Opera launches Aria, a New Generative AI Assistant

Launching Opera Aria, a New Generative AI Assistant | CIO Women Magazine

Your browsing on Opera will improve with the introduction of Opera Aria AI. It is based on OpenAI’s GPT paradigm and is natively incorporated into the Opera browser. It is founded on the “Composure” architecture from Opera. This implies that you have free access to the best generative AI available.

Integration with ChatGPT

With Opera Aria, you may communicate and work together with ChatGPT directly. You will be able to perform web searches, create codes or text, and receive answers to all of your product-related questions. It can also incorporate real-time online results. Aria is also knowledgeable about Opera’s support documentation in its entirety.

This implies that Aria is available to answer any questions you may have on the extensive range of goods and services Opera provides. In addition, you may always benefit from the capabilities of conversational and creative AI. For instance, you could ask Aria to build databases, extract codes from GitHub, or summarize webpages.

What else does it offer?

According to Opera, Aria will be able to grow and link to other AI models thanks to its Composer infrastructure. By integrating and expanding, it will also make it possible for Aria to have additional features and capabilities. Search solutions from various Opera partners will be included in this. Aria is expected to gain significantly more prominence and integration into the browser in the near future. You will soon be able to use Aria to carry out cross-browser operations.

Opera Aria is now accessible in more than 180 nations thanks to Opera. You need an Opera account to access it because it is currently in the early access stage. Aria can only be used by you once Opera has added your account to their whitelist. On Windows, MacOS, and Linux, it is accessible through Opera One (development version). If you use Android, Opera Beta will get you access to Aria.



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