company, the initial challenge was growth. When she joined, the company had 6 agents in a small building with just 2 small offices with 3 desks. 

“In order to grow we had to have space to grow, we purchased a property in town with great visibility and are now up to close to 50 Agents and have purchased 2 adjoining properties to continue our future growth and expansion of services.”, she says.  

Kathy May-Martin and her team developed a culture and environment for the office where the staff, and agents would experience a high level of mentorship. They provided their team with all the right tools they would need to succeed. Kathy also made sure that she developed a creative work space. 

“I wanted every day to be a new day, and the office an exciting place to be!”

The Suite of Products and Services of Coldwell Banker Jim Henry & Associates

The company specializes in Commercial, Residential, Property Management, Relocation, Vacation Rentals, Luxury properties, Family Estates, Farms, Equestrian, and Lakefront Properties in the East Tennessee Area.

Having the Experience of over 50 years in the business the firm knows that the market and its customers’ needs are ever evolving and that they must embrace change, constantly look for newer and better ways to do business and be on the constant search for new opportunities that the competition may have overlooked.

Taking a step forward, Kathy says, “We look for tools and products that will simplify any process and save time and money for our consumers and agents. We then research the products and research reviews, look for trial subscriptions, then test the product. If the product is user friendly, meets our standards of simplifying the process and is feasible, then and only then will we introduce the product to our agents and our consumers.”

Women’s Corner

In this exciting give and take with Kathy May-Martin, CIO Women Magazine has unearthed a number of tips and tricks from Kimberly herself. These series of questions and Kathy’s views on them will help you navigate the complex business world, and how to stand your ground no matter what!

As a woman leader, what has been the biggest challenge in your career? 

The Combination of motherhood and success and feeling like you are giving a 100% to both equally Have you ever confronted any gender-related barriers? Possibly, but if I did I refused to see them or let them get in the way of what I needed to do to be successful. 

How do you ensure women inclusion and empowerment in your organization? 

Everyone has an equal voice in our organization. 

What is your definition of feminism? 

A voice for ALL women to be treated equally. 

Whom do you look up to as a source of inspiration and why? (you can name any woman leader that inspired you) 

Dolly Parton, a great businesswoman and a voice for so many women. She has overcome adversities and no doubt overcame many obstacles in her life and career but stayed true to her roots and aspired and achieved to make a difference in the life of others all while being an amazing businesswoman and enjoying a successful career. 

Beyond the cabin, how do you ensure a perfect work-life balance? 

As women we must have a balance in life to be successful, giving 110% at work when we are at work, but leaving work at the doorstep of the cabin and keeping work conversations separate from family as much as possible. Most importantly making valuable time for myself to recalibrate on an as-needed basis.

What would be your advice to the aspiring women entrepreneurs? 

Don’t look back, only look ahead. The future is yours!!! Ceilings are only there if you look for them!



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