How To Make Your Home Less Stressful?

4 Best Strategies To Make Your Home Less Stressful | CIO Women Magazine

Stress is a terrible thing to suffer from; it can cause all kinds of mental health problems, as well as physical issues, including heart disease and high blood pressure. It’s true that a little stress from time to time isn’t a bad thing – in fact, it’s a positive thing, as it can be motivating and push people forward – chronic stress is a different story altogether, and it’s something that needs to be avoided at all costs (or reduced if you already suffer from it). 

Your home has a big part to play in this. After all, your home is where you’re meant to be safest and feel most secure, and if that’s a stressful place you really don’t have anywhere to hide or any help from feeling stress. It’s far better to have a home less stressful so you know that even after a hard day, you’ve got a wonderful place to decompress. With that in mind.

Here are some ways to help make your home less stressful so you can enjoy it more;

1. Use Music

Music has a big impact on our mood, and just playing music in the house can make a huge difference to our stress levels, bringing them down and helping us feel more relaxed. By carefully selecting the right music, you can turn your home into a soothing, lovely place to be. 

4 Best Strategies To Make Your Home Less Stressful | CIO Women Magazine

To start with, create a playlist (or more than one) that will help set the tone; it needs to have your favorite songs on it, and they should ideally be relaxing ones (although if you find heavy metal relaxes you, that can definitely be on the list, even if it’s an unusual choice!). You could choose soft instrumental music if you’re working at the same time, for example (it’s less distracting), or upbeat music if you’re exercising – suit the music to whatever you’re doing, and you’ll feel great. 

2. Have Emergency Numbers Saved

When you’re feeling cluttered in your mind and there’s a lot for you to think about and worry about, that’s definitely going to lead to stress – and that’s not a good thing. That’s why it’s best to be as organized as possible so that if something negative happens, you’ll immediately know what to do and where to turn. 

4 Best Strategies To Make Your Home Less Stressful | CIO Women Magazine

This can include putting lots of different measures in place, like having a fire escape plan or having an emergency bag packed so you can grab what you need quickly if you have to get out of the house in an emergency. However, it’s also a good idea to have some important emergency numbers saved in your phone to make your home less stressful. 

When you have the numbers of your insurance company, a locksmith, professionals who can clean up after a flood, a plumber, an electrician, and so on, saved and ready to use as soon as you realize you need them, you can get things fixed much more quickly and you’ll have less to worry about knowing you’re in control, even if something bad does happen in your home. 

3. Have Your Favorite Things Around 

Surrounding yourself with your favorite things – the things you love and that make you feel happy and comfortable – will help you improve your mood and lower your stress levels quickly. One great way to make a home less stressful is to display your special items all around you, like family photos, souvenirs of trips, and other personal touches. 

Another option is to make a reading nook if you’re a book lover. In that way, you can have your favorite books around you, and make a comfortable place to spend some time unwinding. You’ll need a comfy chair with cushions and a blanket, and you’ll definitely need to think about the lighting, as you don’t want to give yourself eye strain when you’re trying to relax. 

Of course, you need to make sure that you don’t have too much, or your home is going to be cluttered, and that’s actually bad for your stress levels – there’s a fine balance to be struck, so think carefully about what you want around you. 

4. Use The Right Colors 

4 Best Strategies To Make Your Home Less Stressful | CIO Women Magazine

Believe it or not, the colors you use in your interior decor can actually affect your mood, both positively and negatively. So if you want to make your home less stressful, you’ll need to research the colors that are going to ensure that’s the result you get; you don’t want to accidentally paint your home in colors that make you more stressed! 

Soft blues and greens are an excellent choice when it comes to relaxation and feeling calm, and they’re ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms too. Neutral tones are always a good idea (especially as you can add pops of color to them to personalize your decor), so starting this these shades is always a good option – you can build up from there once you know more about the colors you want to use. 



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