Ford EVs to use Tesla’s Charging Technology

Ford EVs to use Tesla’s Charging Technology | CIO Women Magazine

According to announcements made on Thursday by the CEOs of the two manufacturers, Ford EVs Motor and Tesla will collaborate on charging initiatives for their present and future electric vehicles in a novel alliance between the two competitors.

A Lucrative Partnership

According to the agreement, beginning early in the next year, current Ford EVs owners will be able to utilize an adaptor to access more than 12,000 Tesla Superchargers located throughout the United States and Canada. And by the middle of the decade, Ford’s next-generation of EVs are anticipated to come equipped with Tesla’s charging port, making Ford one of the first automakers to openly tap into the network and enabling owners of Ford vehicles to charge at Tesla Superchargers without an adapter.

During a live, audio-delivered chat on Twitter Spaces, Ford CEO Jim Farley and Tesla CEO Elon Musk disclosed the efforts. They occur as Ford EVs works to increase the output of its all-electric cars in an effort to catch up to or eventually surpass Tesla’s sales in the market. Ford ranked second in fully electric car sales in the United States last year, with 61,575 electric vehicle sales, while Tesla continues to dominate the EV market by a wide margin.

Competitive Charging Costs

Farley asserted that the business is “totally committed” to the NACS charging protocol, which utilizes the Tesla plug connection. It’s unclear if Ford’s upcoming electric vehicles will keep the CCS charging connectors found on current models. A Ford spokesman stated, “This option is available to us but we have no news to share today.”

According to a different Ford EVs official, charging costs “will be competitive in the marketplace.” The businesses will provide further information closer to the debut date, which is slated for 2024. Tesla has already talked about letting other EVs use its exclusive network. Tesla promised to make 7,500 of its charging stations available to non-Tesla EV drivers by the end of 2024, according to White House officials who made the announcement in February. Previously, the company’s American chargers were primarily utilized by and designed to work with Tesla’s electric vehicles.

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